Hot Fun In The Summertime

Hot Fun In The Summertime

As summer break is winding down and it’s time to start getting into “back to school” mode, I often look back to the things I wanted to do this summer that didn’t get done. Although this list is mostly comprised of fun things for my kids, this tradition didn’t just come along with the arrival of my kids.

Like many people, I’ve always set huge goals for my summer break. Since a kid, I would have huge destination goals: “I’m going to Six Flags every weekend this summer!” Most of the time I would be doing well to even get to the lake during the summer. I would also have hopeful educational goals: “I’m going to read a new book every week this summer”. Right. My attention span won’t let me read anything much longer than the Whine Line.

This habit has carried long into my adult years. My eyes are way bigger than the summer. At the end of this past school year I laid out tons of plans for the kids. With me not having a day job, we’d have tons of time for activities, right? I got them all amped up for everything I could think of: Six Flags, White Water, Stone Mountain, the Georgia Aquarium, the Gulf Coast, Braves games, trips to see their relatives… the sky was the limit as far as I was concerned.

Then reality set in. The sky’s not the limit, my wallet is. Then there’s the little fact that there’s really not enough time in the summer break to do all the things we wanted.

However, I have to pat myself on the back a bit. My kids have definitely lived it up this summer. There were weeks spent in Ohio and Montana visiting relatives, football camps with NFL stars, Panama City Beach, water park visits… we even had a mini water park in our front yard for a weekend with enough kids over to fill a classroom. And there ware a few educational moments. Among those, a trip to Magnolia Springs to learn about wildlife and the Civil War. Also a visit to the Lewis and Clark Caverns in Montana.

But when they get back from their Ohio trip next Monday, I know the question will be asked: “What about White Water? or “What happened to Six Flags? To be honest, the Six Flags question may come from me. I haven’t been in several years and they have new roller coasters that I haven’t ridden and the new Monster Plantation ride I haven’t seen that yet and Thunder River and Goliath and the Free Fall and please please please!!!

Oh wait. Where was I?

Oh right, summer fun. Yes, we’ve had a bunch. More than recent summers past, in fact. I’d say it was a success. After all, these three deserved it. They all had a spectacular year in school. In a couple of weeks they will be going back to school a couple of inches taller, maybe a shoe size bigger. But, definitely ready to tackle another year of education and life experiences.

But until then, we still have a little bit of time left for that trip to Six Flags… right?!

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