This guy will make your skin crawl

This guy will make your skin crawl

Just this week, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office released a photo of a registered sex offender in South Carolina named Joey Leaphart with this warning: Ladies, don’t let this man near your feet!

“Please be aware of this man,” the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office warns on its Facebook page. “He approaches women in businesses and parking lots in the Martinez/Evans area asking for money. Once he makes contact, he asks the women if he can kiss their feet, with the intention of sucking on their toes.”

Within minutes of posting the warning, several women responded by saying they had encountered Leaphart in parking lots all over the CSRA.

“He has been in Thomson, Ga., doing this as well,” one woman wrote. “I’m sure it’s the same guy. He also approached me outside of University Hospital about a year ago.”

Another woman wrote, “I’m in shock!!! This guy approached me at the Circle K on Belair Road and I-20 and asked for money. He scared me a little because I was in my car so I gave him the $7 that I had in my cup holder and left. He told me that he had left his wallet at home and was trying to get money for gas to go to Atlanta because his grandma passed away. Scary.”

A few minutes later, another woman posted, “Omg!! He asked my sister if he could kiss her feet!!! Should I call?”

The sheriff’s office is encouraging anyone who has had contact with this man to call 706-541-2800.

One woman had a particularly disturbing encounter with Leaphart.

“He will pull all kinds of stunts to get to your feet,” she wrote. “He touched my lower leg and then rolled his hot, chewed gum taken from his mouth in between my flip flop and bare foot and then to try and get it! He was squatted down behind me doing this and I had no idea. He was on me in seconds.”


But this isn’t the first time Leaphart has gotten attention for this disturbing behavior.

This past July, News 12 ran a story featuring Leaphart and his “foot addiction” after a women in Aiken County pressed charges against him for a similar incident at Wal-Mart.

“I’ll approach a woman and ask her if I could kiss your feet for good luck or something,” Leaphart told New Channel 12’s Laura Warren. “Or I’ll ask her if I could give her $20 if I have the money. And then she says yes or no. If she says no, I go on.”

But it’s not that innocent.

He is listed on the sex offender registry because he licked an 11-year-old girl’s toes back in 2000. He served five years in prison, according to the News Channel 12 story.

Double ugh…

The sad part is he seems somewhat proud of his behavior. In fact, he told Channel 12 that he is becoming known as the “foot guy” around town.

“I had somebody approach me the other day tell me I could lick their flip-flop if I give them $20,” Leaphart told News Channel 12. “I said, ‘No. I want to suck your toes or kiss your foot, I don’t want your flip-flop.”

Ladies, with summer right around the corner, you might want to take a long look at this photo in order to keep your toes safe and make sure those lips aren’t headed your way.

Or, better yet, consider wearing steel-toed combat boots.

After all, in the words of Nancy Sinatra:

“These boots are made for walking

And that’s just what they’ll do

One of these days these boots

Are gonna walk all over you.”

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