The Whine Line

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We are in a drought, with forest fires burning out of control in huge areas of GA, SC and NC.  So there has been a ban on leaf and wood burning, for the sake of safety and air quality.  But some people are defying the ban and burning their debris anyway, in and around the Hill area.  To those who want to burn: if you do not care about your own well being, can you please have mercy on your neighbors with asthma and other breathing problems?  A little consideration goes a long, long way in helping us get along with each other in our community.  And it is good to obey the laws of the land, even when they are seldom enforced and somewhat inconvenient personally.  Please do not burn things outdoors or in fireplaces.  After all, the weather is well over 60 degrees most of the daylight hours.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

I wish Ch. 12 would hire an engineer capable of maintaining a broadcast signal.  Perhaps the Federal Communications Commission can provide some encouragement.

Tell the Augusta-Richmond council they suck for undercutting small business folks by requiring flea market vendors to purchase business licenses. The whole purpose of people getting booths at the flea market is because they don’t often make enough to warrant buying licenses, and they are happy to do their vending in the open air on weekends only. The council’s short-sighted ass-hattery is likely to rid augusta of one of the most traditional forms of commercial exchange, and a source of livelihood and enjoyment to many. Wonder what is in it for council members to make them want to force the flea markets out of business?

The majority of Augusta commissioners’ enmity toward white people is unmistakably demonstrated every time they open their mouths.

I’m a Veteran (yes Vietnam, three tours), and I tried to help a black Vet get a free turkey, at the James Brown give-a-way, but he was told, since he was receiving benefit’s from the government, he did not qualify.  I bet JB was rolling over in his grave. I took this VET to Kroger and bought, not one, but three turkey’s.  Wake the hell up Augusta!  Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been a year since the great experiment called the “Augusta Film Office” hung out their shingle, promising at least six movies were definitely going to be filmed here. At last count, there was a made-for-TV movie last winter and a feature that hasn’t shown anywhere yet. Barry White and The Fly swore earlier this year they were working together to bring some films in. All we’ve seen is that they own the old Krispie Kreme building and not much else. A few weeks ago, when the Spirit wrote about the Regency Mall, there was mention of a studio. Are the film office and the CVB involved in that or is it just more bull?

Great you voted. You bought a ticket for a ride, maybe its the one you wanted maybe not. Either way its gonna crash….  Don’t you realize none of what you did Nov. 8  mattered.  It’s all been pre determined….. Always has, always will. As Americans we are the grand experiment that has failed. Be smart….. Rise above….. Don’t swallow the pills they feed us to allow change un-noticed.