Debris Me!


As the trucks make their way through your neighborhoods gobbling up what is left of your tree limbs you may be wondering what is happening with all this stuff.The trucks move quickly loading from one house to another with two monitors from O’Brien’s close behind.When the debris filled trucks arrive at the dumping site across the Lady A, they hand the workers a load ticket and wait in line. Tracking of the yield is for FEMA’s purposes. FEMA will reimburse the companies based on yardage haul. The empty trucks have already been scanned and placed into the system as a reference point on how much it can manage fully loaded. When the loaded truck comes in, the driver passes slowly under the scanner and the system automatically calculates the load. Two men in a scissor lift also visually inspect the trailers from above to manually calculate what percentage of waste the trailer is carrying.

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As of Saturday, there were roughly 25 trucks on the job. This highly synchronized system runs until 6 PM daily.

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