The Whine Line

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Dee Griffin as fire dept. spokesperson making 51k salary is a travesty! She should be making 85k.

Betcha District Attorney of the Year Ashley Wright isn’t humming “Stand By Your Man” in the shower.

I am all about safety especially when it comes to children but why must there be a bus stop every 10 feet on Hepzibah McBean road ? back when I was in school I had to walk an eighth of a mile to the bus stop so did all the other kids, so we could all be picked up from one location. Cars end up lined up half a mile back every morning and it makes no sense.

Only in Augusta can someone who works for minumus wage at an army surplus store fancy himself to be a big shot political insider and “fixer” who has commissioners on his speed dial and make things “happen” with one phone call. What’s even more amazing that commissioners pay attention to him and elevate him above others as though he is some kind d of “kingmaker”

After some 50 massage parlors are in existence, Columbia County finally has discovered that massage parlor is not listed as a permitted use anywhere in the zoning ordinance. Press please feel free to read all the internal memos addressing this issue going back since 2013 – none of which are attorney-client privileged. Wow, who is managing this house of cards?

To those whining about RW Allen and SPLOST projects. You obviously know nothing about contract bidding. The low or best qualified bidder got the job. McKnight Construction did one expansion at Phinizy Jail, Turner Construction has the Municipal Building, Potts did the Judicial Center, Allen did some of the schools, but did it by having the low bid. If you want to make claims otherwise, put up some real information or accept that you are ignorant of the facts.

Al Gray thinks he is very important person, but all he is a know it all clown. I for one am glad the media doesn’t hang on his every word. Al go back to your hole in Lincoln County. You will not be missed.

August 21, 2014 I submitted Black versus Brown along with six other gripes and snipes to your illustrious Whine Line. The other six made it to the Sept 4th issue… What?….. did you run out of space? Or …no! Could it be? Did I touch on something too harsh for my favorite Pitch and Groan Newspaper? Hey! I’ll stamp my name to it if that’s what it takes to get it in ink. I’m a 55 year old black woman who thinks your papers got good wind. Let her fly! Mother of 3. Grandmother of 7. Married to one of the best men on this ball of dirt for 33 years! I hold a BS in Accounting and I master in not keeping my mouth shut. I write what I live and say what I see.

Huge rant to the voters of Donnie Smith’s district 7. You knew of his corrupt character in the weeks before the election(wild wing incident). On a larger scale, Governor Deal’s lack of ethics were known before his election. Ashley Wright, you’re the D.A. You’re a pretty and intelligent young woman. You can do much better than Donnie Smith. Shame.

This whine is for Austin. He wants folks to donate money to and support the Imperial theater, but their board of directors allowed thousands of dollars to be stolen with no one held accountable! Why not investigate Lara Plocha and the people close to her before the statute of limitations runs out. Put Sherlock Rhodes on the case!

I’m waiting for Roundtree to start handing out “Great Job” stickers to his officers, since he awards them every chance he gets with a worthless piece of paper in hopes they forget about ever getting a decent raise like he received.

I’m not complaining about having to pay $5 to attend Arts in the Heart. But I will not pay it and will not go if it means giving Queen Brenda more money to squander to continue her despotic reign over the Greater Augusta Arts Council. Until Queen Brenda is dethroned, The Arts Council, and therefore Arts in the Heart will not get one penny of my money.