The Whine Line

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Sentinel are good, honest folks. Judge S swears it to be true.

I know that the people who write to the whine don’t give their names, but the guy that wrote and said that the U.S. has gotten worse under Obama, his name must be Winkle, Rip Van

Do the Augusta commissioners have to submit to mandatory drug testing like the rest of city employees?

These whines have become pitiful and you people are all losers. I am out, I am done with this.

Lyin’ Austin is at it again. Conservapedia is a self-described conservative fundamentalist Christian website ranking up there with the Breitbart website when it comes to spouting nonsensical and hateful half-truths and outright lies. When I left that site I felt like my computer needed a thorough debugging and myself in dire need of a good scrubdown, my PC and myself having been slimed. For Austin to put forth Conservapedia garbage as anything remotely approaching fact smacks of a total lack of journalistic integrity, as well as desperation.

The old Trump- “I say what I mean and mean what I say”
The new Trump- “I say what they tell me to say and don’t mean what I say”.

As for the US swimmers caught in the lies and destruction of private property. I say strip them of any medals and ban them from ever participating in the Olympics again. But of course this will not happen. Their fame will rule the day and most will simply look the other way, and we wonder why the US is so screwed.

What does RCBOE member Jimmy Atkins enjoy more: eating OR hearing himself talk?

Have you noticed that test scores decline every time Columbia County spends millions on a new school? It ain’t the buildings, stupid.

Looking forward to the new Miller Theater opening in October 2017. SOA has told us for 10 years “Coming Soon”. Hopefully they will stay true to this new date.

I enjoy the enthusiasm of the Southern Soul and Song commercials, but the purple-haired, older lady is not a good touch. She frightens potential patrons away and casts an overly corny feel to the event. Maybe think about re-casting?

You have to admit that Trump is a very good business man. He never gave to a charity until he ran for President. Then he accepted other peoples charitable donations and kept them for 4 months collecting interest, exaggerated how much he collected, bragged about the good he did, and then only after the media asked where the money went did he angrily distribute it, some of which went to scam charities. All the while complaining about the Clinton foundation charity which has been helping people for years and received millions from the Clintons. You can be sure he will deduct the donations from his taxes. The only business he knows comes from the back end of a male cow.

Just wondered why the band Shinebox is never listed as one of Augusta’s greatest bands? They are Awesome!

As soon as the war on the American people ends, the war on the police will end as well. Today’s Americans are not the MLK non-violence generation. It is a war neither group can win.

Trump can’t even run a campaign. Hate to see how he would run a country. Really need to know what is in those tax returns especially after the revelaktion that his pal Chris Christie knocked down casino tax bills from $30 million to $17 million. Both are crooks.

Has an alien life form taken control of Mayor Pro Tem Grady Smith’s mind? Twenty years is too long for anyone to serve on a volunteer board; especially the Tax Assessors’ Board. Stop pushing for lifetime appointments Commissioner.

Delusions of grandeur, dilapidated logic, and criticism to cover up challenges: that’s all Austin Rhodes has got. Look at his column, it’s formulaic. Use semi intelligent language to set things up, drop a crazy town illogical claim, insist he’s not attacking anyone, then end in a place that is far removed from his original point. He can’t debate without bullying and apparently never analyses his own actions. Stop the insanity and get this ego maniac off the air. Augusta can do better.