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DUI Dumbass.

We had a golden opportunity to nurture them to anything from scientist, entrepreneur, lawyers to pilots and engineers, you name it. They were cute little boys and girls when Federal funding for their public schools was denied. Today instead they have grown up and become criminals in our society, millions upon millions of them all over America.

Ebola is spreading in America. Other nations need to ban all flights coming out the United States.

How safe are our Troops going to be when their boots are on the ground in Africa? I can’t see it unless they are duct taped into their Bio-hazardous suits while still in America. Otherwise, isn’t there a chance of them becoming exposed by the first person they encounter who isn’t showing signs yet? Secondly, why are we just now sending help? To help do what? Close the barn door AFTER the cow has fled? Both Congress and the President share in this folly. As my daughter would say, “Epic fail Guys-Epic fail”.

And now a bit of store etiquette
1.Talk quietly amongst yourselves
2.Keep your children with you-we can’t help it that they are bad and undisciplined. You knew that when you left the house so next time get a sitter.
3.The college course you missed dealt with leaving things as good as you found them- if not better. I believe that goes for the public bathrooms as well? Really? Your Mom raised you to be nasty?
4. Dress like you planned to be in Public. No one wants to see that- whatever that is.
5.Speak courteously to the sales people! They are here to help YOU! Would you like people to talk to you that way at YOUR job?
6. If you take it off the hanger put it back…really? You LIVE like that?
7. Finally, finish shopping before you go to the checkout line people.
Welcome to Society!

So The Beatles cover band that did all of those great charity concerts at The Imperial is kaput because of egos? Typical that artists let their egos get in the way of their work. What a shame, because they were really talented. By far one of the best Beatles cover bands I ever heard.

OK… This political season has gotten out out control!!!! My dog even has the sense To growl at these John Barrow ads with dogs.. No matter whether they have legs Or not my dog can see through the crap….. Please people make informed decision s On who you vote for and no matter the party…the truth is there if you use critical thinking Skills and logic you can find someone to vote for … If not stay home you are being used and though you may not see it , these clowns are not your friends or going to give you a free ride!

Whenever I hear “honey boo boo” I think of Gwen Fulcher Young. Not because she used the term in regards to Lee Anderson. (I think thats his name). She reminds me of the whole trashy mess of a clan. Never seen the show but I do believe it’s set in a Wal Mart.

Here is a tip to everyone that is in the F&B industry. If you have a bartender (or a manager) with a middle school education and do not have an up to date ID/DL, then he or she should not be working there period. By law, you need to have an updated ID/DL in order to work (let alone manage) a bar, nightclub, or restaurant. Restaurant/bar owners need to pay attention to this because that can be a liability to you and the business you own.

In response to the whine from the mom that home schools her children– Yes, people should drive better. But shouldn’t you be more concerned about your grammar skills? “Your” and “you’re” have two totally different meanings. Let English teachers teach grammar and drivers ed instructors teach driving skills. Maybe you should look into being a traffic cop.

October 23rd issue – to the person that sent a whine in about “Ebola” cure for white’s – evidently you don’t know where this came from! It DID NOT come from the US – check where it come from, and check the percent of the black/white in this country. I can get you a job where it came from for $500,000.00 for a year! Don’t let the broom hit you in the ass when you leave! ARE YOU RACIST??

Hey richmond county deputies that are using steroids. man up and walk in to the sheriff’s office and resign. Save the rest of the dept. some embarrassment. And yourself.

To the person who doesn’t understand why people whining about student loans. You are obviously an idiot. The fact that only had 6k in student loans makes you somewhat lucky. And, yes, $23,000 is a lot of debt for something that doesn’t guarantee that you will get a well paying job to pay it back. Besides, having a college degree shouldn’t be a prerequisite to be able to earn a living wage. Education is a social good. That’s why many countries offer university education at little or no cost. GERMANY OFFERS UNIVERSITY FREE OF CHARGE! Education is a right. Uneducated citizens are not capable of producing a better society. The fact that slaves were punished or KILLED FOR TRYING TO LEARN TO READ should show you how valuable education is. Maybe you should go back and read Fredrick Douglass. Paying for college only deepens the divide between the rich and the working class. We cannot solve any of the countless problems in this country without an educated citizenry. And before you call me a dirty socialist, why don’t you go educate yourself on what that means! Woosaa…Woosaa…

Do we know what we’re doing? We’re sending our soldiers over TO Ebola.? How? Hopefully not traveling with Ebola infected people. Where? Yes who, walking around them, will not be infected? Oh, we KNOW the answer to these two questions? YEAH RIGHT! Get it together Mr. President.

I am a black racist. I hate white people, except my wife, her family, her family’s friends, my neighbor, his wife, their children and their friends, the old man I get my veggies from, his wife children and their friends, my son’s friends, my dentist, my workout partner, his mom, my associates, their wives and family, and the mail-lady who gives me coupons. Now, if you are white and I don’t know you, I hate you. So hurry up and become my friend!

You’re so close on the real DUI Duncan article. Look into the young ladies conviction rate as the DUI prosecutor before divorcing with two very young children and marrying into the firm. Now that conspiracy is a story.

This might seem to come out of left field, but I am happy that the horrendously conceived Slap Fives Not Wives seems to have fallen by the wayside. How is hiring another Larson raising awareness for domestic violence? Besides, Austin Rhodes would bring in WAY more money for charity if he just let people throw pies at him. Frozen pies… cow pies. Unfortunately, he always seems to dodge humble pie.

In response to last week: You home school your child and yet you can’t put together complete sentences without dozens of grammatical errors? LOL! WUT!? (insert appropriate emoticon) Anyway, if you take a shot every time last week’s issue mentions “Ebola,” you will be stink-eye drunk in a few minutes (no matter how great your tolerance). Do you realize more people have married Kim Kardashian, then have died in the U.S. from Ebola? Find something actually genuine to worry about, please. Lastly, all these evolution deniers who keep writing in are amusing. Please, by all means, keep providing your ignorant tirades! It’s the best entertainment in the entire issue!

To be a local Augusta artist, you need to spend a great deal of time self-promoting yourself. Every local artist I have met spends most of their time telling everyone how wonderful they are via Facebook and Instagram with a collective group of loyal subjects who routinely make sure to comment and also tell them how wonderful they are.

Today the new most dangerous driving area changed in the CSRA. Walmart opened on 25 near I 20. If you are coming out of the Food Lion or the Sonic don’t ever try to turn left and go north on 25. Go to the light south of there and turn north. It is 3 lanes wide and the traffic folks took the suicide lane away with the turn lane curbing. I have already seen a car pull out of the Food Lion and stop in the path of a Gas Hauler hauling butt through here. Now folks leaving the south end of Walmart will be turning left to head back to North Augusta. This area needs to have a 30 mph speed limit. God help us in this area.

Hey have you guys consider to clean your paper boxes I’m scared to grab the paper sometimes they are dirty. I can do the job for some cash. I’m mexican so u know what that means ;) (cheap and well done)

Oh! So that’s why they call it Dunkin’ Donuts… So you won’t get mad when they slam dunk your doughnut to the bottom of the bag face down right on the frosting! Nice…..