The Whine Line

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Are we fighting for the right to be ignorant?

Black Lives Matter should be at Paine College protesting the sorry administrators and Trustees. Obviously, the black lives do not matter to the leaders who have betrayed the students.

Only in Disgusta would you cram all of the festivals into 3 weeks in September and leave the rest of the calendar empty. There’s not even anything happening downtown during Masters Week. Why not spread the love throughout the entire year instead of cramming everything into one month?

How could Paine College have the audacity to offer a degree in Business Administration when they cannot administrate their own business affairs? They should call it a degree in Do as I say, Not as I do in Business Administration.

Bruce Springsteen supported Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. He stated Hillary Clinton would be a very good president. Obviously, when it comes to politics, “The Boss” is a moron.

Oh… Ok… I get it now. Thank you all for your insightful information, I think I will go somewhere and drink liquor until I puke to try to make sense of it all.

Ted Cruz just endorsed Donald Trump for president. Donald Trump insinuated Ted Cruz’s wife was ugly compared to Melania Trump, AND associated Ted Cruz’s father with the Oswald-Kennedy assassination. Ted Cruz is softer than an under-inflated Tom Brady football!

Great Job everyone. If you thought dumping gasoline in Alabama’s water’s bad, Savannah River is ranked 6th in our state as most polluted water and no I can’t just “plant things to soak it up” or “just grab a net” or “vacuum” and get it out. Water leaching is a huge problem on both of our downtowns, both from homeowners and business. I am all for business but now you want Project Jackson instead of cleaning things up so we don’t become like Flint.

Facebook has turned into cutesy animal videos, recipe posts, my children’s pictures posts, and Clinton versus Trump posts. Aye-ka-rumba… ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP! STOP IT!

The Augusta Coliseum Authority gets half of the hotel-motel tax and a beer tax even if the doors to the James Brown Arena are not open. Yet, the arena has operated at a lost and been carried by Richmond County taxpayers for the last 36 years. Why should we vote to approve giving the coliseum authority $115 million dollars in the next SPLOST so they can built a bigger white elephant in the same downtown area?

Trump is running for president & making promises he can’t keep about walls & jobs. If he & Ivanka care so much about American manufacturing why are all their clothing lines made overseas?? Read the reviews of the med Trump Hotel in DC with French linens and furniture manufactured overseas. I would love to see the papers of the housekeeping staff & kitchen line cooks & dishwashers. He HAD his chance to create American jobs & blew it.