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Saint Ronnie Raygun got one thing right: We establish no religion in this country, we command no worship, we mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and state are, and must remain, separate.

Why did someone assume that Billy Morris and his daily paper would be objective? Why be surprised about ROAR and other Billy-stances?

I’d like to thank the person who sent the information about Columbus McNeal or as I use to call him, ‘The Twirly Man on Walton Way’. I had to Google the term ‘Zoot Suit’ but when I did, I was able to clearly picture him standing on the corner, swinging his chain while he angled his body in a perfect diagonal line from side to side to show off his cool moves. ‘Flashy dresser and true local character’ indeed! You filled in several missing details and for that I am very grateful. I’d also like to thank the Metro Spirit for posting my question. Lastly, I’d like to make a comment to your readers and grumpy whiners. Mr. McNeal was so filled with joy that strangers remember him 40 years after his death – that speaks volumes. Strangers search for his information and his name is showing back up in the paper after all these years. I was in elementary school and although he waved to me many times, I never had the opportunity meet him, yet decades later he still brings me joy when I think of him. How do you want to be remembered? Is this armchair warrior negativity helping us or hurting us? There are so many problems in this world, in every city, in every family and in every person – do you really think throwing fuel on the fire is working? Do we have the power to overcome what we are becoming? Can we remember how to enjoy living in-joy? Mr. McNeal did and I remember him… fondly.

Augusta we need to do something with the majority of our people. They are falling behind on all fronts and civilization. Why cant we lead the Nation with something we know is an epidemic ? We are surrounded and live in a culture of fear, danger, distrust, anger, drugs, homelessness, racism, ignorance, corrupt officials and Pastors, hatred, selfishness, sexual predators, greed, mental-cases, cold-blooded neighbors and drunk drivers. We have installed surveillance cameras, authorized the police to randomly kill, bought record numbers of guns, gated communities, networks of neighborhood watches, alarm systems, deathly schools, super-prisons and a censored media that keeps us brainwashed and blinded to reality. None of which has made our daily lives any more comfortable or safe.

I sure hope that the Furgeson decision riots don’t make it to my neighborhood because I will totally defend mine and my neighbors property, at any cost.

Yes, your stereo is loud. But, my kids don’t need to hear the profinity, and especially the n word which we are not allowed to use. Who do you turn it up lowder at the red lights? To show off? Not necessary. I know what you are.

So the daily paper has someone making it harder to sell their papers? Their prices already do that! Not to mention their lies, lies, lies. It’s part rag so that you can’t tell what’s the real truth unless you look elsewhere. That’s why I say sometimes this great Metro Spirit really needs to move up to being a daily or at least twice a week, please!

Just so you know….NO ONE looks at you guys who wear your pants down past your butt and thinks, “Now there goes an intelligent man”.

I have to agree (for once) with Austin: that Georgia still is made up of Candy Apple RED (NECKS). You rednecks vote for whoever allows you to have and keep more guns, plans more military spending and for whoever wants to increase the military budget. Why vote for the peace minded people who got us out of Iraq, killed Osama bin ladin and helped dig us out of the huge hole Bush got us into when you can vote against your own interest and the well being of our country? Hey I hear the KKK is looking for new members, you’d all might as well join them. That way no one will see your rednecks for the clown hoods you’ll be wearing. (I know you won’t publish this but it made me feel better to write, anyway)

No no Metro Spirit…Thank YOU for reading US…..

TWO galleries closing on the same busy Broad Street block. Says a lot about how much Austans value art.

Tensions rose and my nerves vibrate as finally the Metrospirit posted online. I had put my hearth and soul into a whine and was looking forward to seeing it, shared with the world. I started reading, uhmm, where is it ? It wasn’t the first one so I skipped, promising to come back and read that later. It wasn’t the second, third or fourth whine either. I started to get mad, how dare they not post my whine. It was cute and cuddly. The filth whine wasn’t mine either. Now I’m pissed. I hate the Metrospirit with every bone in my body and I will never ever read it again. Then…Oh my GOD ! There it was…MY WHINE ! Look at you, thought provoking, charming, cute, cuddly with only one typo. As a tear rolls down my cheek, sorry excuse me, I’m so emotional right now. I love the Metrosprit, how dare people talk bad about it, I will read it till the day I die !

