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After perusing the photos of James Stachowiak holding his weapon on Wrightsboro Road, seeing postings on his extremist website and noting his erroneous defamatory posting of an individual from California, it is evident that he is an equal danger to the freedom of the United States. This guy needs to be watched!

The Boyscouts are ending the ban on homosexual scout leaders. The Scouts may as well end the ban because they have always had gay leaders in the ranks. And yes, they have been abusing the troops! And, do you think the abuse will stop or increase now that the ban has been dropped? Everyone knows the answer but it is not politically acceptable to state.

Why doesn’t the Whine Line print all of the comment’s sent in? Are you controlled by Obama or ISIS?

There seems to be a parallel of increased police abuse to increased police presence and higher security. So it is apparent that as we continue to ask for more police and security, we will have more abuse by the police. You are getting the police state that you ask for.

That Indoor Football game at the Convocation center saturday night was horrid. I am an avid Arena Football lover and the field look cheap and not sturdy at all. The sides had pads duct taped to plastic fences. Their weren’t any nets or field goal posts on either side. The jerseys that our CSRA Gladiators were wearing look like recreation dept quality and didn’t look good at all. We had an injury that happened towards the end of the game and our team didn’t even kneel on a knee but the other team did. That goes to the coaching staff. Ownership also didn’t advertise very well I mean 400-500 show up to the game, can’t even fill that tiny center and you wanted to do games at the James Brown Arena originally. Really?

Just asking? If the CSRA had another radio talk host that knew our area, college educated, followed our politics and law officers and could give unbiased news without profanity would support this person. Really tired of Queen Austin

The truth spoken by Trump continues to be unacceptable by the gullible public. McCain did place 894th in a class of 899. He barely passed flight school. And then he crashed two airplanes and damaged a third. He continued to be viewed as a “Hotdogger” by other pilots and he may have caused himself to be shot down by not following proper evasive actions. The truth hurts but must be faced!

I continue to hear from the numerous Conservative Republican hopeful hacks, that have been in our congressional congress for these few years, say that Donald Trump is “not very tactful, not diplomatic, loose with his words”. If I am correct I do recall the Son of the most high, AKA Jesus, “the Prince of Peace” didn’t have any trouble calling a Spade a Spade”, stepping on toes, and hurting the feelings of those who contradicted the laws of God. In my opinion, maybe as a country we need to have our complacent, spoiled, feelings hurt. We have grown fearful of telling the facts and the truth, and in the meantime, we can continue to watch the country turn into the verses of Revelation ,But don’t worry, Conservatism must mean that we cower to the powers that be!

I wish I understood why I can choose to drink myself into oblivion on a daily basis, and act out, drool and vomit my words in front of my children, if I so decided, but I cannot choose to smoke a joint, which basically just makes me smile a little bigger, because I would be condemned as a parent and possibly arrested. The most harmful is legal and socially acceptable, and wine worship and beer crafting is glorified. This just makes no sense at all.

If you are going to superimpose someone’s head on a different body, it is a good idea not to use the original photo on the opposite page. Like you did with Jim Bartley. I know you guys are struggling, you can borrow my fancy digital camera next time if you need to.

Time to clean house on the 2nd floor of Ronald Reagan drive.

So, I walked into the Richmond County Tax Assessor’s Office the other day to check on some property of mine, and I couldn’t believe the hateful speech I heard coming from one of the front desk clerks. These are the kinds of people that are paid to be public servants?