The Whine Line

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I propose mandatory classes for South Carolinians; Common Sense 101. Or perhaps a remedial 098 or 099.

Mayor, Commissioners, A few comments, if I may, about the proposed quiet zone along the railroad on 6th Street. I have lived on 7th Street for almost 16 years. There is little that I enjoy more than the sounds from Saturday Market, the concerts at the eighth and ninth street bulkheads. First Fridays, bands and concerts at The Common. The church bells, the car horns. The sirens. And, yes, the train whistles! These are the sounds of the city. It’s why I live here. We are the second largest metropolitan area in the state! Surely we have more important things to focus on.

What in the world is going on with rental prices in Augusta? I just need 2 bedroom in a neighborhood where my child can play outside, and everything is $800 or more. Come on. Be serious. I’d pay that in Atlanta.

Why is the North Augusta City Council caving into the builders and developers and changing the wording of downtown zoning rules to guidelines? If you want to protect North Augusta’s future, you should attend the meeting between city council and planning commission members to be held April 28 at the Municipal Center’s Palmetto Terrace area on the fourth floor.

Last week I went to the Bell Auditorium for the Cotillion. A class event where outstanding, young women of collor are introduced to society. Their amazing accomplishments at a very young age are recognized, and dances, including one with their fathers. Now these are not your typical ghetto type of the media portrays as the norm. These are young accomplished teens from accomplished families. The applaus throughout the night was not impressive. I got a sense that the black community is tired of everything, like defeated, like what use is it. I feel like the black community, and black institutions, like Paine College, are at the brink of collapse. If they do, the rest of nation will surely follow.

What wasn’t mentioned in the story about the recent improvements to the Partridge Inn is the lady in the blue dress who floats up and down some of the hallways and knocks on doors early in the morning.

Traveling down ol Doug Barnard Pkwy with no cars coming or going in either direction. Just lonely ol me. I notice a train worker standing beside some rail road arms up ahead. As I the only car in sight approach he has the arms start to go down when I’m about 15 ft from crossing. Even at my slow pace there would be no way to slam on brakes and react that quick. I know that, he knows that but it’s funny……moron.

Once again, Metro Spirit, you have made the “Sightings” page a photo op of taverns/bars in the Augusta area.  Aren’t there other places for “sightings”?  How about people volunteering at a soup kitchen or working with kids in schools?  Or volunteering in a hospital gift shop or walking dogs at a dog rescue?  While some people think drinking and bar-hopping is cool, some of us would like to see photos of other activities around town!

I cannot wait for Mr. Donald Trump to win this election and take office!  The first order of business will be to take all of you whiny, snot nosed, drooling wanta’ handout sniveling cry babies and put you all on THE OTHER SIDE OF OUR FENCE!!!!  GET OUT WHINERS!!!  GET OUT!!!!  Oh and I forgot to mention, you whiners are going to pay for our wall, build it and then GET OUT!!!!!!!!!

A treasure such as The Bon Air used as a poorhouse? And you dare wonder why those from away are aghast, with snide, glib, and other unflattering commentary.

Mark Newton State House Candidate is contracted and works for Doctors Hospital. Doctors Hospital is doing everything in its power to stop the the building of AU-Hospital in Columbia County. Newton owns several MedNow Clinics which are associated with Doctors Hospital. The reason for the fight over the building of the AU-Hospital is because it would cripple the amount of emergency room visit to Doctors Hospital. Newton is in lock step with Doctors Hospital. I understand why you pay for a lobbyist to get things done in Atlanta; however, why would the voters in Columbia County want to vote for one!

I just saw none other than the President of Augusta University, Dr. Keel, walking into the Great Clips on Washington Road. How refreshing to see someone in a position of power and prestige that is still down to earth enough to get his hair cut at an inexpensive chain.