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After yet another tragic campus shooting, a reminder that the Second Amendment is not the Eleventh Commandment.

Jenny is Wright: Consistently offering the reader refreshing articles, ones that encourage the reader to take pause. Life is painfully chaotic at times and rarely affords us the necessary time to consider what is important. Or better, what is trivial. The article, “Be Patient, Patient,” Is a perspective hardly taken and often missed. Life is tragically short- time wasted goes by the fastest. Thanks Jenny, my next glass of wine, is to you! Cheers.

I was watching CNN tonight and some talking head was showing tweets he’d received. One said “Blaming gun-free zones for gun violence is like blaming drug-free zones for drug abuse.” “Point well taken” was his comment. Point well taken only if you don’t think about it, bonehead. If you think about it, it not only doesn’t make sense, it’s stupid. Some 30 years ago I remember hearing Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, saying “Gun control is too important to be objective about.” But I guess it’s OK to be stupid, right @smerconish?

You can Recycle glass bottles at Julian Smith BBQ Pit at Lake Olmstead Park.

Saw Ben Folds with the Augusta Symphony last night. The Symphony was great. Ben Folds is a pretentious Billy Joel wants be. Simplistic lyrics with over Blown arrangements.

At the time this Republic was birthed, the population (which at the time counted only white males) approximated three million. From those three million came: Jefferson, Washington, the Adams, Franklin, Monroe, Paine, Madison and any number of other articulate visionaries who thought of the future and were not afraid to challenge the greatest power then existent. Today, with a total population more than one hundred times larger we see as candidates for the Republican nomination: Trump, Fiorina, Huckabee, Rubio and assorted other ideologues apparently unable to think of the future, willing to lie and scheme without hesitation as required by their donors and afraid to challenge in any way the right wing conservative base. How sad, how pathetic. And how unpromising for the future of this great country.

Complain all you want! We are all a part of this holy war now! Whether you are a believer or not so….Take Your Stand!

Didn’t know that Miranda Lambert was a rocker now. James Brown Arena needs to go!!

Rest in Peace to those who died in last week’s horrific the mass shootings in Oregon. I wonder what school or college is next. Because of Corporate greed, racism, and corrupt leaders, young Americans of all colors have no chance of a humane future in America. They all are becoming low wage earners, unemployed, hungry, sick, frustrated, homeless, drug addicts, sex-slaves, or corporate slaves. The lucky ones are those who flee the nation. Especially Canada and even Mexico seem to benefit from our vibrant, energetic, well educated young American refugees. The rest become so frustrated and hopeless, they turn into violent suicidal killers whose heinous crimes sometimes come on as breaking News. With yet another school mass murderous shooting in Oregon last week, America is definitely in self-destruction overdrive. Let’s face it, the nation is cursed and we all know exactly why.

While the news concentrated on other things, the Republican lead congress eliminated the prohibition on shipping U.S. oil overseas. How can this do anything but hurt the average American and help Big Oil and China. But high gas prices to the Republicans are payback for the money they receive from Big Oil, an excuse for the Keystone pipeline, will help them in the upcoming election, and feeds into the rightwing myth that the only reason that gas prices are high is because the liberal EPA won’t allow the oil companies to build more refineries. They can’t seem to pass a budget but they have no problem screwing hard working Americans.

My husband and I attended the ceremony this past Saturday when local Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution chapters unveiled a beautiful new grave market in the Daniel Marshall family cemetery in Columbia County. Daniel Marshall and his sons Abraham, John, Zacchaeus, Levi and Joseph fought in the Revolutionary War as did a number of early Columbia County heroes. To see so many people standing in the rain with heads bowed as musket volleys were fired and Taps was played in their honor was a very moving experience.

October and the Pink is on. But please remember what Komen doesn’t say…..the number one cancer KILLER of women is lung cancer (including a fair number of non-smokers) And that the LEADING cause of death for women is HEART disease. I think by now the American public is hyperaware of breast cancer, and the NFL should go back to wearing their regular shoes.

Why is the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce always in favor of increased taxes? Glad I dropped my membership and I would encourage others to do the same. My membership dues just about cover my SPLOST and TSPLOST costs.

Mayor Davis, I’m totally disappointed in you dude. I know you’re not stupid, being an engineer by trade and Ga Tech grad. The people working for you are lazy, stupid and incompetent. If you don’t clean house now, your political career is over.

Everyone who criticized Hardy Davis for delivering a plagiarized speech has plagiarized with their mouth on a daily basis. Hypocrites!

Atheist say Christians are foolish because they worship a pretend God. Yet, Atheist worship males who pretend to be females and females who pretend to be males.

When we were ready to admit that cigarettes directly caused the deaths of millions of innocent people, a major campaign was launched and laws were passed to limit advertising! Our government then levied heavy taxes on their purchases. Guns should go the way of the cigarette. Gun collectors don’t need the bullets to own a beautiful collection to display. So tax the hell out of bullets and get them outside the price point of most people. Am I saying guns should only be for the rich? No! But how often do rich people go around on shooting sprees? BTB (Ban the Bullets) Alright Congress wake up now and get on with it!

Is that really the best photo you have of Austin Rhodes to run next to his column? It makes him look demonic. Like he is plotting something nefarious. Certainly you have something more flattering. The demon photo is even worse than the lesbian-looking photo y’all ran of him for years.

Just curious, if Augusta does get a new film office, what will be the first movie they bring to Augusta for production? A remake of The Fly perhaps?

I hear so many people talk about how unjust the law enforcement community is. You people who live on the protected side of life have no clue of the dysfunction that is a daily chore that we often unwillingly take home to our families, yet we are treated like we are a disgrace. Has your home been broken into? Are you bothered by being flicked a bird, and assaulted as you drive home? Why? all because you wear a uniform for trying to earn a living to support your family. I hate getting up early, I hate following a chain of command, I hate feeling guilty of trying to live a life that is always on camera, and being observed by those who are doing their job. but hey, your possessions are safe and those crack and meth-heads haven’t robbed you blind. Why not focus on the good we do, and stop playing the victim because we did our job, pulling you over if you were weaving on the road, or you battering your wife and children. I guess we are the ones who are wrong. “why cant we all just get along”? (of course by the standards you deem as acceptable). To Hell with us we are feeling-less, emotion-less people who love to pick on the innocent criminal community.

Going through a divorce and ended up a homeless guy, with plenty money. Trying to rent an apartment and oh my God. These places have applications that request everything to birthdays of my parents, bank account info, credit-card info and stop short from asking for a DNA sample. And this is for an apartment in a known drug area. Maybe I should just leave the City all together.

Hey what happened to ‘no name calling?’ Civility is dead! It died when we started substituting a opinion on a page written by a elderly grandma who may have gone to school with your parents with blood filled accusations of hatred for someone you failed to understand. I beg you to read it again…and oh by the way my mom and dad were married for three long years before they had me bud…..

In 1996, almost all special purpose local option sales tax money was to go to stormwater and drainage issues. It did not happen. The Augusta Commission can not be trusted to spend our tax money wisely and in the case of a SPLOST can not be trusted to spend it as they promised.