Columbia County To Provide Tree/Limb Debris Removal

Columbia County To Provide Tree/Limb Debris Removal

From Columbia County:

Columbia County citizens are requested to go ahead and move all of the clean and wood debris (trees/limbs) from their private property to the right of way. Please make sure you have it at least 8 to 10 feet from the curb so it is easily accessible for pickup.

This needs to be completed as soon as possible so that when the County’s Debris Removal Contractor comes by starting next Wednesday, February 19th, it is ready to be picked up. They will only come through each area one time, so make sure you have it out by the curb by Wednesday.

We are in coordination with the Georgia VOAD Team (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster) and to send us a chainsaw crew to assist elderly or disabled citizens with getting their debris to the curb. We hope that most of our citizens can move their own debris to the curb (and hopefully can help their elderly or disabled neighbors) – but for those who do not have help, please call Columbia County EOC at (706) 868-3303 at any time day or night – and we will put you on a list for assistance. Just leave your name, address and phone number if you get voicemail.

IMPORTANT! DON’T BE SCAMMED! There are people going through neighborhoods now telling citizens that if you pay them to cut up your trees and limbs, that the county will come by and pick it up. And there is another group claiming that they are sent by insurance companies to clean up. Again, these are scams.

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