Meet Augusta’s Mayor Hardie Davis

Meet Augusta’s Mayor Hardie Davis

The results are officially in and it was an absolutely stunning victory for mayoral candidate Hardie Davis.

After receiving an overwhelming huge percentage of the votes in August’s race for mayor, Davis showed that he was clearly the candidate for the job.

Running on the promise that Augustans would always be proud to call him mayor, Davis handily defeated his opponents former Augusta Commissioner Alvin Mason, retired businessman Charles Cummings and long-time educator Lori Myles.

As Augusta’s new mayor come Jan. 1, Davis insists that the city is ready to grow and leave behind the all-too-familiar bickering that often occurs between leaders of the county’s eight districts.

“Our city is ready to move beyond the things that divide us. Without question. And I’ve demonstrated that I know how to do that,” Davis told the Metro Spirit. “People don’t have to be afraid of Hardie Davis as the next mayor. People cannot only trust me, but they can be proud with me as the next mayor of Augusta.”

That is a big promise that all of Augusta hopes Davis will keep.

Welcome Mayor Davis. We wish you all the best in the world.

Don’t let us down.

  • Black Solomon

    He knows in his heart how he really won. The election was a sham. Too bad for Hardie. What begins crooked will end crooked.

  • Nick Reinert

    Make these races partisan like County commission used to be prior to consolidation. It was no secret that Hardie had the backing of the local Democratic party and their machine in this nonpartisan race. JB Powell… all the old Walker people. he even used the DNC Obama logo in campaign literature. let’s just stop the charade of “non-partisan” elections. We all know who is pulling the strings behind the scenes, so let’s raise the curtain.

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