The Whine Line

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I wish there was a bus stop closer to the shopping center with Whole Foods in it.

What happened to the greatest show on Earth? Went to the circus and it amounted to 2 clowns, 2 sad looking horses 8 poodles and 2 elephants that were brought out at the end. It was so boring my granddaughter actually fell asleep during it. But she did enjoy the $5 toy that I paid $22 for.

You’re never a winner if: to win involves sabotaging the competition.

When will you report real news? fluoride, chemtrails, h.a.a.r.p. government abuse to its own citizens Augusta library debaucle? are you a real newspaper? you cannot because of freemasonry will not let you?

I never thought I’d find anybody more narcissistic than Barak Obama but Austin Rhodes takes the cake.

What kind of mother are you to bring your young child to see the “50 shades of Gray”? ARE YOU ON CRACK?? Or are these the kinds of movies you subject your kids to at home? Someone should be calling DEFACS on your A, and if I had witnessed this I would have called them myself (so be glad I didn’t see you, my friend saw you). And what does this say about the managers of the local theaters? They will allow a minor to be subjected to pornography just to make a buck? Someone at the theaters needs to (grow a pair) and stand up for these innocent children, who’s only crime is that they were born to some ignorant women who put their sex lives ahead of what’s best for their children.

Regarding this new “Breastaurant” that opened in the Augusta Exchange. Why can’t us ladies have something similar except where all the servers are hunky well-endowed men wearing nothing but thongs? You could call it Schlong’s or The Sausage Factory. I am sure the gay men would love it too.

The only time Austin Rhodes does not sound like the biggest idiot in Augusta is when Brad Owens calls in to his show with one of his nutty “Cabal” conspiracy theories or pretending he is some big government insider.

No, Republicans do not have “atrophied brains” nor are Democrats “morons” as last week’s Whiners say. In fact, most people adopt their beliefs thinking it’s best for everyone. It stems from their personal, moral code. It’s easy to paint opposition with a broad brush, but it’s the hallmark of the true “atrophied brain” of a “moron” to do so. People will disagree with you, and that’s okay. Calling them names or describing them as stupid won’t win anyone over at all ever. It just makes you look like a fool.

Y’all back and I’m home!

Note to Hap and his handlers: Signs don’t vote; especially when they are put up on vacant lots, in ditches and in right-of-ways. Keep grinding Sonny. I put up your sign in my yard. I’m sending you a contribution and you’ll have our vote on March 17th. Great flyer!

Real conservatives don’t concern themselves with who is in someone else’s bedroom.

Pittman is the best choice in the 7th District commission race the way I see it. Harris is up to his eyeballs in the wheeling and dealing stuff. Frantom irresponsibly ran up a huge credit card bill that he apparently couldn’t pay just a couple of years ago. That doesn’t speak well for someone who will have a fiduciary duty to the people of the county.

When it comes to the ills of Richmond County schools, children are not the problem. It’s the teachers and parents. Author James Baldwin said it best, “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them”.

Augusta Public Transit finally, Finally placed bus schedules up at bus stops in Augusta, GA. It is a Great, GREAT help to the bus riders. Thank you AUGUSTA BUS RIDERS ASSOCIATION for pressing the Augusta Transit System to at last do something to help the bus riders. After all, the Bus Riders are the CUSTOMERS.