Scuttlebutt from Columbia County…

Scuttlebutt from Columbia County…


(Update Friday 6:15 PM)

Insiders within the CCSO confirmed they have requested the surveillance tape, but have yet to receive it and are waiting. They were told it has to be “put together” then “approved” by Kay Allen before it is released to law enforcement authorities. The past month has been an eye opening experience to many as to the power the office of Tax Commissioner. As for the recently amended tax returns filed by Kay and Charles Allen, a source informed the MS it was done to reflect unreported income.

(Update Friday 5:00 PM)

The Columbia County Sheriff’s office is in possession of the video tape from the Tag Office office incident between Dwight Johnson and the employee who claims he made a “slashing” motion across his neck in a threatening manner. Johnson has denied the allegations to the MS and is happy the authorities are looking into the matter. The MS is seeking a copy of the video as well. If the tape shows that he did not in fact make the gesture, the employee could (and should) be charged. If the tape does in fact show Johnson making the gesture, his credibility will be ruined.

Like they said back in the day…”Lets go to the tape!”

(Update Friday 9:15 AM)
There is word that the net is tightening on both Kay Allen AND her husband, Commissioner Charles Allen. The buzz is he may be implicated as well. Prosecutors at various levels are chatting with each other a lot and Insiders anticipate action within 30 days.

Insiders report that the commission is very uncomfortable with Charles Allen. To put it kindly, the other four members of the body have never had any respect for Mr. Allen’s intellect. And not a one of them (besides Charles) gives a rat’s behind about his wife, Columbia County Tax Commissioner Kay Allen.
An interesting tidbit is that Kay feels the same way about Pam Tucker, the Director of Columbia County’s Emergency & Operations Division. So much so that when the different departments went to a car pool plan rather than each department having their own vehicles, Kay had one of her employees run up the miles on the Tax Commissioner’s Crown Vic to justify keeping it. (The pool is under Pam’s direction). The employee drove the car home at night, back and forth home for lunch and then back home at night, parking in her closed garage.
It will be interesting to see if the mileage was properly reported on the underling’s mileage report. If not there will be repercussions to the pettiness displayed by Mrs. Allen beyond forcing the Assistant Tax Commissioner to walk around Kroger for eight hours a day.
Remember, regardless of the size, Columbia County is essentially a small town. And if someone talks out of turn, it gets around quickly. But the more marginalized Mrs. Allen becomes the more emboldened the employees of Columbia County are becoming, sharing lots of very embarrassing details more frankly than ever before.
As more of the gossipy tidbits of Columbia County’s ruling elite trickles out, the everyday workers are getting more and more tickled. They have been dealing with and frustrated by these fiefdoms for years. Many in the media have known about them as well but it was always lost in the daily rumble of growth.
One thing is for sure about CoCo. The citizenry is very law abiding. And a vast majority of them are convinced Mrs. Allen is dirty. So look for the Guv and DA Ashley Wright to use this opportunity to shore up their watered down lack of support out in the burbs. Oh, and one other thing is for sure…it’s good to be in the news business in the CSRA….

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