The Whine Line

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I seldom read long whines. If your gripe doesn’t catch my attention in the first sentence, I’m on to the next one. Just saying.

Thank the Lord for the internet and Facebook! A few short years ago I would be branded “unemployed”. But now I’m a business owner! Don’t believe me? Check out my page! If I could only afford business cards I’d have it made jack!

Yes, a holiday is appropriate appreciation for someone, especially for the greatest civil rights leader of all time. And for MLK holiday, a lot of people actually do work it as a day of service at some organization. The whiner should try that or just to enjoy a day off work.

I just moved here and I am honestly trying to figure this out. Are lines on the road just drawings for decoration or for people to actually follow? Please answer me.

The new RCSO recruitment video should start with a student asking how does your daddy afford to support your family. Until they pay officers decent you will continue to lose good seasoned officers. Until the man at the top makes sure his officers get a good raise they deserve instead of his overwhelming off the bat raise officers will continue to leave. Ask any officer not part of Trees entourage in secrecy what they think and what about the turnover rate and you’ll get real answers.

I’m simply curious; why does this periodical need the 900# ads? It would seem to me that you have plenty of ads to cover the cost of your weekly press runs.

Merle Haggard was amazing!!! Keep bringing great acts and we’ll keep showing up!! (I promise).

To the whiner who wonders: ‘since when did obesity become sexy?’ Perhaps a whole lotta someone isn’t exactly your idea of a dream, bub, but some folks don’t exactly find the emaciated, stick-thin heroin-chic look a big turn-on, either. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that, remember? D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y. Isn’t that the buzzword of this modern era?

Has anyone noticed the little silly giggle that Austin Rhodes has picked up after practically everything he says.

Question? Are ALL Republicans Rich? Or are they just easily distracted into thinking so?

Since we are gonna stop anyone from getting anywhere with all the construction and detours on the south side lets go ahead and make old waynesboro four lanes since it’s turned into Washington rd just with longer backed up traffic and no red lights.

Wow. How fat is too fat around here? Just ‘push back’ from the table already.

If they don’t put something by Gander Mountain soon it’s going to shut down to just like half the stores in the regency I mean Augusta mall

We are not celebrating Martin Luther King by not working. We stop laboring for one day, to take moments to reflect on what he did, why, where we are and what we still need to improve upon. MLK has opened doors not only for Blacks but also for Whites especially poor Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners, Native Americans and Women, the workforce, Labor Unions, the Justice system and our way of life, not only in America but worldwide. America would not be the great Nation that it is if it wasn’t for all these different groups of people working together. If only we could get everybody to get over themselves and join those who Unite, because in a time of the most complicated wars we face, home and abroad, divided we will fall.

Potholes Potholes everywhere are potholes in Augusta,ga

A big Rave for Austin Rhodes for finally putting Brad Owens in his place on his show today. Brad thinks he can call in and just take over the program. Austin usually lets him go on and on for far too long and even keeps him on after breaks, but today Austin finally told him to shut up. If Brad wants to monopolize the afternoon airwaves he ought to get his own show. He fancies himself to be far more important than he actually is.

It just seems like Sean Frantom wants to be elected to anything just so he will have another bullet point on his resume’. He reminds me of the kids in high school who joined every club and ran for every school office so they would have something impressive to put on their college applications. I think that is what his candidacy is more about than representing the people of West Augusta. In fact I have never once seen him attend a West Augusta Alliance meeting or be much involved with anything in District 7. He ought to move into one of those hipster lofts downtown and run for office there since that’s the area of town he really wants to represent.

Note to Christians: “Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I sincerely believe that some of you never learned to read. If you had, you would notice and comprehend the message on your handicapped placard that says to remove it before driving. It’s quite a self inflicted insult to leave it hanging proudly from your mirror, considering the erratic manner in which you drive your people movers, which leads us to believe that your handicap is more mental than physical. Who knows, maybe you are proud of this.

why the hell do all these people selling stuff on facebook NEED IT GONE?
always the soft sell then NEED IT GONE TODAY. scares me. is it going to eat them or something? i don’t want it if that’s the case.

So Austin thinks ISIS, or ISIL, depending on your preference, will come for my progressive/liberal/leftist-thinking behind first and foremost over individuals of his own narrow minded ilk? Islamic terrorists would be more than overjoyed to lop the heads off all old men who think they own the right to legislate against a woman’s right to make her own reproductive decisions, as well. It is ridiculous to spout that baseless opinion that terrorists will choose their victims based on American political ideology. Is it just me, or does anyone see the similarities between terrorists ideological view of women and that of the Repugnicans?

Only in Augusta is there road work during the day. Like seriously I’m trying to go home to watch Netflix. STOP making our roads better!

Re: the article about Columbia County commissioners demanding free tickets to distribute to “prominent citizens.” Chairman Ron Cross said that he was asking for the contractual provision in order to provide these tickets to “prominent people in the community.” Listen, if they’re so prominent, they can afford to buy their own damn tickets – because I don’t know any poor people who are “prominent” in Columbia County. No, this is one well-off, entitled a-hole asking for free crap for other well-off, entitled a-holes. Not that there’s a shortage of those in this county. Right-size your egos!

Hey Roundtree there’s just a random Tuesday coming up why not throw another block party in the hood to promote yourself. Maybe you’ll get another raise out of it while your officers still don’t.