Helen’s Past in a Plain Brown Envelope

Helen’s Past in a Plain Brown Envelope

It came Monday the 12th. One week and one day before the final Election Day. I have to say “final” Election Day because it seems like Augustans have been voting for over a month.

I have maintained for years that my old friend Helen Blocker-Adams is too nice to be in politics. Too nice, too naive and too sheltered.

But pardon me if I allow Mr. and Mrs. LaFavor in Aiken County to disagree with my assessment. They seem to have about 60,000 reasons not to want to trust her. As you know by now, Helen went belly up on a mortgage she owed the LaFavors, and was ordered by a South Carolina court to pay them a sum of money that, since 1997, has grown from about $13,000 with interest and penalties to now over $60,000.

pic1There were other financial embarrassments for Helen in the same package: details of a repossessed car and another issue involving a $50,000 judgment against her from Security Federal Bank. I would ask Helen about these issues, but she did not want to accept my invitation to address the matter on the radio show. That is her call, of course.

That none of these items have come up before now in any of her other political campaigns is a bit of a mystery to me. Not sure why the LaFavors did not issue a press release during one of her other runs, but they did not. I was in the process of vetting the information when my station’s morning show host picked up the packet I left at the close of my Monday show and decided to read it on the air Tuesday morning with all the names attached. I take my share of the blame because I left the info in the studio, and I guess I have to thank the Good Lord that the material contained inside was all on the mark. No harm, no foul.

I hate to have to say this, but I was going to have to release the info Tuesday afternoon; it was simply too serious a charge not to address.

pic2I get a LOT of interesting information sent to me in political seasons, pretty sensational stories. There were the nude pictures of one candidate’s spouse. The list of homosexual partners of another politician who was “deeply closeted” at the time, the criminal backgrounds of elected officials’ children/parents/siblings. I have gotten enough junk on candidates through the years to write a book, even some interesting images of a particularly pious local couple being far less than pious. To date, I have never acted on any of it. A lot of the material is ancient, some of it may even be made up, but virtually all of it is immaterial in the current scheme of daily life.

This mortgage business with Helen Blocker Adams is at least 17 years old; the other two cases, 12 and 13 years old. Should she be shunned politically for it? I would say no. She is a good woman who has publicly discussed her shortcomings on many occasions. But the fact that she was “blindsided” by this issue does seem to prove my theory about her naiveté.

For those who want to suggest that another candidate planted this release, or even encouraged it, I would say guess again. It was merely a pissed-off civilian who decided that a “bad businesswoman” should not be put in charge of Georgia’s second-largest city. No grand conspiracies, no payoffs, no extortion. Just a pissed off dude with a true story.

Helen, I tried to tell you…

  • Ant-Con

    …some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you….

  • Nick Reinert

    With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  • Black Solomon

    Everyone has
    a past. Helen Blocker-Adams did not hide or cover up her financial issues. They are
    a matter of public record. What I find repugnant in this matter is the motive
    of those Cretans who are making this an issue now and those who claimed to be a
    friend of Helen. The people who have the most to gain by smearing Helen
    Blocker-Adams are people of low moral character because they are operating in
    the dark like cockroaches. What is worse are those who call themselves a friend
    of Helen. True friends don’t side with the attackers when their friend is being
    attacked. Austin Rhodes has called Helen Blocker-Adams a friend, yet he was
    more than willing to pile on and attack Helen’s character. He has no excuse. He
    was a sleeper cell, Taliban-type friend. Like the other good old boys, Austin does not
    want to see a woman as the next mayor of Augusta. The good old boys are afraid
    Helen will be elected and have resorted to desperate, gutter tactics. With Austin as a friend you don’t need an
    enemy. Austin is like the woman who stabbed Donald Sterling in the back. He is
    like Jerry Springer who will do anything for ratings.

  • Molly Pitcher

    People should bring up the fact that other than Metro Spirit, the media is silent on Columbia Co. Commission Chair candidate Jim Bartley’s financial mess. He has several judgments of high dollar value against him and yet no one other than M.S. has covered it and asked if he will also step down. Zip codes and connections in the media make a difference for some people I guess.

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