Anchored in Controversy

Anchored in Controversy

As the eviction process at Augusta’s Riverfront Marina comes closer to an end, more and more information is coming to light regarding just how bad marina operator Mike Stacy’s relationship with the city has become.

Documents obtained by the Metro Spirit detail a culture of almost constant friction highlighted by long, rambling monthly reports Stacy submitted to the Port Authority. Stacy himself has reportedly stopped gong to the Port Authority meetings, instead using representatives to speak on his behalf.

The monthly reports, however, are leaving a lot of people scratching their heads.

The June 17, 2014 report was 57 pages of accusations, regulations that appeared to be cut and pasted into the document and copied correspondences with handwritten commentary like “Tortuous Interference” in the margins.

A letter to boat owners implies that Mobile Marine, which is being evicted in part for owing over $21,000 in rent, actually paid its $2,700 monthly rent, but that the funds were somehow diverted by the Port Authority and the Savannah Riverkeeper.

“The Marina Operator pays Port Authority $2,700 each and every month. Except, the Savannah Riverkeeper has usurped the Port Authority; There’s no accounting of it by SRK/Port Authority,” the letter states. “We still want to know what happened to the $24,000 we sent.”

Those close to the situation claim the rent is actually paid directly to the city, however.

Later, the letter seems to solicit contract extensions from the boat owners, even in the midst of the eviction proceedings.

“Duly Incorporated under law of Georgia we can authorize contract terms with Boat Owners it agrees with,” the letter says. “Perhaps you wish to discuss a lease extension or add some other desireable to the existing contract. Riverwalk and Riverfront Marina Boat Owners may now be viewed as affected 3rd party to Municipal Corruption, therefore, may have even more legal rights after we are gone.

“What the Marina is getting at is this: we honor the free will of all Boat Owners, if we go, and down the docks trots Queen SRK to provide you documents establishing throne and Boat Owners serfs; if SRK waves that paper in your face, you will have your own paper to wave in SRK face, while you says “get out of my face I have documentation reflecting my rights that must legally be addressed and resolved before we can discuss your rights.’”

Um… okay.

However, a memorandum dated November 12, 2012, that was sent to Administrator Fred Russell from staff attorney Kenneth Bray concluded that both the Marina Operator Agreement and the Lease Agreement for the Old Georgia Ports Authority Building had lapsed.

And then there’s the May 16 judgment against Augusta Riverfront Marina for its claim that a boat owner owed $1,425 in rent. The boat owner alleges that his boat was wrongfully removed from his slip and illegally moved to an unsafe dock. He also accuses the marina operator of a breach of contract

Those are pretty serious allegations, but they’re not the only ones. Boat owners and those who use the facilities report a long history of harassment, including the recent padlocking of a dock gate during the GatorFest swim event. The dock gates are typically locked by key, but before the event a padlock was put on to prevent the use of the dock, locking out both participants along with boat owners.

With talks apparently coming to a close, Stacy should be out soon, but who is going to fill the void remains to be seen. The Port Authority is already in the process of bidding out the warehouse dock, and in spite of failures by just about every entity involved, those close to the situation are expressing tentative optimism at the direction things seem to be going.

Perhaps a new operator will be able to bring stability and civility back to Augusta’s riverfront. From the sound of it, it’s been a long time coming

  • mike Stacy

    Joe- Metro Spirit August15, 2014

    Anchored In Controversy

    Please consider this an unresolved legal issue. Your unfounded statements, premature official analysis, interfere with constitutional right to due process. We can, before now, establish loss of pecuniary or business revenues correlating to untrue statements represented as fact by a publisher.

    1 Where have you been Joe? “information coming to light regarding how bad Mike Stacy” Perhaps Insider biased reporting is in need of enlightenment?

    June 24, 2009 City Aware Marina Premises Deficient Condition, Failure to Act, Negligent Performance:

    a. An article by Metro Spirit accurately describes Marina Operator’s performance “Riverwalk marina’s boat population has quadrupled during the past four years”

    b. And accurately describes Augusta Port Authority performance; “but city lags in its effort to maintain the property – Stacy faces a continuing dilemma as he tries to get city to uphold its agreements. Needed repairs and upgrades have been ignored and delayed, some for as long as four years.” Metro Spirit.

    c. Update for your Insider that may need to be On the Inside: as of August 2014 none of the mentioned repairs “coming to light” have been performed.
    That, Sir Joe, may be considered years of Tortious Interference’. (Exhibit 35)

    2 “rambling monthly reports-monthly reports leaving a lot of people scratching their heads” Fact: not once have we submitted a “monthly report”! Does your head itch now Joe???

