Scott Dean

The Deans’ last “big hope”

The Deans’ last “big hope”

It was Halloween, and Renee Dean was busy in her Harlem home helping her two youngest boys get dressed in their costumes. The phone rang. It was her husband’s attorney, Pete Theodocion, calling. She answered the phone only to learn that Superior Court Judge James Blanchard Jr. had denied a request by her husband, former […]

Child molester or innocent man?

Former Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean is hoping for a new trial after his 19-year-old adopted daughter admitted she lied in court Scott Dean is sitting in a Columbia County jail just waiting. Waiting to find out whether he will be sent back to his cell in a Georgia State Prison in rural Reidsville. Waiting […]

The trials and tribulations of Scott Dean

There has never been so much sympathy for a convicted child molester than there has been the past few weeks in Columbia County. But the main reason for all the sympathy is apparent: Is former Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean actually guilty of molesting his adopted daughter from Guatemala? Or is he an innocent man […]