Columbia County Damage Assessments Set for Tuesday

Columbia County Damage Assessments Set for Tuesday

Press Release
Representatives from Columbia County departments and the cities of Harlem and Grovetown will team up with GEMA, FEMA, and Small Business Administration (SBA) representatives at the Columbia County EOC on Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. to conduct separate damage assessments for Individual and Public Damage Assistance.
The threshold that we have to meet to get a declaration for Columbia County, and the Municipalities therein, is $434,185.50. That is based on the per capita rate times the 2010 census population figures. FEMA will determine the total damage based on $10 per cubic yard of debris.
Statewide, damages must meet a minimum threshold of $13,465,837.67 for any local government to get a declaration.
Columbia County has received two Federal Disaster Declarations in the past. The first was in October 1990 for flooding caused by Tropical Storms Marco and Klaus dumping 15” of rain, causing major damage and massive debris – and again in June 2001 for flooding when Tropical Storm Allison dumped 8” of rain in our county, washing out many roads.

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