    3 Check out this “cut and paste”: Whether the charge is libel or slander is important. Most libels are deemed injurious and give immediate ground for suit. However, only certain types of statements are slanderous per se and do not require proof of pecuniary damages; these include imputation of crime, of loathsome disease, or of professional or occupational incapacity. In other cases, there may not be any recovery unless the pecuniary loss caused by the injury is proved. The award to the successful plaintiff in a suit for defamation will usually include punitive, as well as
    compensatory, damages if the defendant willfully lied or published the defamation repeatedly.

    4 “handwritten commentary like ‘Tortuous Interference’ was hand written by departed attorney Jack Boone.
    Tortious Interference of a Business is what is going on here, with your naive facilitation Joe!

    5 We are in business despite untrue reporting like yours, we may “contract” in any manner within the law.

    6 What “eviction proceeding”? All we can see is a theft of a business under Color of Office.

    7 “Um…okay”: Imputation of professional or occupational incapacity by the Metro Spirit!

    8 “November 12, 1012 Fred – staff Bray concluded agreements lapsed.” To Conclude
    infers an end Joe. Here we are years later. Do ya really think it was concluded Mr. Insider? We know Fred was, perhaps his appointees may be.

    9 There is no “judgment against the Marina”. We have certainly not breached the contract as you interfere by print!

    10 “Boat owners and those who use the facilities report a long history of harassment.”
    We’re gonna go ahead and say; “you printed lies Joe”! Perhaps, by your published harassment of our business, you long to be “Anchored In Controversy”?

    11 Another lie: “locking out boat owners” Yes, we and other boat owners locked your SRK out.
    Its because the narcissist SRK violated Marina customer’s rights to quiet enjoyment, is in Adverse Possession of Marina Property we pay rent on, flat out stole Marina Services, committed Criminal Trespass and besmirched many other laws…

    12 You got the rest of it wrong as well Joe. Your worn-out rerun of “the sky is falling”
    when it comes to our beloved Savannah River, is portrayed by popular actors, at
    least in some of the media’s eye.

    Media folks: don’t squander constitutionally given liberty to report news – for the
    benefit of the people only!

    Cease and desist Joe!
    Mobile Marine Incorporated

    • Griff Griffin

      anyone else tried to run a marina in spite of a conspiracy
      to steal the marina contract by a group of already ID-ed con-spirit-or’s who
      may be facing felony charges for conspiracy to convert county tax money,
      employees, and at least one false police report into private bank
      account deposits and several other much more serious felonies, THEY
      could not do it. You got to give the Stacey family credit for taking an abandoned
      warehouse, so infested with vermin that it took a lot of work to get rid of
      them and turning it into the ONLY biz on the river to EVER PAY THE COUNTY
      A PROFIT for 15 yrs. In 2008 the marina was approved for already
      collected money for new docks. The conspiracy stalled the purchase of
      the new docks…etc. ON RECORDINGS and in the MINUTES for the purpose of making
      the marina look bad so the marina contract could be stolen. Instead of
      supporting a suspected criminal enterprise with even more money that the marina
      was already conned out of they are waiting for a judge to get a GANDER at the
      OVER 100 WRITTEN criminal violations of law, violations of state codes,
      violations of written contract law, violations of county, state and federal
      laws, etc. etc. etc. so a RECORD BREAKING list of indictments’, judgments’,
      and dissolutions’ may be ordered by the court. This should send a sign to
      those who CON-SPIRE to violate the peoples interest, then accuse the victim.
      Debtors will always make up lies to NOT pay their bills. Those are
      the ONLY people who slander the marina. The ones paying their way are
      very happy with the marina. Some are paying a full yr in advance IN SOLID
      SUPPORT of the Stacey Family continuing to run the Marina Property. The marina
      was conned out of giving her a key and she changed the locks and refuses to
      give them their stuff back, she got you to make the VICTIM who got
      ripped, LOOK bad. Always check your sources Joe. A wise man seeketh MANY
      council. We know you got better than that in you. Print both sides of the story
      for no other reason than it’s great entertainment and good for
      your journalistic credibility. It could earn you more readers than
      you have now….Good luck with this.

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