Some Things, I Just Don’t Understand

Some Things, I Just Don’t Understand

Like most people, there are many things in this world that perplex me. Some would say I’m easily perplexed. Anyway, I figured I’d share some. Maybe you can relate. Or maybe there are things that perplex you. Feel free to comment and share yours on!

Single Serving Condiments: How do they get by without being refrigerated? Mayo, coffee creamer, little butters among other things have to be refrigerated when in a larger container. What gives?

My Oldest Son No. 2’s Obsession With Socks: He’s got to have the newest Nike or Underarmour Elite Trainer Whoopty-Doo Flapty Jacks or whatever. Then he’ll show them to me all proud and I have to pretend I know the difference between them and other socks.

Augusta Drivers’ Disdain for Turn Signals: Seriously? Is it that hard to flip the little lever that is less than two inches from your hand?

While we’re on driving…

Driving in the Passing Lane But Not Passing: By now people have got to know what they’re doing when they drive the same speed as the person in the slow lane. I think they do it on purpose.

The Saggy Pants Fad.

Red Box: So Blockbuster went out of business because Netflix made us too lazy to browse through a store for movies. But waiting in a five- or six-person line behind some indecisive kids that mommy sent to Red Box only to squint at a screen that you can’t read in sunlight and browse titles that are mostly all rented out already is totally fine. Makes perfect sense.

Civil War Flags: We see the Confederate flag all over the place around here. Why don’t any northern people fly the northern civil-war-era flag? I drive up north several times a year. I never see it on the bumper of any of their big 4x4s or anything. Hell, they won. It seems like they’d be more proud of it.

Braille on Drive-Up ATMs.

My Neighbor’s Cat: Or anyone’s outside cat for that matter. Why is it okay for the cat to walk all in my yard, on my car, etc. But if my dog were to do that we’d have all kinds of problems. Could you imagine walking out your door in the morning and seeing a labrador sleeping on the roof of your Mazda?

My Other Neighbor’s Dogs: Why must she walk them 10 minutes before my alarm goes off? Every. Morning. And why must they all bark constantly? All 12 of them! Or, at least, it sounds like 12.

These are just a few things that I ponder on occasion. Maybe I’ll have more in the future. But as I said, feel free to share yours as well. Sometimes it helps to just get it off your chest.

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