The Whine Line

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So what’s the icks nay on the chocolate marshmallow unny Bay? Where are the chocolate marshmallow bunnies? Were they kidnapped? Can’t find them anywhere! Whose got eyes on them? Truly unacceptable….I mean you wait a whole year……pitiful!

You believe in traditional biblical marriages: one man and one woman; one man and his sister; one man and his dead brother’s wife; one man and one woman and her servants; one man and his rape victim; one man and many women; one man and 700 women and 300 concubines; one man and one woman and her slaves; one soldier and his virgin prisoners; just not one man and one man or one woman and one woman. That would be immoral!!!

Raves to Augusta Amusements for bringing Jim Brickman to the Jabez Hardin Theater. The BEST concert I have ever attended.

Yeah so I bought tickets to the steeple chase for some horse loving out of town friends coming to visit and it appears yet again the CSRA has infected something good. They were so disappointed with the amount of drunks and scantily dressed women. So upset this was the experience I opened up to them. I should have just sent them to the Lock N Dam redneck Olympics had I known. They may have actually encountered more class there instead of a spring break tailgating beer & skin fest.

That better be a generous slathering of white PRIMER on the Partridge Inn and somebody still stirring THAT YELLOW PAINT IF you know what I mean??!!

I’m not saying Sean Frantom isn’t a good guy who deserves to be taken seriously. I’m saying that if the Augusta Commission had a water boy position, he’d run for that, too. And that makes him suspect.

I can totally see Augusta as a place to make films and TV shows. I mean just look around. A post apocalyptic streetscape of doom and despair. An abandoned mall straight out of Dawn of the Dead. Zombies running the city. I am amazed that Walking Dead has not already filmed in Augusta.

Raid is to migrating roaches as the underclass is to uppity folk migrating to Columbia County.

On my way into a Walmart I was approached by a black man with his wife? and two kids in tow. I was a bit taken back when I was asked to buy them dinner? Another time, upon leaving Olive Garden I was approached by a overweight white man also asking me to buy him a dinner. Yesterday, when a young athletic white man failed to gain my attention by knocking on my door, he jumped over my locked gate and seemed surprised and upset when he was informed if he did it again the police would be summoned? Was Georgia originally settled by criminals and slaves? Don’t have children if you cannot afford to raise them better than your parents raised you.

Isn’t it a conflict of interest for Brad Owens to serve on the Urban Redevelopment Authority and also benefit from free office and meeting space for his film enthusiast club in the old Chamber of Commerce building?

That love letter from the daily paper to Sean Frantom was amazing. As I read it, everything around me faded to sepia tones and several polio-stricken children regained their ability to walk. A host of angels appeared o’erhead and their voices rang out in Handel’s Hallelujah chorus. Somewhere to the East, a babe was born in a manger. Look, there’s a responsible endorsement, and then there’s campaign propaganda. The daily paper has never practiced responsible journalism, but that just took the cake… and then turned that cake into loaves and fishes to distribute to the starving masses.

Heads up America: The medical industry is not in business to cure you. It’s in business to keep you enslaved to the pharmaceutical companies and to the doctors who prescribe their meds and to the insurance companies that back the health plans. Only the rich guys win here, y’all. If you have diabetes, a bad back, bad knees, hyperlipidemia, hypertension or any of the other myriad maladies that afflict our society, you will always have diabetes, a bad back, bad knees, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, or any of the other myriad maladies that afflict our society. You will never be ‘cured’, you will simply be on pills and running to medical appointments every three months for the rest of your life. Another Great American Con.

Tell me what super powers do Augustans have that the rest of us don’t? If drones pose such a threat to the public why just ban them for Masters week? Or are we just not that important?

Way to go Augusta !!! Plan a parade on a work day at lunch time so the ten people not working and the home schooled kids can watch. Great planning as always