The Whine Line

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Two weeks without the Whine Line? What’s next? Austin stops toting the party line? Ruffin stops writing about boxing? The Whine Line itself is free of typos? What a world!

This is from the OLD MAN in National Hills, who has a good looking yard. I guess it’s because I work in my yard 52 weeks a year and enjoy it. I worked 45 years for the Government (3 years Army and 42 years Civil Service), and don’t want to be bored and die. Have a Blessed day! GOD loves you.

I would be more than happy to buy the guy doing all the Beasley Broadcasting radio commercials some nasal spray. And for the love if god someone please get the women from Rhineharts deviated septum surgery. She sounds like she has cotton balls up her nose.

I think the word Selfie should be banned…… Along with going viral…

Let it be said in all caps: I HATE MASTERS WEEK. I’m not overly impressed by golf. I despise the pollen. I hate the traffic. I loathe the general atmosphere. I can’t be alone here. Don’t get it twisted. I love this little corner of the world otherwise. PS: I’m not exactly enamored with the little advert-wankathon that the Spirit morphs into, catering to the sponsors and ditching the regular stuff like the Whine Line. I get it. Just not thrilled. I do wish everyone a safe, healthy time and I pray all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled through the exploits of a tiny, dimpled ball being batted about a spectacular garden by men in bad pants.

SO great to see Eric Johnson’s byline back in the paper! With him, Ms. Eidson, and Ms. Christian, you can do no wrong!

why isn’t it ok for people to wear jean shorts at the Augusta National?

There’s a label on paper boxes that state the penalty for stealing a paper is jail and fine. The result when the machine steals your money? Pure profit.

Let’s talk about Dwight Johnson. He just did an interview bragging about how he was Kay Allen’s “right hand man”, that he has been “groomed” for the job by her for 15 years, and he had a “canine loyalty” to her. What’s with all the dog analogies? Is he a dog or a man? And I want to see surveillance tape of him walking around Kroger for 8 hours. Oops, there probably isn’t any, because what kind of idiot would follow those instructions?