The thing is, there is tons of evidence of evolution. There’s fossils, biological studies, DNA proof, anatomy proof and decades of observations of it in action in nature (all easily found with the same internet used to submit to the Whine Line). But no amount of evidence will ever satisfy some people because they have chosen not to believe. Yet at the same time, they want us to accept their strange and mystical stories without a shred of evidence. Cognitive dissonance much?

Well, Ferguson Missouri is boarding up in preparation for the Grand Jury’s decision on the Michael Brown shooting. Ain’t it a shame that such preparation must be made for the riots that are sure to follow the guilty verdict. If this Cop is charged white folk will go Helter Smelter. They will vandalize, loot and rob like uncivilized animals. They will destroy and burn their own neighborhoods and local businesses. They Will kill innocent victims, and call it justice. Stupid, worthless White folk.

You people in Richmond County are fighting a losing battle. If the Augusta Commissioners want to impose a rain tax, you can’t stop it with the new Commissioner coming on board in January. With 6 votes, they can take every dime out of District 7 if they choose to.

This is for the two women (Hussies) sitting in the parking lot at Kroger’s at 1:30 PM, 19 November. I saw you get in your car and leave the shopping cart sitting in the middle of two parking spaces, when I pulled in to park. I got out of my vehicle, returned the shopping cart to where it belonged, got in my vehicle and parked. When I got out at looked at you, you were sitting in that thing (you call a car), smoking a cigarette and shooting the BS. When I came out of Kroger’s the first thing I noticed, was my driver’s side door was keyed. (Guess you got the point about the shopping cart?). That’s the good news, the BAD NEWS is my vehicle has a camera installed (360 degrees around), and I have your tag number. I went back in Kroger’s and got a video of their parking lot, which shows everything. Remember the movie where Arnold said “I’LL BE BACK”? It won’t be long.

…Be careful who you call friend the truly selfish ones will let you live your life until you kill yourself….

To the female at Ross/TJ Maxx Sunday evening who clearly thought her vagina gave her super powers to the point that stalking a couple through two stores in an attempt to hit on my fiancé, how pathetic you are. My fiancé was flustered by your blatant boldness and came really close to crushing your fragile sense of self. Maybe this is why you are single. You are not to be trusted are you? You encountered my beautiful blonde self and I gave you a wink and then the “I pity you giggle” we women give as we passed on the isle. Get it together lady, get in church. Some folks still maintain commitments and frown upon whores, loose women, trifling humans such as yourself. Better luck next time.

The Vatican condemns a terminally ill young woman who ended her life her way rather than dying horribly. David Peel was right. The Pope smokes dope. ( and so do the rest of his self-rightious pontificating hierarchy!!).

Thursday nov20th at 11pm on nbc26 did a story about dr john barge the state
school superintendent visiting stallings island middle school. Everything seems
Normal except he arrived by helicopter ( they had film footage)!!!!! This man is the same “public servant” Whom has been in the spotlight for irregular automobile reimbursements, in the recent past! Why is he hoping around on a helicopter ????? How about it Austin Rhodes Does this sound kosher to you?? I am sick of these politicians living like royalty On the taxpayers back. Since when does a state school superintendent get That level of treatment????

So at what point do I realize I may have desired and consented to have sex? Was it AFTER accepting a PILL AND WINE from this famous and exciting Celebrity? (Gold Digger) Who does that and doesn’t expect to wear their undies as a hat? (Gold Digger) Or the fact that I scurried up to HIS PRIVATE QUARTERS (immediately upon invitation) to have drinks with this rich hot entertainer in the first place. (Gold Digger) What? Like meeting for drinks in a PUBLIC PLACE I guess was out of the question.. Well….then come to think about it….that darn interracial dating issue back then put a kibosh on the whole….hey Networks and Sponsors! Maybe it not the consent factor that’s the issue? Maybe it’s the fact that he had the balls to …..well you know…