It’s the Same, Continued

It’s the Same, Continued

The antiestablishment crowd in Richmond County loves to talk about the Cabal, that ultimate group of insiders who band together to get things in the county to go the way they want them to.

The thing about the Cabal as presented by these antiestablishment types — most of what they do is behind the scenes, or at least far enough behind the scenes that the lazy media can’t see it without getting out of their La-Z-Boys, which means it just isn’t seen. And if the media can’t see it, nobody else is going to see it, because everybody else obviously have to be force-fed their information. If they didn’t, if they weren’t clamped tight on the teat of the media, they’d be reading the blogs and watching the YouTube videos and getting a freakin’ clue, right?


The thing is, those Richmond County guys have nothing on the cabal out in Columbia County, because those guys don’t even bother finding a curtain. Those guys do their cabaling right out in front of everybody.

Everybody who matters endorses everybody who matters. In their own voices in commercials. With their names in print ads. Face to face with people all over the county.

Ron Cross and Doug Duncan are about as establishment as you can get, and they had the endorsements. Not coincidentally, they both smoked their competition. Cross, with almost 61 percent of the vote, beat arch rival Jim Bartley to stay on as commission chairman and Duncan beat Hafeez Chaudhry with more than 77 percent of the vote.

In Columbia County, those in power help bestow power and they don’t care who knows it, because unlike those force-fed Richmond County residents, Columbia County residents seem to eat this stuff up. In fact, it’s hard to say they see a darn thing wrong with it.

They’ve got the parks. They’ve got the amphitheaters. They’ve got the schools. And if they don’t have the roads, well — at least they don’t have to die out there on Highway 56.

And to add insult to injury, the election night commission meeting, even including Commissioner Bill Morris’ reminder about the real meaning of Memorial Day, was zipped tight in 11 minutes.

Eleven minutes.

Didn’t Bartley say something about no more 30 minute commission meetings?

Awww — who can remember?

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