15 in 5

Because I love a list. Especially a random list.

15 in 5

1. Every year I say it, and every year I mean it: how are we already in July? Summer break is halfway over. Summer break isn’t long enough.

2. We’ve been as lazy as promised. Lazy has such a negative connotation. I prefer “relaxed.”

3. Like soccer (futbol) or not, having an American team do well has been exciting. There’s nothing like a unified group of beer drinkers. I’m not kidding. U-S-A! U-S-A! (At press time, the USA/BEL was just hours away. I hope I didn’t jinx it.)

4. “Do well” is an interesting way of putting it. We tied and lost and still weren’t eliminated. The point system requires too many factors and math problems. I’ve utilized several online charts to simplify things.

5. An unknown (to me) person said if they wanted to watch men try to unsuccessfully score for three hours, they’d follow their buddies to the bar. It’s true. But here’s what the bars don’t have: floppers. With an hour or more passing between goals, floppers and their “injuries” add a level of necessary excitement to the match.

6. Ten-year-old boys are only mildly funny. They’re at their best when they aren’t trying so hard. The things they find entertaining (i.e. farts and talking all about farts) just aren’t.

7. Ten-year-old boys also love harassing their sisters. They tend to smile while they do it.

8. Ten-year-old boys still love their Mamas. I’m soaking up every minute.

9. Eight-year-old girls are easily annoyed. By absolutely everyone. Especially their 10-year-old brothers who smile.

10. Eight-year-old girls aren’t mean girls. They don’t have it in ‘em. Yet.

11. Eight-year-old girls want to grow up faster than the passing time. I’m soaking up every minute.

12. Have y’all been to the Veggie Truck yet? Go! Produce, jams, jellies and even a cookout, if you’re lucky. Every Tuesday, from 4:30-7 p.m. at the corner of Eve and Broad streets.

13. The Saturday Market on Broad is bigger and better this summer. The vendors are local and high quality and the crowds are happy. If the mushroom guy is there, go for the Lion’s Mane. It’s delicious.

14. If you like to complain about Augusta, you now have a forum. The city of Augusta wants to hear from you! Visit augustaga.gov for the opinion survey. Don’t have a computer? No excuses! Call 706-821-1100 to take the survey by phone. For the sake of the city of AUG employees, I sure hope it’s automated.

15. If you are a habitual Augusta naysayer, the post-survey actions probably still won’t be enough. It’s not that bad, folks. Quit with the negativity. You want change? Get off your butts. If not, keep it to yourselves. There are plenty of us who see the good and enjoy it every day. Cheers!

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