Spelling Words. Easy Not Sometimes.

Spelling Words. Easy Not Sometimes.

Billboard On Walton Way Just Down From The Judicial Center July 12, 2014

According to the State Bar of Georgia Rule 7.2 Advertising, attorneys advertising in Georgia must disclose the identity and physical location of their practice. Actually it states “the responsible lawyer”. Unfortunately for the general public, it goes on to state “Questions of effectiveness and taste in advertising are matters of speculation and subjective judgment.” (Side Note: Please leave your children out of this. They are innocent bystanders).

Dear Lord you must be kidding me.

Some local barristers who fall under the “responsible” category are getting pretty upset with the advertising practices of those who don’t. If you grew up to specialize in the ‘ol “Slip and Fall”, that’s something you are going to have to work out on your own. But according to legal insiders, a movement is afoot to get all lawyers following the same rules.
And if you can’t trust a lawyer to follow the rules then who can you trust said no one ever.

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