Mean-Spirited Science Thwarts Dems Every Time

Mean-Spirited Science Thwarts Dems Every Time

I get a kick out of the bigots on the left who constantly try to “peg” Christian conservatives as a bunch of Bible-thumping Neanderthals who can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag.

Even though in the South, statistically speaking, the average conservative voter tends to be better educated, higher achieving, living cleaner, better behaved and paying more taxes than their liberal counterparts, the Left Wing Intelligentsia loves to paint us as hicks who can’t think for ourselves, wallowing in puddles of our own homophobic, race baiting, Obama hating tears.

I can challenge that with voting trends right here in the CSRA. Look at the election returns from this area’s best neighborhoods. You will find overwhelming support for conservative causes and candidates. In those neighborhoods you will find the people who guide this community in just about every single way possible. You have cultural leaders, the top physicians and attorneys, business leaders of all stripes, and, of course, a whole lot of churchgoers.

In the meantime, take a look at the same voting returns in the worst neighborhoods in Augusta. Chances are, if you have high crime, low property values and nearly 100 percent of the children on federally subsidized free lunches at their public school, you have an overwhelming majority of the voters going for liberal causes and candidates. Interestingly, you also have a good number of churchgoers.

Apparently, voters in general love to go to church.

The main difference in the “churching” between left- and right-wing voters is that the further left the church members lean, the greater chance you have that there is an active push from church leadership to vote and participate in the political process, all with a very liberal agenda.

Conversely, I have spent most of my life attending Southern Baptist and United Methodist churches, and I can’t remember a single sermon urging me to vote for a specific conservative candidate or cause.

Going around my elbow here to get to what I think is a rather fascinating point, our old pal Cynthia Tucker, former editorial page editor at the Atlanta Journal Constitution who now occasionally contributes columns for the paper, a while back penned one of the most condescending pieces of her career. Granted, it is a Pulitzer Prize winning career, in which she has gained fame consistently deriding conservative causes, and this was vintage Tucker doing what she loves to do:

The Republican Party has lost its ability to think, to count, to ponder facts rationally and to negotiate the difficult realities of a complex world. The GOP’s stance on taxes shows that clearly. So does its position on climate change. The GOP has become a party of know-nothings, with many of its political players denying the science of climate change.

This is by no means a conservative position. This is an ignorant, flat-earth position.”

Aside from the fact that I can Google up 100 top-flight scientists who can put forth great arguments that blast the “accepted” global warming theories and models, given her “demand” that we accept these theories as facts, I find the intellectual dishonesty in her constant defense of long discredited liberal political policy highly hypocritical. Climate change has been around forever, blaming it on humans tends to be fairly recent. Of course centuries ago there were pockets of people here and there who believed rains would fall and volcanoes could be tamed if the proper virgin sacrifices were offered up. Ironically the science behind those theories is every bit as “provable” as many of the left wing environmentalist theories on global warming tossed about today.

But just for fun, let me put on my Mr. Spock ears and get as logical and correct as science will allow me, if not with “climate change,” with other issues that are far easier for plain, simple Southern folks to understand: 1. Libs are against the death penalty, usually claiming that it is “too easy” to execute the truly innocent. Okay… I can compromise… conservatives will be happy to immediately commute the sentences of all death row inmates convicted on circumstantial evidence to life in prison, if we then get to immediately exterminate the obviously guilty. You know, people like Brian Nichols who murdered innocent people in front of dozens of witnesses, or Renaldo Rivera, a confessed serial killer and sex fiend. This solution is 100 percent sound, from a scientific standpoint.

2. Serial deadbeat parents must be sterilized, and put into indentured servitude until the bills run up by their non-supported children are covered. This solution not only solves the problem of the “Johnny Appleseeds” of the world who procreate like possums, but it also serves as a great deterrent, while paying back taxpayers who have been footing the bill for irresponsible procreation for generations. This solution is 100 percent sound, from a scientific standpoint.

3. Do away with our current income tax system, which encourages tax cheating of all description, while punishing high achievement and earning. Ms. Tucker says the GOP theory on tax policy has been discredited, I disagree, but rather than debate that old argument, why not go with a system that taxes everyone at the same rate, as they spend money? Money that sits in an account does not make someone rich, it is what people do with that money that makes them rich! This is the underlying theory of the Fair Tax. Eliminate cash altogether, and you have virtually eliminated the ability to cheat on the Fair Tax. Tax citizens at the point of purchase. All purchases would be handled through electronic transfers, which means everyone’s wages, from your yardman to your nanny to your neighborhood drug dealers, gang bangers and hookers are then accounted for. We have just created taxpayers out of every tax cheat in the nation. This solution is 100 percent sound, from a scientific standpoint.

Thanks Cynthia… I think I am beginning to love scientific solutions!

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