The Whine Line

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One point to be made in reference to Austin’s crowing over the listener demographics of his “show,” a college education and annual salary of 75K does not in any way inoculate these individuals from being rednecks, Neanderthals, bigots, homophobes, racists, xenophobic nativists or just asshats in general.

It may be time to require teachers to attend a drill sergeant training course.

When city employees are able to give themselves raises, it’s obvious the Augusta Commission doesn’t have a clue.

Fascinating contrast: Metro Spirit this week reports on the fatal Marshall Square fire. Meanwhile the Chronicle guts the News-Times and lays off its own newsroom staff while paying big bucks to propagandize against a pipeline that might cross Billy’s private hunting land. Then their biggest Sunday story is coverage of a ping-pong match involving their corporate management. What a joke.

“Tea Party” sounds better than “Angry group of misogynistic racist homophobes”.

This isn’t a whine, but after reading your the past two articles regarding the Marshall Square fire.. I want to SCREAM! As far as the cause of the fire, I’m confident the professionals will determine the cause and hold those accountable for their actions. What I truly hope happens, is that, “Jerry” and any other individuals who think they had the right to confiscate and hold a Yard Sale and financial benefit by selling the residents personal property, in my view are not only “Scum” but should be held accountable. My heart goes out to all of the residents and their families who have been impacted by this tragedy. They may not ever get back their life’s memories, but I pray they get justice and see “Jerry” and everyone involved prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, if proven by Freddie Sanders.

Welcome to Baby ATL…. Don’t look now, but we are turning into ATL. The traffic on every major part of town, especially Columbia County, is getting to the point to where we can’t get anywhere in 20 minutes like we used to brag to our friends about. Not to mention people can’t drive worth a damn in this town! Long pedal on the right people!

Branford Road is a disgrace. Why should taxpayers have to dodge pot holes like it’s a Vietnamese mine field?

If you think Richard Harmon quit over the Marshall Square retirement facility fiasco, then you must be smoking your shorts.


I know the traffic engineers in Augusta aren’t the brightest but seriously how about reevaluating the red lights on Mike Padgett between Tobacco Rd & the Paper Mill. Your making a grueling and long trip even worse with stopping at these lights for so long. I literally was stuck so long with no traffic visible that someone pulled in ordered their food at bojangles and pulled out before it turned green. Funny but sad.

The Metro spirit is the only newspaper left in Columbia County, now that Steve Crawford left the News & Times because down town would not let him write about the corruption on Columbia County the Government.

Another good article regarding the Marshall Square fire, but, my, how soon we forget. Remember the lawsuit and resulting settlement where Columbia County ended up with the property. Ron Cross was adamant that no apartments would ever be built on this property and subsequently wasted tax dollars to acquire the property in order to settle that suit. As Jack Long stated, Ron Cross calls himself a builder. As a builder, I would counter that Cross knew exactly what was being built, as the property is only a block away from his county office. Someone is lying here, but it ain’t the retirement community folks! Take your story back to the beginning and follow the money.

For you morons considering Bernie and his crackhead views. One your just hoping to continue to get handouts and something for nothing , and two you better hope you like his Vice President pick because he’s so old he probably will die of old age before finishing half his term. Definitely a good choice….sigh