Everything Is Awesome!

Everything Is Awesome!

“The Lego Movie” is awesome! My daughters and I went to go see it with some family friends this past weekend, and we had a blast. The Lego Universe comes alive on the screen right before you. And the depth of character found in those one-inch plastic figures… well, you would have never thought it possible.

One of my daughters sees herself as WyldStyle, and the other keeps purring like UniKitty. Of course, I easily related to Emmit, the non-descript, overly-average and often looked-over soul who turns out to the have the character of a hero and ends up saving the world.

Of course, the best part of the movie is the soundtrack, especially the theme song “Everything Is Awesome!” Naysayers might imply that this song belongs in the overly-peppy, nerve-grating, can’t-get-this-mess-out-of-my-head, please-just-make-it-stop category. But not I. As I sit here during my seventh hour of listening, I continue to think of new things that are just plain awesome! For example…

1. Tonight while my daughter and I were cooking frozen popcorn shrimp and potato chips for dinner, we created a dance routine to KC and the Sunshine Band. No doubt my wife has it posted on You Tube by now. Check it out. It’s awesome!

2. During the cleanup from the ice storm, I got poison ivy all over my arms and legs. My right ankle swelled to the size of a grapefruit, and I scratched all the skin off my left leg. What’s the awesome part? That’s easy. It’s the cortisone shot, the taper of prednisone, the antibiotics for the secondary infection and the half-gallon of calamine lotion that takes the itch away and makes me feel awesome!

3. BTW, did you hear about the Comcast-Netflix deal? It’s likely to change the nature of the Internet. Big companies will end up with preferred access to users, and small companies are in danger of getting shutout of the system. In addition, alternative content of any kind may become hard to access if the big ISPs decide to go back to an AOL-type business model. But we’ll be able to watch Netflix without those annoying interruptions — and that’s awesome!

4. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was released at the Mobile World Congress. No pricing or availability yet. Based on the specs, though, the phone looks to be awesome!

5. Also, what’s with the new heart rate monitor gadgets? The Galaxy S5 has one, just like the new Samsung Gear wearables. At least the new wearable has the ability to play music without having to keep your phone handy. Totally awesome!

6. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a truly awesome video, so I want to pass along this one from Hungarian singer Csemer Boglarka (“Boggie”) for her song “Nouveau Parfum.” The song itself is a commentary on the unrealistic images of beauty created by entertainment media. To further show the point, Boggie undergoes a live Photoshop transformation during the video. Google it. It’s awesome.

7. Finally, it’s awesome that I’ve been able to write over 100 straight columns without resorting to some literary gimmick like a top 10 list to fill up space. And since I can only come up with seven for this list, my anti-top 10 streak continues. Now that is awesome! :-)

Until next time, I’m off the grid @gregory_a_baker.

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