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The lunchtime blahs

Food Stuff

It’s lunchtime and your stomach is growling. So what’s the average office dweller to do? Most of us want something that is inexpensive, quick, easy and, if it’s not too much to ask, healthy.

So, what choices do we have?

Well, the first is to head home for lunch like our ancestors did in the days of yore. Two questions arise when presented with this option. Do you buy anything besides Totino’s Pizza Rolls and ramen noodles when you go to the grocery store? If the answer is no, then you’re not checking off that last thing on the list (healthy, remember?). Second, do you really think that, once home, you’ll make it back to work? No, more likely, you’ll fall asleep on the couch after eating 40 pizza rolls or turn on the television and, five hours later, still be rooted to the spot wondering if Castle and Beckett will ever get together.

Option two is to go out to lunch. Do that five times a week and you’re out $50… if you’re lucky. More likely, it’ll be $75 or so. Sure, there are places that can still be considered relatively inexpensive that aren’t fast food. You could head to the Pizza Joint and get a slice for $4. That’s cheap, relatively easy and, if you get the Tree Hugger, pretty healthy. A couple of tacos at Nacho Mama’s will only set you back about $6 or so.

So, yeah, almost everything on the list is covered except quick. Once you drive, find a parking place a thousand miles away, walk there, order, eat, pay and leave, by the time you get back to work your boss will yell at you for screwing around and wasting time.

What does that leave as a third option? The office microwave. Boring, yes, but it “ticks all the boxes” (raise your hand if you recognize the “House Hunters” phrase). And, yes, it can be a healthy option if you bring leftovers from home (not pizza rolls) or buy some Lean Cuisine-type entrées. Unfortunately, the one drawback to this option is, if you do this every single day, you’ll become known as “the girl who makes the office smell funny.” Better for the food you heat up than for other reasons, I guess.

What are we forgetting? Are there other options out there? How do you like to spend your lunch hour? Or should someone just break down and open a peanut butter and jelly restaurant?

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