The Jail Report. Protecting Us All.

The Jail Report. Protecting Us All.

In Georgia recently, a majority Republican committee (chaired by a Republican) was charged with undertaking a study of the conditions, needs, issues and problems related to the expungement of, and restriction of access to, criminal records in the State of Georgia.

Their findings can be read here.

Read the report. Don’t rely on someone else to tell you what the report states. Done? Okay.

According to Greg Rickabaugh, publisher of the Jail Report, we have five elected officials “on the side of criminals.” Later in his Facebook appeal he opines, “Can you imagine not being able to know the name and face of an accused child molester in your neighborhood?” In response to a post a bit later he adds, “Under his suggestion, a person accused of child molestation could remain out of the public until conviction, meaning they could be out on bond and victimizing more people for months or years before the public is aware they have been accused of sexually assaulting a little child.”

We call BS on this BS. There isn’t a child molester arrested in the CSRA who isn’t splashed all over local media. The Jail Report isn’t a tool for protecting your innocent “little child.” It’s a pretty shrewd way of making a buck.

Then there is his, “Or hearing about a killing but not knowing the name and face of the suspect until months, or years, later?” Well, as Billy Shakespeare once wrote, “doth protest too much, methinks.” We can’t really remember a suspected murderer not being “if it bleeds it leads” in the news.

So (have your read the actual committee report yet?) printing and distributing for a dolla’ a holla’ a bunch of meth heads and drunk drivers, along with a lot of innocent people, now is not considered a money making proposition. It’s a calling. Greg dutifully directs his Facebook followers to read more about the committee’s report… by going to the Athens Banner-Herald website. It should be noted the Athens Banner-Herald is owned by Morris Communications, who publish the Augusta Chronicle. Both are in the mugshot game to drive and monetize web traffic.

So once again, here we are. Public humiliation for profit. It’s like a pimp masquerading as a Carnival Cruise Line “Fun Director.”

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