Weather Update Monday @ Noon

Weather Update Monday @ Noon

• This will seem like a never-ending event. Main concern for CSRA is not snowfall, but freezing rain/ice.
• Tuesday during the day we start warm up just a little – but not out of the 30’s. It will only get up to 34 to 36 degrees.
• Accumulation of ice for Columbia County is presently predicted to be 6/10” – The freezing rain/icing will begin here later Tuesday night around midnight to 2am Wednesday morning. (This could change with future forecasts)
• Temperatures are not warming up Wednesday – as freezing rain will continue thru much of the day.
• A Winter Storm Warning OR an Ice Storm Warning will be issued by the NWS around 2pm today. Most likely an Ice Storm Warning for CSRA counties.
• Wednesday night, the low starts to move away from the area and we end up with a quick chance of snow (1/10”) through daybreak on Thursday morning.
• As temperatures start to warm up late Thursday morning, we turn back to a chance of rain again.
• This is a great concern due to the measure of ice. Once again, there will likely be power outages due to the ice and wind.
• Plans should start now to prepare for an ice storm beginning late Tuesday through Thursday.
Potential Ice Accumulation Tuesday Night through Thursday Morning… (This will be updated with future forecasts)

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