The Rumor Mill Is Churnin’

Ahhhh Augusta Politics.

The Rumor Mill Is Churnin’

Donnie Smith has been suspended from his job with the Georgia State Patrol. Why?

The Insider has been wrong before, but we weren’t wrong on the Donnie Smith/Wild Wing fiasco. And while it is early on, multiple sources relate he is being investigated for possibly “double dipping” Masters week.
Insiders say he was working for the Georgia State Patrol while at the same time working in the hospitality business. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to his work records to see if he was on vacay that week or not.
The rumor could be easily shot down. But it’s there. Anyone got a gun?

  • Nick Reinert

    Once a Wild Winger always a Wild Winger. Pretty soon he will have all the time in the world to Wild Wing it up.

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