To the Editor:

To the Editor:

I absolutely loved your article on Green Light Studios — an incredible studio run by the incredibly talented Morgan Parham. The place is fully deserving of all the great comments written in your article but one thing needs to be corrected — Green Light Studios is not the only all-ages venue in Augusta. Matter of fact, it is not the only all-ages venue in Augusta that offers some sort of recording services.

Come August 11, M.A.D. Studios on 11th Street will celebrate two years of art, film, music, poetry and more in a cool listening room setting open to folks of all ages. In that time, touring artists from as far as Australia and the UK have performed on the M.A.D. Studios stage and include not only incredible area singer/songwriters such as Carey Murdock and Celia Gary, but also top touring artists like The Fabulous Miss Wendy, Shel, David Berkeley, Kail Baxley and Lauren Lucas, recording veterans such as Matthew Kahler as well as top five recording artists like Mike Tramp of White Lion.

The diversity of the M.A.D. stage has been created by featuring every musical genre possible short of metal including blues, bluegrass, country, folk, jazz, hip hop and punk. The Thursday night M.A.D. Open Mic has become a weekly highlight of Augusta entertainment featuring talented poets, authors, spoken word artists, rappers, singers and singer/songwriters and every once in a while a dancer or comedian.

As far as recording, songs performed at M.A.D. Studios have been recorded and included on national and international releases and several artists are currently working on recording projects at M.A.D. Studios.

We have never failed to scream our support for Green Light Studios. It is an amazing place run by a great crew. Just wanted to make clear the comment in your paper about them being the area only all-ages venue.

Thank You,
Stoney Cannon

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