The Whine Line

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Sorry to disappoint you, Austin Rhodes, but a system where wealth equals direct voting power will never happen again. We already had that system. It was called slavery. But cheer up. Rich men can still own politicians.

And God said to shoot your guns as you feel the need to while in church? No …

Good grief, Austin. A rave to you to finding proof of gangs right on their Facebook pages and telling the authorities but a big WHINE for your stupidly publicizing those facts so that you get threatened. Plus, you taught some of these crooks not to brag in sight any more so it’s harder to find proof on them.

Dumb ex cops make very poor County managers.

That’s strange. I don’t remember Scott Hudson being on the radio for 25 years. Was it in this town?

Okay so whose the Sadomasochist who came up with the Mammogram and can I get his short ones in that Vicegrip?

Would be nice just once to watch the news and the utilies depts say we made enough money lets cut rates and help the people

Miss Scahlet! Miss Scahlet! The Yankees are coming! The Yankees are coming! Hide yo kids and hide yo wives…and hide yo husbands too.. cause The Yankees are coming!

Any referals as to whom i should hire to sue these local lawyers, begging us to sue the pants off of anyone, please post! The duress i’m currently suffering is too much for me and my family to bear.

If anyone living in Augusta really remembers The Godfather of Soul, they should remember the truth about James Brown. He was not born nor did he die in Augusta! He lived on Walton Way for a while but he spent most of his life in South Carolina. Augusta only claims James Brown when it is financially advantageous for it to.

After receiving a telephone survey on July 19th, asking me if I voted for Allen, wouldn’t it bother me about his relationship with the former commissioner and his former Tax Commissioner wife. I told the lady that it bothers me about as much as John Barrow being related to Clyde Barrow (Bonnie and Clyde). Needless to say the conversation ended there.

Okay fine! So if our current commissioners can’t seem to quit dividing every issue and concern by racial lines then why don’t we multiply ALL OUR VOTES BY Augusta to the 10th power, subtract 10 , and vote 10 new ones in who don’t run behind a racial line and then….. go have some Peach Pie? My treat!…. Um no ….Hubby says scratch that last part-sorry!

I’ve heard rumors that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (’99-’07) may run for President in 2016. Let’s leave our real world for a minute and enter Bizarro-World momentarily. Bush 1 from ’88-’92…Bush 2 from ’00-’08…and lets say Bush 3 from ’16-’24. That could be 20 years of Bush’s in 36 years. I thought the United States was supposed to be a democracy, not a monopolistic fiefdom – YIKES!

Austin Rhodes tranforming himself into James Brown’s bestes buddy is nothing short of hilarious of our local bozo trying to elevate himself…and failing…what a jackass.

They are going to let Roundtree talk on tv? Hope he does not talk the same way he writes? I’d love to hear the tv crews comments after he leaves.

Great, now Broad street is going to have an a-hole shortage to go with it’s parking problem. I guess I will just have to follow the trail of cigarette butts to Waynesboro to meet all of my stained glass need.

Augusta just needs to chill with their “Greenville Envy”. Things are NOT Greener in Greenville!. Atleast you all have patrons who go out to ENJOY live music not just show up at a venue to get drunk and be heard. You should try to be more like Athens OR Savannah instead. Laid back and not anal retentive Uptight. Remember, Greenville is still the home of Bob Jones U.

As for the Thelma and Louise metaphor by your local right wing squeaky wheel, I suggest the cliff dive occurred, oh, about six years or so ago when Dubya slipped out the back door of the White House, having left the economy literally taking a base jump off Everest after inheriting a budget surplus, yet foundering cluelessly in at least one ill-advised war and totally ignoring the criminal enterprise that Wall Street had become, leaving a 10 trillion deficit for the incoming president. No, we will not forget where Republican policies, as well as the current Congress with the sole aim to oppose President Obama at each and every turn, have left us.

Democrat dullards? I live in the South, and I know who makes up the bulk and/or base of the Republican party. I have been to Tea Party rallies, merely out of curiosity, and regularly run across their appearances on MSNBC and Fox News (yes, I do tune into Fox Noise at times to scout the barbarians). I think dullards is a little strong, not a term I would use, but it stirs up the Republican Rabble. Nonetheless, watching the Tea Partiers, I have to admit I really don’t see any potential atom splitters in the whole bunch. Signed, Democrat with a Masters.