The Whine Line

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SHOCKED! Politicians making backroom deals?! In politics?!? We must have public hearings to address this scourge that has been creeping since…well, the beginnings of the human race.

Just damn. The South Caroline State Fair gets Jennifer Nettles. At Border Bash we got the guy with the pork pie hat who used to lean his back into Jennifer Nettles while she sang hit after hit.

If you CAN’T tell what was in the water a week ago that looked like an oil slick, how can you say things are now safe? Are people that eager for the thousands due in town for Ironman?

That was SUCH a great article on GRU Professor Matthew Buzzell and the GRU Cinema Series. He is a blessing to this community.

Someone please tell me why Bobby Jones at Washington rd is still backed up to the county line every day because it only opens to more then two lanes 1000 ft from the intersection and the light only allows 4-5 cars to go at one time ? This is one of the busiest intersections around and it hasn’t changed in 20+ years.

Isis I say I see I saw I sol Ices?…well whatever they call themselves, I never did like lemon… They sound like a bunch of suckers to me!

“I don’t make deals!” Tell us that again Goofy; after you get to bring Happy on board next week; are made Mayor pro-tem; and Loudmouth and the downtown gang gets your help and Happy’s to reinstate the Excise Tax and fire the county’s chief counsel and one of the deputy administrators.

Grady Smith mayor pro tem you are kidding me. This is going to be fun.

All of you lazy ass people (and KNOW who you are), when you shop Kroger at Washington Walk, take your DAMN grocery cart back to the cart area, instead of pushing it in the empty parking spot beside you. I can understand now why there are so many fat people in Augusta. TOO DAMN LAZY

This whine is for Augusta commissioners Wayne Guilfoyle, Mary Davis, Bill Lockett, Alvin Mason, Bill Fennoy, Ben Hasan and Corey Johnson. Why aren’t any of you speaking out against this Machiavellian back room deal between Grady Smith and Marion Williams over the District 7 seat? This is deplorable and your silence on this matter makes you complicit in this whole sordid affair.

Al Gray seems like an intelligent enough guy and his expertise in cost recovery could be of benefit to Augusta. BUT he has lost all credibility since hooking up with that political gadfly Brad Owens on this campaign of theirs to smear and distort the record of Rick Allen. Gray claims to be a conservative bet yet allows himself to be used by the liberal Democratic hack Owens to reelect a Democrat to Congress.

Would you “Christians” quit posting YouTube videos claiming “Evolution has been disproven” – because you haven’t. First, you’re embarrassing yourselves more than you normally do. Secondly, if you disproved evolution, you would be more famous than Darwin himself. Thirdly: “The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful.” (Proverbs 12:22). You “Christians” wouldn’t lie to bolster false claims…would you?

I have been an NFL football fan since the 70s. The game has slowly morphed into a political social crock pot. They might as well put ‘flags’ on them now because game-wise that is where its going, all in the name of ‘keep the players safe’( your gonna tell me the players as they signed their Million dollar contract they didn’t know the consequences? I guess Coal miners are smarter). Then comes all the Politics and Legal stuff;First openly gay player, Domestic Violence, Not hiring enough women, Child Abuse, Rape, the list goes on….. This is the first year I actually have no desire to follow this league anymore. Its such a shame to say, that once there was a time when people got excited about their teams and players, living vicariously through them, especially after a hard work week. Now who wants to turn on a game and get bombarded with Political Correctness because some Liberal decides not to say Redskin on TV. Instead of talking about the great game Matt Ryan had, your inst
ead presented with a domestic violence counselor explaining whats next in the Rice relationship. Conversations on who got spanked as a kid and who didn’t, and of course the Race Profiteers introduce that White kids don’t get spanked as much as Black kids do……Im done, Goodbye NFL it was fun while it lasted……