Veara deserves an A on drumming alone.

Veara deserves an A on drumming alone.

Last week I wrote about my long-held tenet that Augusta has almost zero appreciation for the music that vibrates within throwing distance of its own ears. I submitted an Exhibit A in Julia Easterlin. For the two of the one-two punch I present Veara.

What a ride it has been for Veara so far. A year or so ago, they were kids from Augusta practically living in a van as they went from show to show. In the time since, they’ve signed with Running Man Records (a subsidiary of the legendary Epitaph imprint, arguably the most successful punk label of all time) and seen the better part of the world from trains, planes and automobiles and stages and stages and ever bigger stages. If you’re blessed and have enough punk rock points (and the cash to make it reality), you’ll see Veara on the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

A band doesn’t get a recording contract with Epitaph because the drummer is a hot chick; clearly there is more to this machine than the sum of its parts. This band can lay down the damage while simultaneously delivering healthy doses of big pop hooks.

Their latest record is called “What We Left Behind” (available now at any major online retailer). It’s essentially a big middle finger to all of the doubters and naysayers that embody the very argument I was trying to make in the first place. Augusta doesn’t understand what’s in front of it until someone from outside the aquarium tells them its good.

Drummer Brittany Harrell has said in numerous interviews that the local response to the escalating success of the band was met with responses such as “so how is your little band doing?” That pissed off Veara. The cover art for the album in question features a peach with a Sailor Jerry style banner across the front sporting the album title. The peach symbolizes what’s in the rear view for Veara now. Way in the rear view as the band has spent much of the past year on the road in places like Europe and Australia.

The Epitaph website says that, with the release of “What We Left Behind,” Veara is taking their “southern mosh-pitality” to a whole new level. Catchy turn of phrase there and I couldn’t agree more.

See y’all at the rock show.
Brian Allen

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