Stacy Eidson

Child molester or innocent man?

Former Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean is hoping for a new trial after his 19-year-old adopted daughter admitted she lied in court Scott Dean is sitting in a Columbia County jail just waiting. Waiting to find out whether he will be sent back to his cell in a Georgia State Prison in rural Reidsville. Waiting […]

Judge Craig not backing down from Sentinel ruling

Superior Court Judge Daniel Craig is standing firm. Despite receiving criticism from Richmond County State Court judges that his September 16 ruling on the treatment of misdemeanor probationers “completely disrupts, and, for all practical purposes, shuts down” their court, Craig told attorneys representing Sentinel Offender Services last week that he was not going to lift […]

Who will become Augusta’s next mayor?

Brad Usry, president of Fat Man’s Mill Cafe, breaks his silence and says he is “strongly leaning toward not running” By Stacey Eidson People already refer to him as “Mr. Augusta.” After all, you don’t get much more Augustan than Brad Usry. “My claim to fame is that I’ve never been out of Augusta, Georgia, […]