Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Dear Metro Editor,

Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling is being victimized by the hyperbole of hypocrites. He is not a racist by any stretch of the imagination. Racism is a hatred or intolerance of another race. A racist is a person who believes in racism. Mr. Sterling’s actions speak louder than his words. His actions impeach, rather than support, the accusation of racism.

As owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling has given many African-Americans the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of becoming successful, wealthy NBA basketball players. In addition, Mr. Sterling has given former African-American NBA players the opportunity to occupy leadership roles within the Clippers organization. Former NBA player Glenn “Doc” Rivers is an African-American. Currently, he is the Clipper’s head coach and senior vice president of basketball operations. If Donald Sterling is a racist, then all employers who pay African-Americans minimum wage are racists.

Like all humans, Donald Sterling has his own preferences of associations. The public did not need to know those preferences. He made an error in judgment. He lacked discretion. He spoke when he should have been silent. Many rich and powerful hypocrites were offended. Mr. Sterling spoke out loud what people of all races practice in silence each day. Mr. Sterling is not a racist or bigot. He is an imperfect pebble who caused a ripple in a sensitive pond.

Kevin Palmer

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