Fred Russell

How many lives does Fred Russell have?

Several Augusta commissioners this week found it impossible to believe that after more than 10 years of working in Augusta-Richmond County, City Administrator Fred Russell has never had a formal performance evaluation. This is particularly surprising considering that Russell has been dangerously close to losing his job on a few occasions. Back in the summer […]

Augusta may be able to avoid using “slum”

The Augusta Commission is doing everything it can to avoid officially naming a portion of the downtown area a “slum,” but still legally establishing an Urban Redevelopment Area that would allow the city to borrow $26.5 million in tax-exempt bonds to renovate the Municipal Building on Greene Street. The end result might be a simple […]

Going Once. Going Twice…

Going Once. Going Twice…

City renovates Marble Palace by trying to unload some marble, among other things   August 15, 2013–Tim Schroer may be the deputy director of finance, but he’s just gotten off the phone with a guy about nameplates for the Municipal Building renovation, so that makes him something more. “For a project this size, you need […]