‘Twas the Day After Christmas

‘Twas the Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the home,

Sounded the screech of the alarm, causing the father to moan.

A holiday so sacred, new memories so sweet,

Why must it fall in the middle of the week?


The father, he stirred, “I must tend to my shop.”

The sandman gave a push, back into bed he did plop.

As his head hit the pillow, he thought, “What a surprise!”

His daughters were both lying, cuddled up by his side.


Then mother, with a start, she bounded up from her sleep,

First her robe, then her slippers — shhhhh… don’t make a peep.

Muttering something about Walmart, the words just out of his reach,

She dashed into the bathroom and started brushing her teeth.


In the light of the dawn, the girls, they awoke.

Talking about all their new toys, fighting over the one that had broke.

Just a few minutes more, then the sun hit the sky,

The father jumped from the bed… To be on time, he must fly.


In a haste down the stairs, presents blocking his route,

The blessings of Christmas still scattered about.

A Barbie, an Xbox, a Kindle HD,

Toys for the children, knick-knacks for Mom, and socks and underwear for Daddy.


A holiday morning usually starts with a traditional brew,

But in the rush of the workday, the Keurig will just have to do.

Looking past leftover ham, where’s the breakfast surprise?

Don’t say the Brunch Egg Casserole is gone. There’s a tear in his eye.


The toy fights continue — “No! That Rainbow Loom is mine!

Yours is the one that got dropped in the slime.”

Mother starts talking about the shopping to do.

Where’s that Amazon drone? Can it do returns too?”


Then all of the sudden, at the same moment, they stopped.

One thing must be done. They almost forgot.

Holding hands, the family gave thanks for the Son that was born,

And prayed for the world that all might find a home.


Then off to a friend’s house the daughters did go,

And mother to the Walmart with gift bags in tow.

The father jumped in his car and drove off to work,

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men, and Merry Christmas on the day after His birth.

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