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When a Trump supporter tells me about their family values, moral convictions, or how their religious beliefs are under attack, I will laugh in their hypocritical face.

The liberal rag that is the Metro Spirit.

How odd, everyone around here wants the truth………but few can actually swallow it.

Why should the widow of a retired Richmond County sheriff’s lieutenant have to file suit because she has been waiting a year without receiving her survivor’s pension? The Augusta commissioners are clueless; it’s just one lawsuit after another.

Kevin Palmer’s stubborn 1800s view of American culture in his comments are my favorite part of reading Metrospirit online.

I am married to a very crass, honest man. I’ve for sure heard “locker room banter” but never has he bragged about grabbing a woman unwanted. Get a clue about the argument

I would like to thank Judge Jennings for rudely interrupting me when I answered his questions, for dismissing my case, and allowing a thief and a liar to go unpunished. Having recently paid $16,000 in Richmond County taxes, and a $78 court cost fee one would think the Judge could have spared a few minutes of his time for someone who helps pay his salary.

I find it amazing how many people in this area continue to defend a group of people who make their money by scamming the elderly, who dress little five year old girls up like prostitutes and then marry them off to cousins at the age of 14.

Trump brags about assaulting women. Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee say it doesn’t matter and Pat Roberson says it was Trump just being macho. What more do you need to prove that the Republican Party has no moral compass.

Use the $1 million dollars the DDA is trying to figure out how to spend in their leftover 2009 SPLOST money and remove the parking bays on Broad Street. Replace them with parking spaces like they used to have so people can actually park and shop downtown.

Hey Austin! The Monkees are stupid.

Newt Gingrich wants to clean up the White House by electing a filthy mouth, misogynistic bully whose only reason for running is to ‘get the oil’. What do we care that our enemies think we’ve become unglued? Really. To put such a thing in the White House would make the world feel safer? All it takes is one misunderstood comment and they may press the button 1st!

I agree that the Augusta area could use a larger modern arena but putting it in downtown would guarantee it to fail. Did we not learn anything from the mistake if the current arena? The best and only option is to put it out off I20 either near The Riverwatch exit or Wheeler Road exit. Better yet put it on the county line and both Richmond and Columbia counties could share the cost of its construction.

A vote for Trump tells me you’ve been waiting all your life to see how it feels to live in a war torn country!

to the person who had a relative deliver mail. I had to be driven to a local hospital during the ice storm and in the last snow, to take care of others sick family members! I even stayed overnight because there was no way to get home! There are bad in every profession! Just do what you get paid for, or find another profession.

No matter how many Hillary signs you remove or destroy it doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s going to stomp your (so called) man INTO THE GROUND on election day! To be whipped by a woman will be the biggest blow to your pompous, racist, male chauvinist candidate’s ego and I can’t wait to see it!!

GO Fridge!

A local weather man is arrested for sending vulgar pictures over the internet while a presidential candidate who physically assaulted women for decades has millions of supporters, go figure.

I find Trump to be a repugnant man completely unfit to hold any public office whatsoever. He has had nearly a year and a half to bone up on public policy and to garner a basic understanding of how government actually works, yet, as we have seen in the debates, any time he actually dares to venture into the realm of governing policy, it degenerates into a nearly schizophrenic garble of word salad that leaves intelligent and informed voters scratching their heads. The sooner Trump supporters realize they are nothing more than the latest marks in the biggest con of his life, the better off they will be. He doesn’t care a whit about his supporters, the Republican party or America for that matter; it’s all about him. Coming soon to television or a website accessible to you, once Trump suffers a trouncing of epic proportions in the general election, will be a Trump/Bannon/Breitbart/Bossie media conglomerate spewing vitriol and lies. You Trump supporters got played in a major fashion.