The Whine Line

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Next time your paper decides to comment on how the quote local residents are thrilled about getting this water park, maybe you should talk to the real local residents. The ones in the neighborhood right next to this property that will have to deal with the noise, the crime and everything else that will surely follow it. Mr Bell has no regard for other people’s lives. It’s all about the love for money and greed, not about bringing entertainment to our area. He could have chose any where else to put this park where it would not interfere with neighborhoods, but yet he didn’t care even though we spoke out. So let me go on record for Pinewood Plantation. We do not want this water park in our front yard, would you?

Donald Trump is the leader of hypocracy. All his wives were immigrants who barely spoke English. His timing is good however. We have an ignorance and mental health epidemic. His latest accomplishment, his own terrorist organisation, the trump supporters. I was In New York last weekend when they attacked hispanics. They then turned to an unsuspecting black guy minding his own business. That did not go well for them. They messed with the wrong guy. It was the first time I saw terrorists run for their lives.

Its a shame augusta’s local music scene will never go anywhere until the jealousy and egos are put away and the local music of all of our local bands gets a chance to play and be heard. Also the local music clique and current events organizers downtown needs to change before our local music scene can revitalize.

So Mack Taylor thinks because Muslim prayer rugs are found at the borders that means Muslims are coming in illegally? Get a reality check, Taylor! And put that prejudice against Muslims out of your small mind. If we have to condemn any religion for sins, how about the Catholic higher ups who have up to and past 30 years kept denying help and acknowledgement for the sexual sins against children?

I’m having a hard time deciding on who to vote for the Georgia House. Do I want a person that has a full plate already running a business, and many other activities, or do I want someone who understands the legal terminology they will be faced with, to insure our district will not be left out in the cold when it comes to funding our infrastructure.

Wow, a brief burst of sanity by Marion Williams: Audit the mayor’s expenses. Now how do we keep up these bursts?

There should have been three questions on the recent Richmond County ballot: A. SPLOST, B. To revoke consolidation, and C. Failing that, for Richmond County District 7 to secede and join Columbia County.

Downtown Augusta has been re- vitalizing since I was a kid, I am 59 years old it is still tattoos and cig. butts.

Keep printing those cartoons by Jen Sorensen. Her left-wing lunacy is so much fun.

Austin! Re your column regarding the Russian plane: It was flying from Egypt to St. Petersburg when at 23 minutes into the flight, it blew up! news should be reported correctly in your column.

I can’t believe the amount of “whining” I see on Facebook or YouTube (and other social media). Who are these idiots? I guess anybody with an opinion or video camera can set up a channel and spew insipid nothingness. It’s easy to drop ad hominem attacks when you’re 50, 500, or 5,000 miles distant from your opponent. Grow up you babies!

Just from recent experiences in local stores, I truly believe the phrases “please”, “thank you” and “I’m sorry” are being phased out of the English language. Common courtesy, especially in younger folks, seems to be the exception these days – and belligerence seems to be the norm. Parents – PLEASE teach your kids how to be polite and kind to others! And set a good example yourselves. Thank you!

I am surprised that no one picked up on a recent local TV news reporter’s on air interview with an Atlanta politician. Now that SPLOST 7 and the rain tax are a done deal, the gadfly county commissioners must come up with other means to get their hands on more funds. So just what was the topic of the interview? Glad you asked. The Atlanta delegate wishes nothing more than to establish a gambling casino in South Richmond County. Think about that for a moment and how a casino will affect the low income residents of this county.

Before the Republicans offer the lives of our troops to fight the terrorism in Paris, maybe they could vote to change the name of the Congressional Freedom Fries back to French Fries. For a political party that had nothing but disdain of the French they waist no time offering the lives of our young men and women when the see an opportunity for political gain.