The Whine Line

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How can anything be political and still be correct?

Josh Duggar molested his own sisters, is into porn and cheated on his wife but it’s the gays that are a threat to traditional marriage. Yeah, right.

Why does a certain colunbia county cemetery have a special hi-rise sign and billboard overlay? How perverted is that at a war memorial site?

Send a million dollars in taxes to Washington. $800,000 keeps bureaucratic butts behind desks. $200,00 comes back to Augusta to add an unnecessary extension to a turning/acceleration lane on Fury’s Ferry between Riverwatch and Prattwood. What were you thinking DOT?

Time after time Columbia county subdivisions are not built according to zoning standards and/or county regulations. Be careful about buying this cheap crap that would cost 4 times the asking price here if it were built like homes are in the northeast. The south lax building standards are indicative that you get what you pay for. In Columbia county you are probably buying a home on drained wetlands or an inert burial pit thanks to incompetent engineering and inspections.

American Ninja warrior Dustin McKinney is going to Vegas! Go Dustin!!!

The goverment is wasting more money. Now all around the country time and money is being spent to see if emails are on Ashley Madison site. This is a total waste of time. The set-up could be by anyone, not verifiable and the whole “affair” is not worth the effort.

Dog dies in car, Oh boy, more laws in the wings. What a shame a dog died. The guy was sentenced and a local Vet wants no one to be able to leave a dog in a car. Well KMA! This same Vet let my dog die on the table during a fix of a neutering that he screwed up, then shuffled me and the corpse out the back door to avoid his waiting room seeing the results of his work. Typical two face! Leave it alone, no more laws!

Donald Trump’s main concern seems to be building a 20 foot wall at the U.S./Mexico border. I’m more concerned with our national debt, bloated military budget, unemployment and under-employment, wealth inequality, crumbling infrastructure, and, on and on. But I do have some 21 foot ladders for sale – just in case you’re interested!

The saddest song we sing is the one that holds back another…civilization creeps along with the speed of a slug compared to how far ahead we should be. Why is that? Cause there’s a limit on how much weight a human back can take. While we break each other’s scrambling to reach the top, we never think that networking together might yield advancement for us all. We remain coldly, out for ourselves, oblivious to the worth in every human being we been blessed to come in contact with.

If the Augusta Commission members have spent their entire travel budget by mid-year and are complaining about not being able to take any more junkets out of town, why should we vote to give they another $ 216 million dollar SPLOST?

I am all for hiring the handicapped, it should always be a priority. However, in the case of the sprinkler systems on Central Avenue and Comfort Road, hiring a sighted person would be a great improvement. Or we could call it a free car wash.

So with the need for splost, officers working overtime, and turnover being out the roof that Cracker Jack box degree sheriff and his henchman turn down a perfectly good retired veteran volunteer officer ? But you need money & you need officers…ok. One scandal after another in beautiful Augusta. I use to think the smell was the dog food plant & papermill but it’s apparent now it’s our elected officials. Gotta move quick

The site of the masters is cold and unattractive. Whether you’re on Washington or Berckmans it looks like a really big bush! We need to borrow Edward Scissorhands! I guess if you only pay your property taxes, shop locally and spend your hard earned dollars here in Augusta but don’t own a pass you just have to live with the ugliness….

Marion Williams – get rid of those tacky bow ties that went out forty years ago!

Yes i do, our club cleaned up trash you people have left on our waterways, please stop , carry a garbage bag!~ and Richmond County Rec, dept you wanted Lake Olmsted, ,you have let the grass over take the concrete landing and some one has removed half of the dock:( you wanted it clean it up, use convict labor if you must, we did for the Georgia Games way back, where are you spending the tax dollars you collect, have you not noticed the number of kayaker’ and canoeist, it is mind blowing so Rec dept do what you get paid to do……..