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To all of you who slept through that day in high school English class: if you count them, it’s fewer; if you measure it, it’s less

A week after the Orlando shootings, Republican senators vote to protect Terrorists right to purchase assault rifles.

For 17 years I contributed to whineline. Even the 8 years that I moved to Europe I kept following and sending in whines. For the last 3 months my whines have not been posted. Well its been fun, but fun no more. Rest In Peace metrospirit.

Why on earth does the brain trust at Ga. DOT think it’s a good idea to work on Riverwatch and the Calhoun Expressway at the same time? Why not go ahead and repave Walton Way while you’re at it, and make everyone get to west Augusta via Martintown Road!

I am spreading the message about what a Left-Wing-Nut, Democrat paper you hypocrites are publishing. All the anti-gun articles in last Thursday’s edition, yet, there was a full page ad from [name redacted]. You folks sell your souls for a few dollars!!!! You are Democrats and are anti-gun because Democrats commit most murders with guns.

Me Tarzan (I mean trump) you Jane, me want your vote, need big help to make better America Great again ……. Me use adverbs to reach voters on 4th grade level ….. Me no give details on how we make great … Deals, Win, Big, great …Me sound like “hope and change” …. Me have tiger blood like Charlie Sheen …me fool you by giving hope No change

Recent Whine Lines were quite lengthy – 20 and 24 lines long! That is ridiculous! If you can’t get your point across in a shorter whine, it shouldn’t be included. (Also takes up too much of the Whine Line column!) Three or four sentences are enough!!

My friends say they need guns to protect their family. How does that work? Your wife is at her job, the little one at school, the teen went to the mall, you are at work, and your gun is hiddden in the car. When you get that dreaded phone call “daddy help, he’s walking my way” and you are 27 minutes driving away. When you boycotted Obama, you was signing your family’s death certificates.

Columbia County’s lack of an enforced tree ordinance should prompt citizens to unite and be the “watch dogs of their community.” Somebody ought to be nipping at the heals of crooked politicians! Tree huggers unite!

Its probably just a coincidence that [name redacted] Church in Evans has not lowered their American flag to half staff, after the tragedy in Orlando, like almost every flag flying in the United States. Every flag I have seen in the Augusta area has been lowered. This is the same church that kicked out a boy scout troop after the Boy Scouts of America quit discriminating against gay members.

what makes the world a beautiful place is that we have all types of races, creeds and ethnic groups. Harmony exists as long as one group doesn’t try to dominate another. Is it wrong to require balance and proportion with our immigration policy? Is it bigoted to preserve your culture, identity and have secure borders? Would Saudi Arabia or Mexico accept millions of immigrants into their countries? Of course not.

Who at the Metro Spirit newspaper “decides” on what whine’s to print?

Donald Trump should change his slogan to “Make America Hate Again”

I see smiley Sean Frantom wants to remove the west Augusta members from boards commissions and authorities. Good job commissioner. Let the Ben Hassan and Marion Williams run everything. I am sure the will represent west Augusta. Like they do now.

The NRA says everybody has the right to buy assault rifles, regardless if you belong to a terror organisation, and have been arrested by the FBI. As long as you are not a convicted fellon, you are free to buy military style assault weapons. Money talks, BS walks. We condemned Obama, who did not take any away, but allowed record breaking numbers of gun ownership under his watch. People get offended when I say ” America is doomed “. This is not hatred for America. This is sciene. We perish like fools.

Concerning church mission trips/vacations to foreign countries. Whats the matter. Too good to help American kids? Clean up your own back yard before worrying about the children of the world.

It amazes me how The Marshall Square tragedy has just been swept under the rug. How is it no one has gone to jail or at the very least fired over this debacle? Oh that’s right, this one of the most politically corrupt parts if the world so I doubt there will every be justice for the Marshall Square fire victims.

Isn’t it time all of you people running for office to take your tacky ass signs down? Oh I know, you’ll have Hardy to get the prisoner’s take them down

For the first time in U.S. history we have a woman nominee for president from a major political party. That’s a big deal. Too bad she had to be a crooked lawyer.