The Whine Line

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Evolutionist. Creationist. Atheist. Christian. Jewish. Muslim. Hindu. You’re all going to be eaten in the end when the great Cthulhu rises from his slumber in the depths and destroys us all. Can’t we just get along? You know, until he awakens, hungry and laying waste to us all?

Can somebody give me one reason, why I should still be proud to be an American….Just one.

so deke is getting cudos for being detached and above it all for a decade? hell, i can sit around and ignore everything. but i wouldn’t have a job.

Ladies, Facebook isn’t a time machine. You can’t change your past by posting scripture every day. We grew up with you. The Facebook ‘Ho Rehab Project.

I would hate to be in the pathway of Riverwatch’s extension. Those poor people who live in its way are losing the biggest investment of their lives.

I can’t wait to see Merle Haggard! Lord let him live one more month!!

Don’t judge me by my looks. After some racial comments were made, I strategically “moved” some managers out the business. To prevent this from happening again, I posted a few private pictures of my childhood friends for everybody to see. Our lives never separated and after surviving some tragic events together, this water became thicker than blood. In some pictures we were children, and some were taken about 30 years later. Those 4 little boys and one girl in this picture, that’s us long time ago, simply neighbors and classmates. Today they are my world. we are the owners, the team, we started and build this business in the 80’s. I just run the daily operations because I’m slick one, mean, the cold-blooded, anti-social, self-educated, college dropout. look at our old pictures. Graduations, weddings, vacations, surgeries, family dinners, funerals, babies, birthdays, ex-wives, new wives, girlfriends, and milestone, when we officially made our first million dollar. Thank your co-workers, and no I was not trying to kiss you, I was trying to bite your tongue off.

Nothing says “hola” like the smell of bleach smacking you in the face when you walk into a Mexican restaurant.

The REAL reason for the season? The celebration of the Winter Solstice. Merry Christ-myth!

The problem with kids is that they never ever fully reach adulthood . That’s the plight of the mother. They will always need her no matter what age- but they will never admit it. They all claim they want to be treated like an adult but as soon as they gain their independence, they forget how easy it is to end up on a milk carton when you go casually unaccounted for for two or three days ….?

A nutbag church in Harlem has a “Santa Is Satan” sign up. Another reason to ban religion.

Parents – DO NOT BUY your kids pets for Christmas!! And do not buy animals from breeders or for sale in the newspaper. Instead, choose a pet from a rescue organization and you will save a life – and you will teach the child about pet overpopulation. And to all pet owners — make sure your pet is SPAYED and NEUTERED!!!

Creationist? Agnostic? Atheist? Here’s an idea. Pick one and shut up about it.

The “Best” hospital in Augusta ought to invest in it’s employees and give them long overdue raises!

When God has proven himself to you, you really don’t care what other people think. Not everybody will know God because not everybody is chosen. Many are called but only few shall enter the Kingdom. Don’t become an extremist either, trying to convince non-believers. Some Christians act like God can’t accomplish anything without their help.

Records show that anyone who is anti-cop either has a police record themselves or are a sympathizer due to a relative or loved one in jail. To you losers I say this: call a crackhead not a cop the next time an infected, oozing thug is climbing through your back window on a dark stormy night.

To the fool who can’t understand how Georgia is a red state, you live a sheltered life. You’re only seeing what is in the cities, where all this dependent riff-raff congeals. Go 50-100 miles in ANY direction from any major city and you’ll see wealth on an astounding scale. Peace and tranquility is a premium, which is why you see a lot of rich people living in beautiful homes on abundant land and keeping the trash at arm’s length. You need to get out of the house every once in a while….

Who is Interim District 7 Commissioner Hap Harris kissing up to and why? First Harris said he favored conducting an audit of the Hyde Park neighborhood relocation project and the entire Housing and Community Development department. But, after nearly three hours behind closed doors, and citing the real estate, personnel and litigation exception to Georgia’s open meeting laws, Harris reversed course and joined the majority of commissioners who emerged to nix the audits altogether. Only Commissioner Marion Williams voted in favor of the audits.

No matter how avidly right-wing jerks, from Rush Limbaugh to Austin Rhodes, defend torture, the fact remains that torture is illegal and a war crime, banned by the Geneva Conventions. This UN Convention against torture was ratified under, and supported by, no less than the Right’s patron saint, Ronald Reagan, and by Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 113C of the U.S. Code. But just don’t expect the jerks to know this, or to consider for a moment that torture is purely immoral, criminal, and disgusting.

I can’t believe that NO charges at all were brought up against Michael Brown’s shooter or the NY cop choker. It may not be straight up murder but by golly there were wrong moves. That choker carried on for way too long in choking someone even as the other cops already got that poor man cuffed up. We sure need more training desperately for some cops. Thank goodness the wrong ones like Wilson quit his job.

Why doesn’t the Metro Spirit post all “whine’s” in their newspaper? Somebody edit them? If so, must be a Democrat!

Funny how the county advertises the zoning violation light show on its own website. Everyone knows that site is not properly zoned.

PROBLEM: 2 white cops kill 2 black men. Both black men had committed a crime and both black men resisted arrest! SOLUTION TO PROBLEM: Don’t commit a crime and don’t resist arrest! PROBLEM SOLVED!

Why not move the curb back ten feet and make diagonal parking? Double the number of spaces and solve the problem , or is it just about the money?