Road Rage

Road Rage

In a week’s time, I’ve been a victim of road rage twice. Victim is probably a little strong. Some people yelled at me while I was in a car. Two times.

I’ll be the first to get annoyed if someone doesn’t use their blinker. It’s such a habit for me, I’ll turn in on going around a big curve or pulling in to a parking space. Driving in the left lane on the highway gets to me too. I don’t rage over it, though. I talk to the people, without gesturing, windows rolled up. The Man always jokes that I talk as if they can hear me. No yelling, just a “what are you doing?” type thing.

I was pulling out on to Walton Way the other day, in a place where it’s two regular lanes and one middle turn lane. At this particular intersection, most people pull out and sit in the turn lane, until the right lane clears. This one time, I would’ve done just that, but the traffic was heavier than usual. I decided just to wait it out. One minute.

The girl behind me wasn’t having it. She didn’t tap her horn. She blasted it. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Lordy pete. In case she was in a hurry, I got in to the turn lane as soon as traffic allowed. She followed, inches behind my car. She tried to pass me on the right, as I merged on to Walton Way. There wasn’t room. I should’ve simply let her around me, although I would’ve had to scoot back over to the turn lane to do so. She stayed those inches behind my car, until we got to Wheeler Road, where she flew around me, slamming on her brakes as she got up next to me. As I always do, I smiled.

If I said she was unhappy, that’d be the understatement of the decade. She rolled down her window, screaming at me. I waved and smiled. I think her head exploded after that. She started mocking my smile and weaving closer and farther from my car. I’ll admit it. I was a little nervous. I pretended to have an appointment at whatever that place is right there in the closest parking lot and turn off. Sheesh.

I wonder if she was having a bad day or a bad attitude in general. Either way, she needs a nap.

The other time someone tried to run me off the road, I was in Atlanta. It was scarier, because we were on I-75/85S, which is 143 lanes wide in the city. I wasn’t driving, but I felt for my friend who was. This girl got so mad after we merged because our lane was ending, she waited until we changed lanes again (we could see her watching us) and she moved into the same lane. What on earth? How gutsy people become when operating a two-ton piece of metal. How stupid, too.

The funny thing was, she was so busy trying to punish us, she missed her turn. Unfortunately, she went across 142 lanes of traffic pretty quickly to compensate. I hope she made it safely.

A lot of you seem awfully angry while driving. What’s up with that? You’ll get there, I promise. Odds are, you and I will arrive at the same time, too. When we do, I’ll laugh.

Remember this: we might not be actually trying to tick you off. If you constantly have the feeling that folks are in your way, preventing you from arriving on time, try leaving earlier. It’s a no-brainer. Otherwise, laying on the horn and driving aggressively will get nothing more than a smile from me. If you’re really mad, I’ll throw in a wave for good measure. Most importantly, be safe, people. Life’s too short to screw around like that. Be patient. Be happy. Cheers, yall!

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