Corner of Broad and 12th


In January of this year, the building on the corner of 12th and Broad was gutted by fire. The three story structure had a dental office on the first floor, commercial on the second and apartments on the third.
Michael Osbon is in the planning stages now in collaboration with Studio 3 on rebuilding the structure. Interestingly, it will drop from three to two stories. Currently feelers are out via Sherman and Hemstreet for a local retailer for the first floor.
According to Osbon, “We are trying to find a local retailer, someone with an existing business with history in the community looking to relocate or expand. That way we can build it to suit. But we don’t feel like we can afford to wait for that until we put the building back, so what we are going to do is if we can’t find a retailer in a short amount of time we are going to put apartments on the first floor and raise the elevation about three feet. That way it creates separation from Broad Street. That was the biggest concern I had, would people feel comfortable and secure going into a scenario of living on Broad Street. We hope that by elevating the floors about three to four feet above the street people will be looking down from their apartments. That way it will give the prospective tenants the comfort they would need to live on the first floor.”
What this would mean is basically brownstones on Broad. It is an exciting idea, one not done downtown at this time. All apartments and living quarters are on the second floor or above.
Plans should be completed within the next two months or so, with construction beginning in the fall if all goes according to plan.

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