Can You Believe It: Court Edition

Can You Believe It: Court Edition

A strange occurrence to report from accountability court, where staff from the accountability court administrator’s office reportedly spent some time during an introductory session singing the praises of DUI Duncan, the prominent DUI law firm which just happened to have a representative present at the time.

Operated out of Richmond County State Court, accountability court is for people with addiction problems that led them to get a DUI. During an introductory session, a new group of admissions is given a rundown about what the 18-month program expects from them.

The impression left upon the new admissions — you’re in accountability court because you didn’t hire DUI Duncan.

While the whole idea of any level of court staff funneling clients to a specific law firm is abhorrent, preying on this particular audience seems especially heartless, even for DUI lawyers, who are the used car salesmen of the legal profession.

You can bet Augusta’s legal watchdogs will be sniffing around this one.

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