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here come all the kids on the golf carts. look out people. they aren’t looking out for you, that is for sure.

Nine deaths and numerous injuries during biker gang violence in Texas. That what you get when you trust people based on the color of their skin.

your boobs should have their own facebook page girl.

How much will Fly and Darvocet be asking for from the next SPLOSH? Inquiring minds want to know.

“The Truth Delayed is Justice Denied” article by Austin Rhodes was a good history and outline of some police abuse and cover up but really doesn’t say anything of value. An unsucessful attempt to vindicate himself of bigotry.

Re the posting about Laney and the ACT–you DO realize that the ACT isn’t a test you pass of fail. It’s merely a measure if how one might perform in college. Considering that so few people take the ACT any more, I’m more interested in seeing SAT scores.

Stuffed teddy bears in my bed. One is sentient. Not sure which one, so I talk to them all.

I hope merging schools in Augusta is better than the Augusta Richmond County consolidation. Consolidation is still a mess and now we have a Mayor who wants to be lord and master over all.

what’s up with the stank at the steakhouse?

The whine line sucks these days. The whines used to be better. Maybe the Metro Spirit is censoring submissions more than in the past?

WOW! Brown people?? Go back in your hole… Its 2015.

We don’t have to be the last to come out of the white ages all the time. Legalize and regulate Marijuana in Georgia. Colorado makes 30 million dollar per month on regulated, taxed Marijuana sales, which is more than we make from imprisoning and destroying young Georgian’s lives. Sarcastically, when legalized everybody will start smoking marijuana, just like when they legalized same-sex marriages, all guys got divorced and married other men instead.

Lee Walton. Could you have hired a more screwed up consultant? This is going to be a huge disaster

This great nation’s government was established by people who determined our future WITHOUT pay. But now our future is at the hands of people seeking office FOR pay instead of what is best for OUR future! Why oh why aren’t we voting independent? The incessant squabbling between jackasses and elephants leaves us hoping “they” will do the right thing. I can’t hold my breath any longer.

The person who keeps screwing up and issuing the lights of the south business license needs to be terminated along with their director.

When the Metro Spirit wrote that an Augusta Chronicle editorial on the Palmetto Pipeline left out the fact that Billy Morris was a major landowner affected by the pipeline’s path, why did the Spirit leave out the fact that the Chronicle HAS mentioned his land ownership in more than one news article about the pipeline? Come on, Metro Spirit. You can’t conveniently not mention that fact. That’s simple Journalism 101.

Why is Daniel Craig still a judge? Because he is a judge and does not have to follow the law. A Judge gets to impose their personal opinion and values on society.

I just read another readers whine about calling dispatch to make a report. I understand there’s protocol when calling dispatch/emergency services but I had an issue similar to the one posted about. I saw a man who appeared to be overdosed, and slumped over in a pharmacy parking lot. I called and was interrogated when really all they should have been doing is sending someone out immediately. I wonder if these people needing ambulances and hear their families upset about responder time are really victims of the operator playing 21 questions with the person calling the emergency in. It doesn’t matter who’s calling, you don’t need their address, and you’ve already got their phone number on caller ID. You don’t need to know any or all of that to send help to an emergency. Change the policy.

Obama got a Twitter account and people sending him all kinds of stuff calling him Nggr. He probably thinks those tweets come from Rappers. Ha ha ha ha…get it ? get it ?

A Church for Sale should be a sad thing……..not business as usual.

I really wouldn’t mind if everyone owned a Gun…. That’s NOT THE PROBLEM! But them bullets now…that’s another story!

Thunder Over Augusta! Best fireworks show I have ever seen! Thank you!d choice.