New and Old

Artists of all kinds are welcome at Sky City’s December group show

New and Old

Calling all local artists, both known and not so known. Sky City is doing something different to showcase local art during the month of December, beginning on First Friday.

The music venue usually kicks off First Friday by hosting a different artist every month, but in December Coco Rubio, one of the bar’s owners, has decided to host a group art show and has invited any local artist over the age of 21 (it is a bar, after all) to select one or two works (depending on size and space available) to hang in the front bar.

“You know how we do it every first Friday, usually with a single artist hanging on the wall,” explained Rubio. “I thought it would be best to do something in December for Christmas and the holiday season to kind of have a group show and let as many local artists who want to hang something to have a chance to do it.”

Now, it’s just a matter of getting the word out to the local artists. So far, social media has been doing a lot of the work, Rubio said. Since creating the event listing on Facebook Wednesday, November 13, dozens of artists have signed up and the list keeps growing, he said. And the invitation to participate is extended to everyone, not just the better-known artists.

“I want to encourage anybody that wants to do it, because sometimes I think people are intimidated — you know if they haven’t really done it before — to hang a whole show themselves,” Rubio said. “Sometimes they feel like they don’t have enough pieces or whatever, so this way, with being able to just hang one piece it just takes the stress out of it for a lot of people. And just being part of the group makes it fun.”

Not only will this give the artists a chance to show their work, but they will also be able sell their art and keep 100 percent of sales, Rubio said. But he has other reasons for hosting the group show. Not being an artist himself, he loves to surround himself with creative people, he said. He enjoys seeing the camaraderie among the artists and he sees the group art show as a chance to give the public a good viewing of a lot of people at once and to buy local art as well as giving the artists a chance to sell, Rubio said. He’s looking forward to the show and is excited about it.

“I like to keep up with the new artists that are doing stuff,” Rubio said. “I love the new artists — I love the old-school artists, I love all the artists that we’ve come to know over the years, but it’s the young blood that’s got to keep it going. It’s important, with bands with artists, to let them know they’re welcome. This is an easy way to do it.”

A show like this really celebrates the diverse and talented art Augusta has to offer, he said, and he thinks First Friday is good for that. He believes that December First Friday is the best month to have a group show.

“I just think December is the perfect month to do that, Rubio said. “It’s almost like a celebration of the end of the year, and First Friday is always fun.”

Artists who are interested in signing up may do so via the event listing on Facebook.

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