The Whine Line

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To the people who found microscopic organisms on Mars. where is Malaysian flight M370?

Evolution is the opiate of the masses.

Did you really make a commercial about a politician with a horrible record and say they would fit right in Washington DC? So what are you REALLY saying about the rest of Congress? Tsk Tsk tsk and someone paid for that commercial….

Isn’t it time for Mary Morrison to retire?? Sheesh

When the National Hills community collects “food for the hungry”, why does it always go to the Golden Harvest Food Bank? I write them a check monthly to help them out. National Hills needs to find another association that needs this. Try the Salvation Army, Food for Tot’s, etc.

Drunk sailors have better money skills then the Augusta Commission, especially Grady Smith. We stop spending when the money is gone.

If your name is Ivey or Sullivan you can get “hooked up” on the 2nd floor of Ronald Reagan. So much for following the law. All that hooking up for vinyl sided slums sure is worth the effort.

If your going to speed on Oakley Pirkle after pulling out from an elementary school you might not want to have an educator plate on your car. If you going to drive like your hammered in the Evans theater parking lot in your white Ford Explorer you might not want to have an educator plate on your SUV. I home school my child for reason, can think what it might be?

Hey let’s go down Broad Street and see what’s going on downtown! Well let’s see! There’s a bar a bar a bar a bar a bar Oooh!! Look! A strip club! And a bar a bar a bar………

I am a senior Non Commissioned Officer in the United States Army. In the war against ISIS, the American people call for “Boots on the ground” to combat those terrorists. That tells me the American people have no idea about the deplorable condition our Army is in, due to devastating budget cuts. The Army today is like a car with one tire, it can not drive anywhere.

Finally, after all these years, they can act on all those multiple accusations by multiple young victims to make sure Charles Smith is out of any top position. Better late than never. Glad the NAACP kicked him out of the whole business.

Come on, MS, let’s not sink as low as the Chronicle’s Slyvia did with that made up conversation. Everyone is hoping not to hear from Walker at all!

People quit playing! Media come on !! Ask these politicians the REAL questions: Ms Nunn. Can you fly? Mr. Deal. Know any card tricks? Mr. Perdue. Why DID the chicken cross the road? Mr. Carter. Or should I say Mr. Peanut? Oooh that was brittle! What?……. Yeah right! Like you didn’t want to know the answers….

What the chicken man said was, he’s been TALKING about OUTSOURCING his entire career. But what he DIDN’T say was WHY he shut down HIS American Company and sent THOSE JOBS overseas, literally bankrupting a whole town… Go ahead…Bok Bok Bok…we’ll wait… That is until election day…

If you teach martial arts and your students have to sign up for a three year
contract and NEVER compete in any competitions then your school is just
a joke and I feel sorry for the parents of your so called students!

So IF we have these so-called Bio ‘Kill the Wabbit’ terrorist ready hospitals, why do we keep sending Ebola infected people ANYWHERE ELSE?

Did anyone notice the following ? None of the Ebola videos come from private individuals, but from organisations or workers. Just like us Africans would never let our sick family member lay in the street to die, like shown Ebola videos. Those familiar with “light therapy”, is green light used to induce fear ? Why can the color neon-green be seen, or is edited in, all Ebola videos ? Just check out neon green things in all Ebola videos, gloves, boots, medical equipment, victims clothing, walls, trash, headlines, sun glare, and the list goes on. I think somebody is trying to sell us a vaccine. Just pay attention something, calculated and man-made, is going on here.

The Savannah River is now the third most toxic in the country, up from eighth over a decade ago. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Maybe its just a source of pride that we are actually doing better(or worse) in something nationwide. Or is it that nobody around here gives a damn?

What possible good is a tax commissioner? Come on its a high paid useless position let the staff handle the bills. imo

Is Milton Ruben’s intercom system really necessary? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped out of my skin sitting in traffic when they page someone. You can hear it on Riverwatch Parkway for heavens sake!

How about somebody actually cleans that rancid trash can outside of the Metro coffeehouse downtown! It’s quite putrid.

Well Mr. and Mrs. Public. Looks like this old machine’s broken and we’re going to need a new Governor. It’s old, they don’t make those parts anymore,,and I can take it off your hands for eight bucks! Hey that’s a bargain considering how little scrap metal is worth these days!

All these politicians want to go to Washington. Would someone please tell them to get on I20 West and go to Exit 172 so they can get off my television and out of my mailbox.

We have been fed a load-there is no containment of Ebola. The gang in DC won’t even put a travel ban from the infected nations in place. One clown has flown here and died but not before causing untold grief. It won’t be long before the carts come with the sounds of “Bring out your dead!”. Now-aren’t you glad obama is in charge?

Don’t worry about Ebola! Hundreds a year die of malnutrition in the United States. Thousands die in auto accidents. In fact, driving is the most dangerous thing most people do! These places where people die of Ebola don’t have running water in their hospitals. So relax. There’s plenty of other things to get worked up about.

I don’t get the whole whining, wailing, and gnashing of teeth over student loans. The political ad states grads owe on average $23,000- the price of a second-hand car. Paid off over ten years that’s less than $250 a month. You borrow the money, why shouldn’t you have to pay it back? I graduated with about $6K in loans; stuck with my college habits and ramen diet and paid it off in 34 months.

In response to an ebola cure for just whites, You racist ass! Just another example of using the race card at every possible opportunity. How about remembering where this virus came from. Why don’t they come up with a cure. Same reason it’s so widespread there.

So now Augusta’s favorite know-it-all gadfly says he will solve downtown’s parking crisis. Hey.. what happened to the personal investigation to find the downtown “arsonist” and what about the stripper busses you were going to run downtown?

CSRA residents were shocked by the apparent ease with which Georgia Health Sciences University/The Medical College of Georgia assimilated Augusta State University. Unlike other “mergers” in the University System of Georgia, the takeover of ASU by the Medical College saved no money, given the meshing of incompatible infrastructures, the “rebranding” of both institutions, the importation of an expensive interim President from New York State, etc. How was it that ASU was so vulnerable to a take-over? No matter how good your corps of instruction may be, accreditation with the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (rightly) demands that the office of Academic Affairs construct and implement a legitimate strategic plan and then make that plan a reality. Reaffirmation of accreditation is not just a review of classroom teaching, SACS looks closely at the effectiveness of academic leadership, at those senior administrators who earn your tax dollars. From 2002 until 2011, Dr. Samuel Sullivan served as Augusta State’s chief academic officer. The buck stopped there, in Dr. Sullivan’s office. With reaffirmation of accreditation looming, Dr. Sullivan left Augusta State, only to reappear at Paine College. So, let us again ask, why was ASU vulnerable to a take-over? As the story of Dr. Sullivan’s dismissal from Paine College unfolds, the answers will likely become clear. When you assemble all the puzzle pieces, you should feel obligated to say “thank you” to Ricardo Azziz, and to Paine College’s Board of Trustees.