Have Mercy!

Have Mercy!

Ice-quake-alypse 2014 was enjoyed by a full house at the Fisher home. And by “full house” I mean Michelle, Stephanie, DJ, Danny, Joey and Uncle Jesse ain’t got squat on us. And by “enjoyed” I mean “not enjoyed by anyone. At all.”

It was a trying week for everyone in Augusta. I found myself feeling guilty at times for not losing our power. I mean, there are people that, as I write this, still do not have power! Ours flickered a little bit, but we never fully lost power. I feel very bad for those people. And spoiled because as I type by soft lamp-light, with a glass of wine and the TV on, awaiting Jimmy Fallon’s first Tonight Show, there are people who haven’t showered for nearly a week or haven’t washed their clothes, etc. Yep. I am spoiled, indeed.

However, we weren’t greedy with our power. We have family in some of the older neighborhoods with those really tall, old trees that are awesome but dangerous. Dangerous in the fact that they could fall on your house or, in my dad’s case, fall on your beloved 1985 Ford F350 Twin Cab Dually, on which he just spent a couple grand to get it running perfectly. He bought that truck brand new. It’s like a family member. Oh, the memories! We took that truck on many family trips. Got lost in the mountains, nearly drove it off a mountain. I even drove it to the prom! Now? Annihilated.

Anyways, we opened our home to family members that we were almost positive would lose power, maybe even risk massive damage from one of the aforementioned trees. Sure enough, both houses we took in lost their power. There were a few questionable moments when I thought we might lose ours, which would have made our living situation last week all that more hysterical! Well, for me anyway. I have the ability to find humor in most situations.

Everyone’s nerves were pretty much shot. We’re all being short with one another. Sleeping situation was ridiculous, so everyone was sleep deprived. Can you imagine if the power went out too!? The exact thing we were trying to avoid by filling our house with so many people? Hilarity! The rest of the residents for the week probably would not have found it quite so comical.

You see, our already small house become considerably smaller when packed with six adults, five rowdy children and five even rowdier dogs. Oh, the dogs set the tone for the stay when they proved they must not have used the bathroom in days, preparing themselves for that long-awaited moment when they set foot into our home. So they could drench the living room carpet, then follow it up with… well, No. 2. A huge number… ugh, let’s move on.

I have this weird thought in my head that life’s situations sometimes end up like in the movies: my relationships, my career, my many failed sports endeavors. When, in actuality, nothing in my life has ever ended up like a movie. But, I keep trying… hoping. I had this vision of all of us sitting around the fireplace, playing board games while drinking hot cocoa. Yeah, that never happened. Wasn’t even suggested. As a matter of fact, it didn’t even take two full days for us to start getting irritated with each other. A snide remark here. A dirty look there. Reality. Hey, we’re human.

But in the midst of it all, I was able to watch our kids. They didn’t care how cramped the house was. They didn’t care that the house was a mess. Everything was a disaster and the kids just ran around the house playing. Granted the running, screaming kids added to the severity of the situation. But they didn’t care. They were doing exactly what I had hoped the adults would. They were enjoying having so many people they love in one house at the same time.

So, maybe my movie moment didn’t happen. Again. But these memories that are being created for my kids are far better than any movie moment can ever be. I’m good with that.

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