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If Helen B is an entrepreneur for the past twenty years as she states, she needs a new profession. And mayor ain’t it.

This is Georgia. Where are all the meat and threes? We may have a couple, but most passing themselves off as southern cooking are cracking cans and adding salt. And if you deep fry a shoe, you get a deep fried shoe. (FYI)

Please someone explain why women post images of themselves looking like…well…complete ho’s, then cover their FB pages with religious gobbledygook. You can’t have it both ways on the interwebs ladies.

I wonder why no investigative reporter at The Spirit has bothered to dig into Helen Blocker-Adams past business relationships with the city when she was hired as an economic development ombudsman. All the taxpayers got was a bunch of feel good “talk sessions.” She was hired to assist businesses with connecting with government resources and the government to help assist businesses get the grants and licenses needed to be successful. At this same time she was holding business seminars and charging admission. isn’t this “double dipping?”

So what is Troy Goebelt’s response to the cover story in this week’s Metro? Does he have a side to the story or is he a guilty dirt bag?

I just finished watching my recording of the channel 6 mayoral debate. I am glad I have a DVD that gave me the ability to stop and remind the dialogue between the candidates.
It gave me the opportunity to carefully review each candidate very closely !
After great deal of pontificating I have come to the conclusion that Richmond county is getting ready to bite off a turd without no teetheezzzzzz!!!!!!!!

Okay so have you counted? I think there are more street lights on Alexander Drive than on the Entire Riverwatch Parkway! Um…think……Masters?

It’s time for downtown Augusta…. well “some” bars in downtown Augusta to wake the hell up. I am tired of going to the same bars and they have the same thing. Time to change it up. If not, then Washington Road/Columbia County will continue to take control of the nightlife scene. Step it up, downtown.

After attending 2 Augusta mayoral forums I have come away with this much: Al Mason is against The SPLOST. Hardie Davis thinks our property taxes are too low and Loves SPLOST. Lori Myles seems to think she is auditioning for a new reality show on Bravo. Cummings must have missed the bus a lot as a kid because that is all that is on his mind. Helen Blocker-Adams want to form more committees to “unite us together.” Here is a clue for Helen. The first committee she ought to form is one to come up with better campaign slogans. Just my 2 cents

So I’m a Christian first off so if anything gets posted I’m lucky. My complaint is why do all these church bill boards have pictures of pastors and their families? When did a church become about them, and why does it need a face to represent it? If God leads me somewhere it will not be based on and should not be based on your billboard and who you are but where I am led and fed. Seems to me tithes are promoting self image and status, but I’m sure it will be justified by scripture twisted to suit their defense.

While it is nice that Jenny Wright and her family bought a puppy, I might remind everyone that the particular area of SC is NOTORIUS for PUPPY MILLS. And the people that run them are rarely animal lovers and just in it for the money. Also, a puppy is only a puppy for a short while -will the dog be loved and cared for when it is old and incontinent? By purchasing a puppy, a dog or puppy at one of the rescue groups or at animal control will not be adopted. A spontaneous purchase of an animal is usually not a good idea.