Ruben Paints Burned Out Building

Stranger Things Have Happened.

Ruben Paints Burned Out Building

Dateline Friday June 20th, 2014

Friday morning workers were busy painting the façade of the burned out Bayou building featured in the flyover on a couple of weeks ago. The building was gutted by fire in 2001. Since then the building has remained gutted, boarded up and fire charred.
Coincidentally, just yesterday the city’s Urban Redevelopment Agency, which is the body established to issue a $28.5 million revenue bond to finance the Municipal Building’s ongoing renovations, met for the first time. Mrs. Ruben currently sits on the board, having been selected by commissioner Grady Smith.
bonnie 2
While the issues that have arisen surrounding her appointment did not come up at the meeting, it appears she was moved to buy a couple of buckets of paint to, as one downtown business owner stated today, “put lipstick on a pig”.
It may have taken almost fifteen years to remove the fire and smoke damage from the exterior of her building in the heart of downtown, but better late than never. At this pace, we can certainly expect action on her other dilapidated properties. Perhaps hovercraft parking decks for the flying cars that will be clogging the skies above Broad. Who knows? But it is a very positive start.

  • Nick Reinert

    What’s up with the weekly attacks on Bonnie Ruben. Seems like no matter what she does you will find something to criticize. A previous tenant (a restaurant) had a fire and the interior burned. Without a prospective new tenant it would be foolish to spend a bunch of money on the interior. The facade is stable and from the outside you cannot even tell the interior had burned. So what’s your beef? It’s kind of hypocritical for The Metro Spirit 5 be on 5 his high horse about abandoned properties downtown when the new owner of The Spirit promptly moved the paper’s office out of downtown to West Augusta…leaving yet another abandoned property. Practice what you preach, Spirit.

  • Brad Owens

    This is the third negative article in as many weeks about Bonnie Ruben; what’s the deal Spirit? You ignore two years worth of great stories about downtown, things worthy of direct public scrutiny, and now focus on a long time downtown business owner and supporter. This just doesn’t make sense. Correction; the URA was not established to issue the bonds for the municipal building, although that is one of the issues we are dealing with, it was established to give the city development options in blighted areas. And the meeting that happened most certainly was not the first meeting. But by all means, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  • angdelune

    lipstick on a gila monster
    and they need to keep attacking her so things will get done, Brad
    best thing this woman can do is sell off her buildings for what they are worth and retire from downtown, you as well. Not a single one of you has had an original idea in the last 10 years.

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