Is He Running?

The Great White Hope-Fred Russell-is rumored to be announcing his candidacy next week on a black radio station. But the newest rumor floating around is former Augusta District 1 Commissioner Matt Aitken is strongly considering running. He lost his seat in a run off to Bill Fennoy by a nearly 2 to 1 margin in 2012, the same man he beat in 2009 for the seat. Insiders say he needs a job and looks like he may make a run for it.

Not known for strong fund raising or campaigning, he doesn’t appear to be a candidate that would split the white vote as some have suggested. Many Insiders consider Russell a shoo-in, a thought astonishingly implausible literally weeks ago.

It seems off that candidates are still considering and undeclared for an election four months away until you consider we’ve become accustomed to 24/7 campaigning for national office. On a local basis, the  longer a potential candidate such as Russell waits to officially declare the shorter amount of time his opponents have to attack.

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