BREAKING: Georgia State Patrol releases report on Donnie Smith

BREAKING: Georgia State Patrol releases report on Donnie Smith

A 19-page investigation report released today by the Georgia State Patrol found that Augusta Commissioner Donnie Smith, who recently retired as a lieutenant from the GSP after more than 20 years of service, worked a second job during Masters Week while reporting himself as being on duty.

According to the report, Smith told investigators that, with the exception of about three to five hours during the 40-hour work week during Masters, the he did not report for duty and performed “virtually no duties” for the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

Smith said he spent most of the week “hanging out” at Augusta Sports & Travel with friends and having a massage.

“It stretches the imagination that Smith would spend more than 10 hours per day at AST (Augusta Sports & Travel) without compensation,” the investigation report states. “The case facts support that during the week of April 7-11, 2004, Smith violated numerous DPS Policies when he intentionally made a false report to Troop E Communications.”

The investigation report also states that it was discovered that in 2012-2013, Smith “utilized his DPS issued computers to view sexually suggestive images.”

The Department of Public Safety stated that a “second internal investigation” of Smith remains open and is ongoing.

The following is the 19-page investigation report from the Department of Public of Safety:



Download the PDF file .

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