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tell your 16 year old son…the one you bought the turbo diesel pick up for…that if he stomps on the gas one more time to show off his black cloud of exhaust I will drop him like a bad habit

Spring break violence and social deviance is a disgusting display by young “ADULTS” that should be given the fire hose treatment, arrest and full prosecution! Why is this repulsive conduct of young people overlooked and accepted? College students are Not college KIDs, they are adults at 18 years of age if white, black, tan, yellow, red or green and it is time for them to learn to be accountable for thier actions as adults. The perspective to call them kids is wrong. 18 is the age of majority and any distortion of that in form of seperate police power on campus, special treatment by family privilege , skin color, ethnicity and including special consideration of extended health insurance under the apron of parents is wrong. All promotes them to act as children. How revolting to think these punks may be our future ” leaders”.

There were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from their sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need. Acts 4:34-35 Remember, Jesus was a socialist.

I say “hey” you say “ho”. Mormans sure know how to partay.

Since I read more serious papers than NY Daily News, People or USA Today I was spared the story of the alcoholic woman who lost custody of her kids due to drunken lewd behavior. I’m not a prude, but Metro Spirits reporting of the story–with so much graphic detail, read closer to a Penthouse Letters piece than quality journalism. I expect better from you. Next time, think—edit!

Geez – the race-baiting industry (including the Spirit’s David Walker) seems to really be frustrated that the Charleston shooting case ended EXACTLY the way they’ve demanded in other cases, with no justification: with the arrest and firing of the cop. They really, really want a reason to protest and burn stuff down (after snagging some sweet flat-screens). Maybe they’d be happy if they could stage a jailbreak and hang the cop in the woods? Perhaps while wearing hoodies, I mean, hoods?

Looks like we’ll have a female President. The other people have nobody worth voting for. Of course they can make disregard the votes and steal the election again like was done to Al Gore.

So, a wonderful, caring Nurse is taking care of your sick relative in the hospital and you go and steal from her? Really? Hope you enjoyed your night in jail.

HOMEOWNERS: If you have purchased a new home in the past ten years, you might need to check, or have an electrician check, to see if your family is protected by AFCIs (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters). They are required by law and the National Electrical Code, but some unscrupulous builders in our area have been removing them after the final inspection due to their cost. These are not GFIs Ground Fault Interrupters that you see in the Kitchen and Bathrooms.

Congratulations to Sean Frantom on his amazing win last week. I look forward to him bring some fresh new ideas to the commission, just as long as he doesn’t bring his dance moves.

Where is Ex-Augusta police officer SAPP now? Is he working with a gun again? Able to shoot another cop or the public?

Things I would like to see: A 500 pound dumbbell (named after this wanker, I’m sure), laying on top of the jerk who wrote in about older women looking frumpy. I’m sure it would be a vast improvement over what is there already. Go mind your own business, you sodding cow; who says you look so great and perfect? you don’t like to look at older ladies in their frumpiness, don’t look…there’s plenty of young stuff out there running around, displaying every nook and cranny and mound for your viewing pleasure. Hope all your junk sags, droops, disappears and wrinkles like a prune when you hit 50 you piece of feces.

The Spirit is an obvious slanted one sided view rag. You were sure for The Whine Line to not publish the public comments against the killings by cops in favor of providing Austin Rhodes an unchallanged platform for his pro kill by cop report. Austin Rhodes is well known to have shown his race colors consistantly over the years. Of course in Augusta, kill by cop has occurred before and even when they shoot their own in the day room. Cover up of that shooting is still being performed. Just try to find info on the past shooting in the dayroom as the quick draw play by cop killed another cop!!! Some of us remember the arrogant pushy little motorcycle cop on that one!! Too bad we didn’t have video then. How many more videos are going to come out and show the state of out of control cop power.

If you honestly believe that brown and black lives matter, then let’s start at the abortion clinics.

The Winners and Losers from last Tuesday’s District 7 commission runoff: The Winners: Billy Morris and Paul Simon. Margaret Woodard and The DDA. Advocates for parking meters downtown. Proponents of CADI. Matt Kwatinetz and his next “big idea”. Brad Owens and his buddies who want another appointment to a county board or authority. Proponents for putting a $100 million arena on the next SPLOST. All the arts groups and private organizations who want to also jump on the SPLOST gravy train. The Losers: The taxpayers of Richmond county, particularly those in South Augusta and The Westside. Those who want SPLOST to be dedicated to nuts and bolts infrastructure only. Anyone in Richmond County who has their home on teh market, because its only going to be harder to sell now.

When you don’t see me in Church I’m not: drinking smoking clubbing sinning blaspheming drugging or shopping for no apparent reason . I’m where GOD told me to be. When he wants me to be in Church he’ll tell me that too! But you knew this already. Now find someone else ‘s business to mind or better yet mind you own. Thanks and have a blessed day!

I wouldn’t get too excited about the idea of Sean Frantom bringing “change” to the commission. He was endorsed by The Comical and they don’t like change. No, Billy wants someone who will sit up there and vote to direct more tax dollars his way downtown. No, this is all about the status quo and the next downtown boondoggle that will reinvent downtown. Haven’t we been hearing that for the past 40 years?!! Frantom is just another Matt Aitken, except about 100lbs heavier.

i wonder if the christmas light guy pays taxes on all that cash floating around like snowflakes