Good News on Both Sides of the Bars!

Good News on Both Sides of the Bars!

Today (Tuesday) was a good day.

I was told early in the afternoon that embattled Columbia County Tax Commissioner Kay Allen, and her husband County Commissioner Charles Allen, had penned resignation letters and would be submitting them before the day was over.  Technically, the resignations were announced and accepted at the 6pm county commission meeting, but no matter what time it happened, “flushed” is “flushed”.
While the criminal prosecution of the couple on charges of mishandling taxpayer’s money is still very much up in the air, the very fact that they have finally vacated their positions of public trust should be considered a victory for anyone with at least an ounce of common sense.
As we were pondering the ramifications of the pending news on the afternoon radio show, and the shameful silence of the Columbia County Republican Party during the entire sordid mess that preceded the aforementioned “flush”, more wonderful information was shared: One of the county’s most notorious murderers is going to be spending the next 12 months in solitary confinement, thanks to the efforts of a few folks who refused to accept the Ware County Correctional Institute’s level of inmate supervision and “punishment”.
23 year old Christopher Bowers holds the infamous distinction of being half of the only mother and son team to face the death penalty in our neck of the woods.  The not-so-bright underachiever viciously killed his next door neighbor Kay Parsons, beating her about the head and face with a claw hammer and baseball bat, all because his oversexed mother wanted Kay’s husband all to herself.  Bowers served as the hit man in Rebecca Sears’ bizarre plot to secure eternal bliss with Mr. Parsons, who apparently had no idea his “nookie on the side” was capable of such an evil scheme.
She was.
 A last minute plea bargain delivered both Bowers, and his oversexed 44 year old mother, from the needle, and put them both in eternal state custody.  Life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Sounds dreary, doesn’t it?  I always thought it would be.
But you wouldn’t know it by looking at his pictures.
There they were, about a dozen of them, courtesy of the Facebook page of one “Christopher Sean”.  An anonymous tip last week led me to look him up, and by gum when I did, what did I see but the smug face of cold blooded killer Chris Bowers staring me back at me.  As you can surmise in the featured photo, he seems to be enjoying himself in cell #12 at WCCI, either flashing a gang sign, or maybe cheering on the Texas Longhorns, but he sure doesn’t seem to be shy or depressed as he composed the “selfie”.
Sadly, this one shot was the only picture I saved from “Christopher Sean’s” photo book.  There were other poses, showing him flexing his muscles and smiling like the newest member of The Village People.  More cool finger flashing (maybe a deaf cellmate is teaching him how to “sign”) accompanied the rather interesting back and forth postings he was enjoying with several dozen of his friends and family members, which included at least ten other inmates, who apparently also call WCCI their home.  How sweet.
The presence of the mobile phones used to snap those pictures and provide unsupervised internet access to all those incarcerated-Americans, just happens to be a major league no-no.  As a matter of fact, we got word today that thanks to the fact that my listeners discovered and highlighted the online activities of Bowers and his jailhouse boyfriends, sharing their Facebook pictures and profiles with as many people as we could, the idiot will be spending the next 12 months of his life in solitary confinement, with no access to the perks that the poorly run lock-up provided him for a while.
Thank God, the Bowers kid and all his posting homies are complete morons.
It disgusts me beyond description that rapists, thieves, and killers have little trouble making and sharing such nice pictures and Facebook postings for everyone, including the families of their victims, to see.  At least the ones being housed in Ware County. Bowers embarrassed the bosses at WCCI, sucks to be him.  Well, it always did, but now, even worse.
I am told such smuggled phones keep these lowlifes “plugged in” with their outside associates, in a way that would make our heads spin if we knew the extent of it.  The technology exists to disable these phones within the prison, if the government would only allow such systems to be installed.  Most large prisons are isolated from population centers, and it is fairly easy to make sure the disabling technology is effective only within the walls of the prison.
At the VERY LEAST, all cell phone use in prisons could be banned, and detection devices installed to locate phones the moment they are turned on inside such a closed facility.  The officials who run such places need to make this problem a priority, and state lawmakers need to give them the tools, or get out of the way, so a solution can be put in place.
Bowers’ Facebook page, as well as those of his fellow inmates, have been eliminated.  Sadly, Facebook also removed the thread on my page where we shared their behind-the-bars exploits and images.  Damn, and with prom season just around the corner.
All in all, today was a good day!
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