The Whine Line

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I wish John Lynn would get some manners and stop talking over Mary Morrison every morning. Let her finish a dark sentence.

Ron Cross loves to brag about Don Trump and the evils of trangendered people in his “water bill newspaper” but can’t install a proper traffic light at what is the nightmare intersection of Chamblin and William “not so Few cars” Parkway.

The latest news about Trump should be of no surprise. He likes golden things.

Be careful on Columbia Rd, they have changed the speed limit yet again from 55 back to 45 once you cross over Belair. Why I do not know because it is all open road, but they are waiting to pull you over so be aware of this ridiculous change back.

Why won’t your news report about the pork barrel MOX project? Maybe Trump can stop the waste of Billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

I thought the people of Augusta were upset about the raw sewage that was dumped in parts of the city, so why have they extended the Austin Rhodes show another hour? We’re tired of all his crap, too.

What do millennials want? CLEAN WATER AND AIR by remembering what you do to earth, is what you’re going to eat, drink and breath every time you buy a gemstone that used oil and now is everywhere.

Dear corporate overlords, if you think that you saving money by outsourcing your customer service overseas Then think again! I am taking my business away…to a company that doesn’t Put me in a tele-phonetic circular mind game loop that ends with a person who can’t help me and is struggling to speak The Kings English. Hahahha kiss my cash goodbye!!!!

Say what? Those clowns on the Augusta Commission want North Augusta taxpayers to pay for half of their scheme to build a walking bridge into North Augusta. That’s what we want: Another way for that violence to creep into our city.

I am still laughing over the news that ‘King Hardie’ is one of the most influential Georgians. Honestly sad…. if this is where we are in today’s world.

I too have experienced the wrath of the Farting Bandit at local movie theaters. I believe this is some kind of prank he is pulling and is using a fart machine. Notice how he always farts at dramatic or climactic moments of the film. Another guy is always with him and they always giggle after each fart. I have alerted the managers at two local theaters of this farting menace and how they are ruining people’s movies.

Why is the Augusta Commission afraid to audit the Hyde Park project and Laney-Walker redevelopment effort?

For the new County Marshall. Can I come and talk with you without an appointment, with a 5 year old problem that the previous Marshall said he didn’t have the manpower or time to handle my situation?

When will Commissioner Ron Cross realize he has overstayed his welcome in our county. Way too comfy and WAY TOO MOUTHY!

When corporations stuck themselves into the Trucking Industrie, they started regulating it to their bennefit. 1000’s of old timer experienced truckers quit, and continue to quit that field. The corporations started flooding the industrie with new inexperienced drivers, starting them off with thousands dollars in school/loan debt for their CDL. At the same time lowering pay. Truck companies are now revolving doors, in and out of inexperienced drivers, while damaging driving records. Drivers are not respected. As long as new drivers walk in, the corporation makes money. As the selfdestructing of America continues.

I wonder whether Austin Rhodes is still giggling over the repeal of the ACA but without a replacement for the next year or two or more. Good to notice steadfast ideologues beginning to squirm over breaking the china. Democrats would be wise to avoid giving any level of support

So I decided to take a trip over the weekend to the hipster Utopia that is supposedly downtown Augusta. What would I find? A new Portland? Williamsburg Brooklyn? Seattle? Nope. Instead I saw the same sad scene as usual. Blocks of boarded up building. Bums hanging out on the corners. Tacky clothing stores caught in a 1970s time warp. The elephant’s graveyard of strip clubs. Several nasty dive bars. I guess the closest thing to a hipsters paradise was the coffee house where I saw a hippy burn out wearing a Grateful Dead shirt that appeared to have never been washed or taken off since the late 60s. If this is supposed to be downtown’s salvation, then I think it is time to pul the plug.

The media is NOT delegitimizing the Trump and Pence administration. trumP delegitimizes his presidency with his attacks on handicapped people, Hispanic people, our election system, our intelligence community, our NATO friends, and anyone that disagrees with him. Pence and the republican leaders won’t stand up to this tyrant and are no better.