Dreamer or Schemer?

Dreamer or Schemer?

A local “promoter” is running afoul of many business owners in Augusta, leaving Insiders to wonder just how many bridges one can burn in this town.

A reader shared an interesting tale with us recently. While at a local coffee shop, this “promoter” was pitching his services to two local businesswomen. Within a span of a few minutes, not one but two people approached him. One demanded he make good on a bounced $800 check. The other was upset over a promised refund that was never made good. (Needless to say he didn’t get the deal.)

Putting on events is not for the faint of heart. You can lose a lot of money or, in some cases, a lot of other people’s money. There is a learning curve and one has to have an established reputation built on trust. Apparently this individual’s reputation is that of his family’s, which only lasts so long.

As the Charles Collins concert debacle shows, overpromising and underdelivering will catch up with you. (Charles lost over a quarter of a million dollars putting on a concert at the fairgrounds in Columbia County last November. Luckily for him, it was someone else’s money.) It will be interesting to see how long this show will go on.

Word is the person in question plans on challenging Ron Cross in the upcoming race for chairman of the Columbia County Commission. A dreamer or a schemer?

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    I had a feeling about Cam Griffin from the start!

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