Letter to the Metro Spirit

Letter to the Metro Spirit

Dear Metro Spirit Editor:

The Metro Spirit Insider article about the Jail Report reminded me of a story about Stonewall Jackson.

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was a great Confederate general. When Thomas was a teenager, he spent time with an uncle who was a slave owner. One day, Thomas asked his uncle was it right for a human to own another human as a slave. The uncle answered, the law says I can and I obey the law.

The uncle was using the law as covering for his unethical and immoral behavior. The slave owner believed he was providing a community service and violating the human rights of the slave did not matter. The profits reaped from slave labor were all that mattered to the slave owner.

Likewise, profit is all that matters to Jail Report Publisher Greg Rickabaugh. The constitutional-based principle of innocent until proven guilty is beneath the profit motive. Moreover, damaging an innocent person’s reputation is the cost of doing business. Ethics must not get in the way of supplying a demand.

The demand is lawless gossip and the Jail Report supplies the lawless gossip. Once the gossip addiction takes hold, the demand increases, profits increase, and Rickabaugh is elevated to a newspaper gossip lord.

For Greg Rickabaugh and the Jail Report the future looks very promising. Society is becoming an immoral cesspool which leads to lawless behavior. The cesspool supplies the raw material, which is processed by law enforcement, packaged by Rickabaugh and consumed by gossip junkies.

Kevin Palmer

  • Danyo

    So should that principle (presumably not publicizing arrests, only convictions) also apply to the Augusta Chronicle? ABC? CNN? The New York Times? No one would know about a criminal from the time of their arrest until their conviction, which is sometimes years later?

  • Nick Reinert

    The problem is there is NO reporting in the Jail report, It’s just random mug shots printed for the amusement of the dumbmasses. There is no context. Also most of the mugshots that appear in the jail Report are for things that reputable news sources would not consider newsworthy

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