He’s Back!

Hellblinki returns to Augusta for a different kind of show

He’s Back!

Andrew Benjamin (aka, Andrew Hellblinki) is performing a solo Hellblinki show this Saturday night, November 2, at Le Chat Noir in conjunction with the monthly Goth event, Atmosphere. This is Hellblinki’s first Augusta show in two years.

Benjamin, the mastermind behind Hellblinki, has spent the past year focusing on the upcoming album “Multitudes,” which he is hoping to release by the end of the year. The show at Le Chat will be a part of a series of solo shows in which Benjamin will present many of these new songs in an intimate, acoustic format.

“It’s going to be primarily me with a guitar and an accordion — and I’m presenting the songs from the coming album, which is called ‘Multitudes’,” Benjamin said. “I am going to play most of the new songs from the album, as well as some old favorites and things in between.”

For those familiar with previous iterations of Hellblinki that featured a full band, this presentation will be quite a change, but should be no less entertaining, Benjamin said.

“I think it will be interesting because, with a full band, you don’t really get to focus on the character of the songs and the lyrical content,” Benjamin explained. “I’ve always felt that my lyrical content is strong and interesting and tells a story, so I think this is going to be really interesting from that aspect. People will get to hear more — get a fuller range or a fuller idea of what’s going on in the songs lyrically, even if they don’t know them from the album or whatever. Especially with the new songs that no one’s ever really heard.”

In addition to the solo tour to promote “Multitudes,” Benjamin is also in the process of launching a Kickstarter campaign to help get the new album released.

“I’d like to have the album out before the end of the year,” Benjamin said. “The album is finished, more or less. I still have to go through some final tweaking and mastering. The official release won’t be until early next year. But the folks who contribute to Kickstarter will at least get a digital version much earlier than that and maybe their physical versions before the end of the year.” He went on to add, “We’ll see how manufacturing goes. There’s always something that could crop up — always unexpected events.”

He’s really excited about the new album, Benjamin said. He’s excited for people to hear it, and said that it is a big step in the evolution and change of Hellblinki over many years.

“In some ways, it’s a direct progression from the last album, ‘These Bubbles Come From Ants,’ but it has a lot of the depth and power that the ‘Oratory’ album had,” Benjamin said.

The album features musicians from all over the country contributing tracks, including people from right here in Augusta. In total, there are probably about 15 additional artists on the album, Benjamin said.

Links to Hellblinki’s Soundcloud, which features bits and pieces from each song off the new album, “Multitudes,” and various music pages, YouTube videos and other fan pages, can be found at hellblinki.com.


Atmosphere XXVI w/ Hellblinki, Cirque De Lune and DJ Codec

Le Chat Noir

Saturday November 2

9 p.m.





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