These are Your Local Candidates?

These are Your Local Candidates?
Augusta and Columbia County have a lot to be proud of, but some of the local candidates are making it hard for citizens to hold their heads up high.
First, let’s talk about Augusta Commissioner Alvin Mason, who is running for mayor of the Garden City.
On Mason’s Facebook page, Alvin D. Mason for Mayor, the candidate has posted several photos of his campaign stops across Richmond County.
But Mason may consider not posting EVERY photo he takes at those events.
One particular event, the 2014 MLK Parade in January, features photos of Mason shaking hands and chatting with potential voters.
Everything you would expect a candidate for mayor to do.
But, then, there is a whole string of photos of Mason dancing in the middle of Laney Walker Boulevard, as if he was a drum major for one of the local high school bands.
He is pictured shaking things he really shouldn’t be and wearing sweat pants you shouldn’t leave the house wearing.
Feast your eyes on a man who could be our next mayor.
And then there is another candidate for mayor of Augusta, Helen Blocker-Adams.
She has been posting signs up all around town that read, “Uniting Augusta Together.”
All right, not to be the grammar police, but Uniting Augusta Together is incredibly redundant.
It’s like Yogi Berra saying, “Sometimes you can observe a lot just by watching.”
One thing Augustans can count on with Blocker-Adams is she will always state the obvious.
Next, there is Hafeez Chaudhry, a Martinez businessman and hotel developer, who is running for the District 1 Commission seat in Columbia County.
Over the past few weeks, he has somehow decided that using his first name on campaign signs across Columbia County will hurt his chances of becoming the next District 1 commissioner.
So, his new signs no longer include his first name, Hafeez.
Maybe he thinks his name sounds “funny” to folks out in Columbia County.
Which leads us to Brian Slowinksi.
This man, who gave himself the nickname of “Books” while running for Columbia County School Board (despite the fact that he had homeschooled his children in the past), is apparently running for the 10th Congressional District.
Ever since he ran and lost the school board election in 2012, Slowinski has opted to keep his gaudy campaign signs up in his yard on the heavily-traveled Evans to Locks Road. You may have also seen his Mercedes Benz van wrapped with his campaign slogan.
If he doesn’t win the race for the 10th Congressional District, maybe he can find a future election so he can squeeze every dime out of those campaign signs.
Meet your local candidates, everyone. Good luck, folks.
  • Nick Reinert

    Mason actually got some moves

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