Throat Slash or Reputation Trash

Throat Slash or Reputation Trash


The Metro Spirit has obtained a copy of the video surveillance tape that goes along with the Trouble With Subject Informational Report filed January 16th against former Tag Commissioner and Assistant Tax Commissioner Dwight Johnson. In the report, Columbia County Tag Office Clerk Diane Pittman Chiera claims Johnson threatened her job, as well as making a “slashing motion to his throat after he made the comment.”

Johnson is wearing a tan suit and can be seen in the upper right-hand corner at the beginning of the video. He then proceeds to the clerk in the bottom left of the video.

Upon viewing the tape, the CCSO closed the case. There is no visual proof of Johnson doing any such thing. You can see him waving at employees as they pass by. No one appears alarmed, which would seem to be what would happen with that sort of conversation going on. There is a man a few feet away who, besides glancing over his shoulder when Johnson first approaches, completely ignores him. Not what one would expect.

Diane Pittman Chiera

Watch the video and make up your own mind.


Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Incident/Investigation Report


Mrs. Chiera stated Mr. Johnson came to the tag office on several different occasions to ask for information on an abandoned vehicle he purchased. Mrs. Chiera stated during these visits Mr. Johnson would ask that Mrs. Washington help him and would wait until she was available to ask (sic) his questions. Mrs. Chiera stated on today’s date Mr. Johnson came back to the tag office and asked for Mrs. Washington to help him. Mrs. Chiera informed Mr. Johnson that Mrs. Washington was unavailable to help him. Mr. Johnson replied that Mrs. Washington was trying to avoid him. Mrs. Chiera asked Mr. Johnson how she could assist him and again he asked about the abandoned vehicle that he had purchased. Mrs. Chiera advised she answered Mr. Johnson’s question. Mr. Johnson told her that he knew the employees were writing statements about him. Mr. Johnson further stated that there was a good chance he would be over in the property tax office soon. Mrs. Chiera asked Mr. Johnson what he meant by his statement and he replied that “She is gone”. Mr. Johnson went on to say that he just finished a meeting with Mr. Ron Cross who had told him that he met with the Governor and “She is gone.” Mr. Johnson stated when he gets back into the office everyone who wrote statements about him were gone. Mrs Chiera stated Mr. Johnson made a slashing motion to his throat after he made the comment. Mr. Johnson stated “There would be a lot of job openings unless what was written was true, I was kinda bad.” Mr. Johnson told Mrs. Chiera that he would be back to work on his abandoned vehicle with her since Mrs. Washington was avoiding him. Mr. Johnson then left the establishment.

5 Responses to “Throat Slash or Reputation Trash”

  1. Diane Chiera

    I am Diane Chiera, one of the employees who filed the incident report. I don’t know why, but I am very disappointed in the lack of integrity your paper has shown with all aspects of the Kay Allen/Dwight Johnson situation. I want to point out that NO ONE from your paper contacted me or the other employee about this incident. Also, your statement that I filed the incident report a full day after it happened is nothing less than a lie. That is something that is so easy to verify, yet you chose to publish a lie. Why is that, Metro Spirit? Is it easier to go the way of the National Enquirer? Also, to my knowledge, there were never any charges against Dwight Johnson that needed to be “dropped”. The incident report was just that – a report of an incident. Dwight Johnson has had some very peculiar behavior lately and frankly has been creeping several employees out. If you don’t like that I made a report, that’s your problem to deal with. I’ll stick with the facts – I can sleep better at night when I tell the truth.

  2. Tim S.


    Sounds like your planning on becoming “bunk mates” with Kay Allen in the near future! Which grocery store does she have you walk around in? Publix? Kroger? Bi-Lo?

    • Diane Chiera

      What a silly comment! And it’s “you’re”, not “your”.

  3. Diane Chiera

    What a silly comment! And it’s “you’re”, not “your”.

  4. Diane Chiera

    Thanks for making the correction to the story – the part about filing the report a day after it happened was entirely untrue. I appreciate that you did the right thing by taking it down.

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