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sorry old (er) ladies. it was cool to discover spinning when you turned 45. that does not mean you should post pictures of yourself in a bikini on the webs. no.

150629215031_0001Now that so-called president signed a bill allowing same sex marriage’s (I knew he was a fagot), I wonder if Michelle, had a sex change? Hell I’m still waiting for his birth certificate. All of you queer’s in Augusta, you’ll have a trip on this. Make sure you get in the line at the Court House!!! Bet the Whine Line will not print this.

I recently moved to Augusta and I was pleased to find a dog park that is convent To my new home in Summerville . I was almost knock back by the smell Of dog urine and feces when I entered the park for the first time. There was a dust cloud that Judging by the smell I did not want to breath into my lungs. No thanks.

The current debate about confederate symbols makes this a good time to review the historical record of what the confederacy stood for. Treason, racism, and last (but not least) losing. A heritage to be proud of.

Thank you, President Reagan, for appointing Justice Anthony Kennedy!

I don’t understand why so many of your readers whine about Austin Rhodes on a regular basis. But, there is hope in a short U Tube video that walks you through of how to change a radio station Try it, even Liberals can understand it.

Regarding the Columbia County Commission trip to Savannah, are they not held accountable by any governing body or oversight committee or the State or anyone? Your article states that per the County’s own policy manual, expenses for a spouse are “non-allowable” expenses. How can they get by with charging a $145 per person meal for their spouses on the county dime? That is a violation of policy. Isn’t there an audit done? It seems they just do what they want to out there in CC and have the arrogant attitude that they don’t have to answer to anyone. And Austin Rhodes just drank the kool aid with Ron Cross on his radio program

All these demoted county department heads are still working there and at the same pay rate?.?.?

I wonder what the people of Greece would say about Austin Rhodes social utopia of a cashless society. Sure lets had over complete control of our lives to the politicians and the banks who cant balance a check book yet continue to rob us blind. I know that geniuses response. It couldn’t happen here or He may even rationalize (in his mind and the politicians) that some how that’s why we need to do it here. All you need to do is look at those folks standing in line at the atm. If he still can conclude that we need a cashless society then he is a lot dumber than I suspected..

So disappointed in the Mayor of Augusta. Nothing else to say.

It is quite obvious that this country is going to hell in a hand basket with its racial divide, run-away spending and debt, the crooks who run the IRS, free-loaders for welfare, food stamps, and SSDI, and a Supreme Court and President and obviously biased Attorney General who violate or do not adhere to the US Constitution.

To denounce the Confederate flag is to denounce the American flag. As atrocious as it is Americans went to Africa and kidnapped people and put them into slavery. Americans adopted this as normal. Americans perpetuated this lifestyle. Americans, our founding fathers, used these stolen souls for every and any use possible. So now our country, as they did with the native people before us, try to place blame elsewhere. Hate crimes were invented and perfected here. How dare this government let the young people who died doing what they were expected to do for their way of life, no matter how little affected by the outcome, be considered racist.

150629215003_0001Racism in America is at an all time high. Our own President has exacerbated this racism throughout the US because of his own obvious black racist rants and opinions. I totally understand and recognize that there are many white racist in the USA but all Americans should know that racism is also rampant in the black community. Many if not most racist, both white and black, will continue to divide this country but people like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Erik Holder, and even our own President should be held accountable for their own obvious racism.

HEY, COLUMBIA COUNTY RESIDENTS:THAT DISPOSAL COMPANY THAT IS KNOCKING ON YOUR DOORS IS LYING TO YOU. They CANNOT stop your current service for you with a post card, You WILL still have to pay your final bill, and regarding their rates: They are trying to increase their numbers so they can sell to a larger company that WILL increase those rates you have supposedly “locked in” for a year. JUST REMEMBER: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, EVEN WHEN IT’S JUST TRASH PICKUP.

6 that’s 6 million people would’ve been affected by the repeal of Obama care! That’s 6 million votes idiots okay ? Let’s be real. The only reason you want to repeal it is that you can rename it and present it as your own under your administration and take the glory – sheer hubris. Sorry God gets the glory. So stop talking about repealing it unless you can really afford to lose 6 million votes in the next presidential election!

Huge whine to a certain gilded ambulance service for the 20-minute wait the other day. A woman with a heart condition fainted. Fire dept 4 blocks away took 10 minutes. Ambulance took 20, and they were in ZERO hurry to get to the patient once that arrived. Great work, guys. That’s some real hustle. :-/

The taxpayers of Columbia County have given Administrator Scott Johnson more than enough time to digest his meal and gather his thoughts as to why we should be stuck with the tab for his exuberant weekend. Can we have an answer now please? You did promise.

how hypocritical can politicians be? Google what they said then vs now concerning the sc state flag.

‘WHY’ is everyone surprised about the Columbia County $3000 dinner? Think about how many times Czar Cross has withheld information from the public. We would never have seen this if there had not been some digging by an outsider. Just ignore the ‘per diem’ rules; ‘We will do what we want to do with your tax dollars’. What can we say…. people have elected him again and again. No one to blame except for the voters who voted for him… again.