Say what you want about conspiracy theories, scandals, and “October surprises” Augusta style, when all was said and done Hardie Davis has become the most astute and educated man to assume the chief position in Augusta’s consolidated government.  Davis’s amazing 70% plus landslide makes Deke Copenhaver’s big victories pale in comparison (pun intended), and perhaps will lead to a much needed overhaul and revamp of the city charter.  The aforementioned current Mayor said he intends to make such a thing a priority as he nears his political retirement.

I hope to hold him to that.  With the GOP still expected to control state politics even after the November election, there is no need for anything but common sense to finally triumph over that unworthy, “race sensitive”, limp noodle of a city charter that was crafted in part by jail birds Charles Walker and Robin Williams.

I knew at the time it was suggested all those years back that it was going to take such a hideous and punitive “affirmative action based” political deal to get past the Clinton era Justice Department.  What I did not foresee was that it would take over 15 years of the piss-poor plan under performing before any serious attempt would be made to change it.  The main hold up was obvious, if a white guy was the sitting Mayor, the black majority in Augusta would scream that it was a “racist power grab”.  And what a complete pile of horse crap that would have been.

Oh well, no worries now.  With Davis in at the helm, let’s put as much steam and horsepower behind the Georgia Tech graduate as is humanly possible.

A few other thoughts:

Put the failure of the Augusta SPLOST squarely on the head of Fred Russell.  As the city administrator he should have had this thing drawn up and ready for passage two years ago.  His abysmal record stinks on so many fronts, but let there be two things that stand high on that list, the SPLOST failure, and the indefensible oversight in that he had no disaster clean up plan or contract in place for an event such as what we saw with February’s ice storm.  Columbia County had one, and guess who was in charge of making sure it was in place and ready if needed?  PAM TUCKER, of course.

Russell was an ill prepared loser, and he made every politician that he worked under look bad.  For years.

I hate to see that the District 4 seat will go to a runoff between Ben Hasan and Bob Finnegan.  Hasan has been doing awesome work for the entire CSRA as a community activist and media maven for years.  I hope he is able to sweep to victory, no offense to Mr. Finnegan.  Never heard of Finnegan before this race, never met him, wouldn’t know him from Adam’s housecat.  In the meantime, when it comes to hard work and community involvement, Ben Hasan is a rock star.

Good news in Columbia County as we stick with the devil we knew versus the devil we didn’t.  Ron Cross you have one more term to get the stink of Magnolia Trace off your shoes.  In that fight, you have gained perhaps the single smartest and most politically savvy man to ever serve as a rookie commissioner in Doug Duncan.  There is no better human being being sworn into office anywhere in our area come January than Duncan.  Write it down, circle it, write poetry about it.  In a very short period of time Columbia County will not believe how much it digs Doug.

Gonna make a quick prediction that I hope like Hell won’t bite me in the ass:  Rick Allen will be your next 12th district congressman.  Rick, do the CSRA a favor, look to the soon to be unemployed staff of Paul Broun for a few of your key assistants…they are solid people.  But please do consider keeping that one young lady working for you, who I am oh so proud of every day of her life.  Her name is Miss Rhodes, and now that you have won the primary without a runoff, I can take the gloves off and remind the 12th district why John Barrow is the last man they should want representing them in Washington D.C.

For the aforementioned Paul Broun, I did my best to keep him from tossing away the 10th district congressional seat he was lucky to have ever won in the first place.  He did not do a bad job as our Congressman, but if he think he won the seat over Jim Whitehead on merit, it is clear to see why he will be joining those 5,000 year old dinosaurs on the extinction list. A man’s gotta know his limitations.

  • Nick Reinert

    Whoever thought Austin Rhodes would be on the same team as JB Powell and the remnants of Charles Walker’s old political machine? Strange bedfellows indeed.

  • Black Solomon

    Austin Rhodes will do and say anything to stay relevant and improve his ratings. Even stab his friend Helen Blocker-Adams in the back. He is a fake conservative because he panders to homosexuals and supports same sex marriage. The bible says a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

  • Black Solomon

    Austin remember it tales an ill prepared loser to recognize a ill prepared loser. It takes one to recognize one. Keep that in mind when you are flapping your fork tongue.

  • Black Solomon

    A person uses profanity because they lack the intelligence to use more civilized words. Hopefully Austin’s son will not have the same foul mouth.

  • Nick Reinert

    Austin Rhodes is a tool. Whatever it takes to keep those Masters tix coming

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