Cuddles: The Feline Hacker

Cuddles: The Feline Hacker

Ah, the great outdoors. The fresh air. The sunshine on my face. The feel of the fresh grass underneath my paws. You heard me right. I said, My paws. As much as humans refer to us as being part of the family, I’m always astounded that they don’t think of us as people. Oh, well. To heck with them. The little female child left the door open today, and I am free!

Let me introduce myself. My given name is Kit Carson San Angelo of the Pines, but my family just calls me Cuddles. I am a 5-year old female Siberian born in Colorado, No. 2 in a litter of five. Or at least, so I’m told. I don’t remember being born. I don’t even remember becoming part of my current family. But I do remember when we moved to Georgia. Forty-eight hours trapped inside the car. I’ll be just fine if I never have to get into another car again. Cats just aren’t meant for traveling like humans.

Today, however, we get to do things the cat way. As soon as I saw the wide open door, I knew I had to move. An uncontested path to the outdoors cannot be ignored. Just a quick jaunt through the garage, and… ah, yes, the sun!

You know, it’s the small things that make life worth living. Sometimes I don’t think the humans get that. They seem obsessed with these rectangular moving picture things. There’s one in every room of the house, and they even carry smaller ones around with them. Not me. I’m an adventurer! There’s no time to sit still…

Hey, what’s that? A butterfly! Hey, come back here! I’m going to get you…

Dang! Missed again! One of these days I’m going to catch a butterfly. I just have to remember to be more sneaky.

Last time I was outside, I was very good at being sneaky. I was exploring the yard three houses over when a small movement caught my attention. It was in the bushes, about halfway buried under the pine straw. A dirty little rodent with beady eyes, just sniffing around and causing problems. I was outside pouncing distance, but I immediately went into sneaky mode. I got close to the ground and took a few steps forward. Slowly, slowly. Closer, closer. Stay sneaky. Wait for it…


It was a beautiful pounce, one of those magical moments when everything comes together. I still don’t understand why Mom was so upset when I bought home my pouncing prize. At least the boy child thought it was cool.

I wonder if there are any more pouncing opportunities over there. Let’s go find out…

“So did you put that new collar on Cuddles?” asked the boy child.

“Yes,” answered the Dad. “And it looks like it’s already picked up some signals.”

The Dad had read an article on about a man creating a cat collar that detected Wi-Fi signals. The concept was pretty straightforward. Spark Core provides processing power. A integrated Wi-Fi card and a GPS module provides the wireless tracking capability. The device is tucked nicely into a cat collar to provide sneakiness in exploring the environment.

The boy child was curious. “How’s the security?”

The Dad gave him a questionable look. “This one’s encrypted. You know, I didn’t make this so you could hack into the neighbor’s network.”

“Yeah, Dad. I know.”

Until next time…

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