LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Blocker-Adams is Clear Choice for Mayor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Blocker-Adams is Clear Choice for Mayor

Dear Metro Spirit Editor:

Augusta is the second largest city in the state of Georgia. Under the dynamic leadership of Mayor Deke Copenhaver, Augusta has grown into a city worthy of world-class recognition. For this reason, now is the time for Augusta voters to step up and make an historic, world-class statement in the upcoming mayoral election.

Voters should elect Helen Blocker-Adams for mayor. By doing so, Augusta will have elected its first black female mayor, a notable distinction for the city. Moreover, Ms. Blocker-Adams will bring unity and focus to the Augusta commission. She has the skill set, character and integrity necessary to lead the Garden City.

In addition, Helen Blocker-Adams is known for being a visionary and a firm but fair relationship builder, qualities necessary to unify a sometimes divisive Augusta commission. Most important, she is the only mayoral candidate ready and capable to lead a diverse, sophisticated and progressive Augusta.

Augusta Commissioner Alvin Mason is not ready to assume the office of mayor. Commissioner Mason has played a role in the divisiveness and dysfunction of the Augusta commission. Additionally, he has the dubious distinction of being featured on the front page of the local Jail Report news publication. Obviously, Augusta does not need a mayor who will be an easy target for ridicule. This will only reduce the office of mayor to political buffoonery.

Neither, is State Senator Hardie Davis mayoral timbre. Senator Davis appears to be an opportunist. His political ambitions are like that of a gecko’s color. A gecko’s color changes to reflect the color of its environment, whatever it happens to be at the time. Political ambitions based on expediency maybe okay for the state senate, but unacceptable for the chief executive of Georgia’s second largest city.

Nor is businessman Charles Cummings a serious mayoral candidate. Who is Charles Cummings? The question alone is reason enough not to cast a vote in his favor. Mr. Cummings is an unknown novice who lacks the political skill and finesse necessary to effectively lead Augusta.

Finally, even the possible last minute white hope candidate cannot be taken seriously. Their only purpose for entering the race will be to pacify a segment of influential voters who think Augusta’s mayor ought to be white. Sadly, their primary concern is skin color, not what is best for Augusta.

Clearly, Helen Blocker-Adams is the best choice for mayor. She is the only mayoral candidate with the vision and wherewithal to move Augusta forward from good to great.

Kevin Palmer

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