The Whine Line

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Massage parlors, pawn shops, tattoo shops, Awful Waffles and yes this is Columbia county. Very classy you know.

fred has left the building. why can’t the spit let bygones be bygones?

When are we going to start taking this Ebola the thing seriously? How about limiting hospital traffic to only the sick and the staff? Treat everyone like they could possibly have Ebola? I went today and there were people sneezing all over the place! A nurse asked me two questions -had I traveled and was I having symptoms of a cold… Then she sneezed……..,,yikes!

The Augusta National is buying everything they can, which I do not have a problem with. This increase’s my house rental fee every year (in cash), no taxes paid to the Government. My only problem is all of these Mexican’s they have doing all of the grass cutting, edging, etc. Are these Mexican’s legal. When I go to a local gas station every morning to get coffee, there about thirty Mexican’s in there at the same time. When I pulled out my Immigration badge yesterday, you would have not believed how many of them ran out the door. Evidently, they did not need coffee or a soda. Augusta National, hire American’s from Augusta!!!

I don’t know if people in Augusta know what we are about to have…a strong willed big ego mayor and a strong, competent city admin. A far far cry from the past.

I can’t wait to hear the jingle… Or Rap song contrived to convince any potential emboli infected client to call the easy attorney .. To get you paid For your funky death!!! 1800mike call mike and you will see Ebola jump off you ass like hipocrocee!!!

What would we do without the Metro Spirit? Not know about half of what is really going on in this town, that’s what. A big THANK YOU

The Sylvia Walker interview was priceless!!!

Taliban, Isis, who’s next? Does it even matter? We are the USA! We’re Kickin ass-we don’t care what your name is!

OMG!!! Those poor little brown shirts ( NSA screeners). who are famous for taking little old ladies To the side for their RAPE equivalent searches .. While letting any one else stroll by are worried they may have to work and screen for Emboli ? You reap what you sew!!

Now that there is an ebola scare, can coughers and sneezers please aim into their own sleeves instead of the faces of people? Or at least aim your germs into open spaces instead of at humans or animals.

Face-to-face dating advice is never appreciated! So the whine line it is…I hope you recognize yourself. 1. never mention that you want to “marry” within the first year of dating-she has her sights on this prize. 2. Know that for two years she will love everything about you…your dog, your kid, your hobbies and your parents. After two years the truth comes out…stop rushing into marriage. 3. Check her finances…everything.

I type this as I am sitting at the airport waiting for a plane which is an hour behind schedule. You know what I could have done with that extra hour? Drive to the airport in Columbia.

Fame should be reserved for people with talent, not coat-tail riding wannabe hacks with a famous surname. Get out of the way….I’m going to the front of the line!

We think it is time for Mr. Drew to retire… isn’t 50 years enough… give a young person the opportunity for morning radio. A while back, he said that Harry Reed would allow his mother or grandmother (forgot which) to walk across a busy interstate… UGH! Is this what we need to listen to on the radio in the mornings. Is it what children, who are listening, need to hear?

Well I thought Mr. CDC man said ‘We can cure Ebola’……. Now was that cure for Everyone? Or just White people? Get back to the Lab people! Someone forgot to make the cure for everybody else.

Used to know Robert Partain. He is not the first to have personality changes after being put on heart medication.

King Fish. the fellas down at the lodge hall spent $1.7 million dollars on a bicycle bridge over the canal. but they don’t have $1.5 million for the sheriff. Show as my name is Andrew H Brown, we got a rain tax on the way.

So Ms. Allen is supposed to find money to give the Sheriffs Office those tiny little raises but at the same time the counties budget is so out of whack from slightly overpaying firemen for money they were due ? Yeah I see her finding more money. Blood from a turnip. This counties broke, good luck. I guess that’s why you and Roundtree got fat raises off the bat, to find money that should have gone to the folks in the street.

The CSRA may not have the worst drivers in the world, but it is the only place I have seen drivers: Turn left going into a traffic circle– presumably to save that arduous 200 feet drive around; turn right at a light across two lanes of traffic from the suicide/left turn lane; back all the way down the I-20 off ramp. All three drivers’ tags read “In God We Trust.” Apparently.

Another motorcycle fatality. It makes my heart hurt.