The Whine Line

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Who could make the sunrise? (2x) sprinkle it with dew (2x) Add some guns to churches and your local bar or two…Augusta can man! (Everybody sing!)


Is it coincidence or irony that a sometimes (and not very good) radio reporter who covers crime was arrested for jet skiing while drunk? I mean, innocent until proven guilty, and all, but do you think the experience will tone down his “lock them all up and throw away the key” mentality? Or will he just use it to milk his so-called fame?

God bless you farmers! God bless you for Butter! Cheeeese!…… H A M!……Oh and three cheers for a colonoscopy Hip Hip… no yeah I’m done!

Can only imagine the chuckles coming from the CCSD over responding to Rhodes and the Facebook “threats” he received. This loon will go to any and all means to draw attention to himself.

NBC’s Brian Williams said it best. While talking about the ‘baby boom’ in D.C.; “We now know that during the gov’t shut-down politicians were doing what we’ve all accused them of doing to us”. Well put, Brian… well put.

To the person about the Robertson’s just because you are Christian it doesn’t mean you don’t have sins.Jesus said the one without sin cast the first stone,can you.Do you realize thousands of the most brilliant minds have tried to prove the Bible wrong and failed.You liberals crack me up you’ll use the bible to try and prove your point but will not believe in it.

Let’s call this frivolous spending in Columbia County by Ron Cross what it really is: Yankee Appeasement Syndrome. The Yankees supposedly moved down here for the lower cost of living and lower taxes but once they get here they start demanding all of these things and before you now it, Columbia County has started to become like the big spending liberal bastions of up North. Here is a tip for all the spoiled Yankees: You are welcome to come here and make this your home, but just because you can’t get everything little thing you wants, well Delta is ready when you are.

I’m sure the Graphics Department was patting themselves on the back for the clever cover design…right up until the time someone discovered that the word “Greetings” was misspelled. Oh, that’s right, nobody caught it before it went to print!

So, Facebook gets busted for running some sort of “psychological experiment” on hundreds of thousands of its users via its website. Maybe the people that always give me the “Are you crazy?” look when I tell them “the corporation” would put a microchip in your head if it could to control you, would like to apologize to me now…apology accepted!

I just watched the 11:00pm news and saw Marion Williams saying the just announced and approved Outlet Mall is a bad idea. What? Does this guy have any brains at all? I realize this idiot thinks he is a one person entity to stir up discontent in Augusta, but idiocy can only go so far. Does he not know that a large amount of shoppers in an outlet mall are not locals, but instead from outside the county, who will drive in and spend their money not only at this outlet mall but at other locations as well.

I was the guy that whined about Chelsea Clintons $600k a year salary a few weeks ago. I see she now receives a $75k fee for a SINGLE speech! And, of course, she doesn’t “get paid any of that $75k fee” because it goes directly to the Clinton Foundation. That’s right – I said the Clinton foundation – I kid you not! Just remember kiddies, if you’re dirt poor, don’t blame yourself, blame your parents for having the wrong last name!

And GOD said ‘let their be light’ and there was light! ‘There’s my pencil! I didn’t mean to make the platypus! That thing looks horrible!’

Your dimwit “Insider” article which laments the loss of our RiverHawks hockey team to Macon, in a false way by stating it as if only 300 fans would miss the team being here is uninformed, and lacking in facts. First, the reason is because of the lamebrain coliseum committee and the Global Spectrum dummies, who ruined the ice system, and then refused to repair it. Second, the team was gaining in attendance, and was just under 2,000 a game, not 300. I went to every game, and the lowest I ever saw was 1,500. Your “Insider” is an anonymous dumbass.