The Whine Line

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If you play PokemonGo, you are a loser. End of story…end of discussion…end of your last two brain cells. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

Tried hard to have a simi-intelligent conversation with Lee Anderson last week…like someone else told me, “his bread ain’t done”.

Everybody’s all buying into the racist comments and division in the United States and I’m just over here trying to beat “Overwatch”.

Was driving down Mike Padgett near Lumpkin crossing and spotted a work of folk art in the making. The Brick Yard is erecting a folk art fence that is more of a work of art than a fence. Antique doors, geodesic designs, bead board walls, old corrugated roofing, hand crafted windows w/ bead board for glass, etc. etc. Worth checking out.

North Augusta Municipal Building: The US Flag by Presidential Proclamation has been at Half Staff through July 14-22 Yours has been at Full Staff…..either respect the US Flag ….or do not fly it.

Not sure what I’m ashamed of most: our country’s current racial divide or the fact that people my age are actually playing Pokemon Go…

Has anyone checked into how Richmond County is handling taking over Probation? My understanding is that they took over on July 1st but they only have two employees and their new Chief. If you call down there it just rings. Do they even have a functioning phone system? Sounds like the county didn’t plan this transition too well. Why am I not seeing this in the news?!

The Augusta Commission has spent nearly $10 million of taxpayer money on studies over the past 20 years and ignored most of the findings. I ask you: Who is to blame; the commissioners, who squander our tax dollars, or the taxpayers who let them get away with it?

OUTRAGE!!! The truck driver who slaughtered 5 Georgia Southern Nursing students copped a plea and, with the cooperation of the prosecutor and judge, was sentenced to a measly 5 years in prison. If convicted by trial, he could have been put away for over 90 years. At the very least, he should have been incarcerated for as long as his victims remained dead. Now, this menace to society will eventually get back on the road. We will be reading about him again.

The person who has a problem with Karaoke at Mexican restaurants is probably just jealous. I always enjoy going to karaoke at the Mexican restaurant in Grovetown. The singers are excellent. Yes every now and then there is someone who sings off key but most of the singers sound professional. The older man who does the Sinatra and Classic country music is very good. Also, the place is always packed so apparently people enjoy the singing. It’s also nice to hear such a wide variety of music.

I want to know why blacks are the only ones who must teach their children how to respond to a police officer approaching them? Shouldn’t all children be taught?

Calling all Grandmas and Grandpas! There comes a point when your grandkids can read and write well. They are also able to pick up the phone and make calls!
IF THEY CANT CALL YOU WRITE YOU OR COME AND VISIT, DONT SEND THEM ANYTHING!!! Christmas? NO. Hanukkah ? NO. Birthdays? NO. Good Grades? NO. They are happy as they are and obviously don’t need your money! Tip: Go buy yourself something nice.

What’s going to happen now is more guns will be purchased for self protection against everyone -great for NRA-great for gun stores-great for coffin makers-Dodge City for the rest of us.

Columbia County is forever ruined. The schools have already started a downward spiral (look at the current school rankings compared to 10 years ago), taxes are increasing each and every year and are already the highest per capita when compared to other Georgia counties of similar size (just look at the numbers and you will quickly realize your commission is lying to you), crime is increasing every year and from last year forward you will never be able to “get there from here” thanks to suicide lanes and strip zoning. The blight has begun in Martinez and will spread like a cancer. Higher taxes will provide the treatment, but there is no cure.

Who was the genius who decided on the phrase “Live Your Healthy”? What a nonsensical and stupid slogan!! Every time I hear it or see it on the TV, I want to throw up!

I am amazed at the directions given to submit to police abuse. When you are stopped, because the cop holds your life at the threat of his trigger finger we have to submit to intrusive abusive questions and intimidation. Then we are advised to go to the police station and report the abuse and make a complaint. Such Bulls,,t! Give them Drivers license if you are driving, if you are not driving you DO NoT need ID but you must Give your correct name. this is not a police state that we must carry our papers with us! You do not have to answer any other questions pertaining to where you have been, where you are going, why you are anywhere, or what you have been doing.