The Whine Line

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Austin admitting Trump is a flawed candidate is akin to saying Genghis Khan was ever so slightly lacking in social skills.

I am so tired of all of these two-faced people around here!

Amazing….HRC has spent $180 million to get elected so far. If democrats care so much wouldn’t that buy a lot of water in Flint or feed and house a lot of illegals that they covet so much.

With all of these old white guys on the Columbia county commision, how the hell are they visionaries of the future? LOL.. these old farts just discovered cell phones & tha innuhnet! Oh, the gray haired trend setters! Next they’ll be on twittuh! Their cutting edge dude

Regarding the request to discuss substance vs character regarding Donald Trump, I don’t believe you can separate the two. The President represents the USA, so it is important how the world sees him/her. Right now, embarrassingly, the world sees a rude, clownish bully who has no idea how to perform in the job for which he is applying. There is no substance to discuss, because all you get in response to serious questions is the most blatant double talk I have ever heard. He is clueless. It’s not that people don’t care about his character, they just identify with it, sadly. Is that how we want the world to see us? Ignorant, loud, crude, prejudiced and hate filled? Have we no pride left? Is that what we want to stand for in this troubled world?

I’m 40 yrs. But I feel 70 so I’m going to apply for social securine and medicare.

When is it okay to complain about a free funeral? It was disheartening when seeing “It Was a Decent Funeral” as the headline for the Pauper’s Funerals last week. Do the relatives and friends not realize they didn’t pay a dime for what was done for them as a favor? Especially when paid by the taxpayers? If they actually paid for anything, then they have every right to complain. Shouldn’t the headline have read “Thank you everyone”?

So sixteen years of Clinton and Obama are too much to bear? How about the 23 million jobs created under the Clinton administration or the statistically irrefutable fact that the Obama administration has, up to this point, created more jobs than BOTH Bush administrations combined despite the well documented plan of Republicans, actually hatched on the night of Obama’s first inauguration, to oppose any and everything he would try to accomplish during his two terms by means of unprecedented and malignant obstruction. Again, and we all need to be reminded of this on a regular basis, where we were immediately post Dubya; one haphazardly prosecuted war in Afghanistan, the Iraq war that the Bush administration flat out lied us into, WMD and mushroom clouds blah blah, bestowing the two biggest tax breaks on the wealthy in American history that had never been done by any President during wartime, and our economic system, as well as the global system, teetering on catastrophic and total collapse, all after having inherited a budget surplus. Oh, and one little postscript, Newt Gingrich was not forced from office by an evil blackmail plot hatched by the Clintons, but rather publicly and unceremoniously drummed out of his job as Speaker of the House due to financial irregularities, that being Newt stealing money from his own PAC for personal use, hash tag RepublicansWhitewashingHistoryAgain. I rest my case.

Augusta Georgia is the best place in the world to live and if you whiners do not like it then get out.

This brawl in Hephzibah. Richmond county taxpayers will spend truckloads of money for court-appointed lawyers and trials. Character witnesses will come forward and say what sweet, lovely children they are, who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses will contradict each other. After all is said and done and the justice process runs its course, a handful of people will do a few years in prison or YDC. How about we avoid having a circus, save all that time and money, slap everyone on the hand and send them home.

Maybe, just maybe, if the right hand lane of I-20 eastbound coming from North Augusta didn’t feel like driving over a washboard for 10+ miles, more people would move over to it. In case you haven’t noticed, DOT, it needs some work.

“I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either.” There is the adult beverage-fueled quote by Trent Lott that Austin termed a “politically incorrect, silly joke.” To what problems could Lott have been referring? Those pesky black folk desirous of nothing more than basic equality? The right to equal education? The right to vote for the candidate of their choice? The right to drink from their chosen water fountain and not the blacks only fountain? The right to live without fear of lynching by white mobs? The right to go to a whites only library or shop in a whites only grocery store? Those problems? Lott’s endorsement of an unabashed, unapologetic, vile, racist segregationist for president speaks loudly of his own character and beliefs. Austin’s reference to the “silly joke” begs the question, as there is usually a laugh line to any joke, what was the punchline for Lott?