Something for everyone at Andrew’s Place

Something for everyone at Andrew’s Place

Open since the beginning of the year, Andrew’s Place in Furys Ferry Station has spent the past two months searching for its niche and they’ve hit upon a concept they’re sure will work: a high-end bar and grille that offers something for everyone.

Originally conceptualized as a fine-dining restaurant, Andrew’s has gotten rid of the white tablecloths and pricey menu in favor of a stage, a DJ booth, great lighting and sound systems, and a menu that appeals to a wide range of people.

The menu, while it’s basic, complements what we’re trying to do at the bar,” said General Manager Anthony Morano, a military veteran who completed three tours of duty before stepping into the food and beverage industry. “We’ve got a great sound system and it looks great in here. We’re still putting some finishing touches on everything but, overall, it’s a really good bar.”

Fun is the key word at Andrew’s, and while the management is spending the slow winter bar months carving out their niche and getting ready for a busy spring, there are already a multitude of reasons to visit the spacious and comfortable spot. For one thing, they have one of the best happy hours in the city, which runs Monday-Saturday from 4-8 p.m. and then all day on Sunday. During that time, patrons can take advantage of $3 well drinks, $2 domestic bottles and $1 off draft beers, wine and liquor. Wings are also available for .50, as are hot chips, which are free.

It’s already proven immensely popular, said consultant Jody Dickson, who has several decades worth of experience in the club business.

Our happy hour is growing tremendously, and that helps if you can have a good happy hour,” Dickson said. “On Friday, our happy hour is so good it leads right into Friday night, so our Friday nights are a lot better than our Saturday nights.”

And while happy hour is popular, Dickson and Morano know that a bar can’t survive on happy hour alone. That’s why they’ve implemented several promotional nights, the most popular so far being the $5 steak night on Wednesdays from 5-8 p.m.

Now, Wednesday night we’re doing $5 steak night and it’s the same steak we serve all the other times for $11,” Dickson explained. “It’s a 10-ounce ribeye steak and it’s a good steak for the money. And we’re filling it up; we’re slap full.”

Dickson plans that, in the spring, Andrew’s will take advantage of Andrew’s spacious patio and grill steaks outside.

There’s also live entertainment on Wednesday nights, as well as on Fridays and Saturdays. Thursday night is Ladies Night, in which women drink for free from 8-10 p.m. and take home a souvenir rose. Dickson said they’re thinking of expanding Ladies Night to include a Throwback Thursday element that includes music from the ‘70s and ‘80s, as well as implementing some new promotions. One of these is a Bust Your Bladder special on Tuesday nights beginning at 8 p.m. in which draft beer is free until the first person visits the restroom.

Sounds fun, right? The same with karaoke, which Dickson said they envision being for anyone no matter their talent level.

It’s not like we’re trying to attract all these great singers,” he laughed. “We want karaoke to be more fun… come with your friends, have two or three beers and then get up and sing something. We don’t want people to worry about whether they can sing. It’s not like we’re going to come up and gong you or anything. But if they’re great singers, they can come too.”

It’s all part of the plan of the management at Andrew’s to appeal to everyone: the music is loud enough to dance to but not so loud that you can’t carry on a conversation; the food’s good and affordable rather than fancy and intimidating; and, most importantly, the staff knows who you are and what you like.

We want this to be a place where they can come dance, drink, have a good time and we do know who you are,” Dickson said. “The staff knows who you are.”

And that, Dickson and Morano said, is the key: to create a friendly and welcoming environment to anyone who may walk in the door.

Right now the demographic that is frequenting us is a little bit of an older crowd with disposable income who come in for a drink and know exactly what they want,” Morano explained. “That’s all good and well, I like that, it’s a good foundation, but I think this concept can actually grow to where we’re getting new people, younger people, in and creating that atmosphere, a comfortable, upscale atmosphere, for everyone. We don’t want to exclude anyone.”

Andrew’s Place Bar & Grille
231 Furys Ferry Road, Suite 200, Augusta
4 p.m.-until, seven days a week

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