We’re Officially a Disaster!

We’re Officially a Disaster!

March 6, 2014

Columbia and Richmond Counties will be reimbursed 75% of eligible expenditures and damage costs related to the recent “End Of Days” Ice Storm and Earthquake.
The Guv stated “The winter weather that overtook our state in mid-February caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage in many parts of our state, blah blah blah.” We’re paraphrasing but after the past few weeks we’re pretty sick of listening to politicians. Sorry.

The 39 counties are: Columbia and Richmond.
And 37 others.
Bartow, Cherokee, Cobb, Dawson, DeKalb, Forsyth, Paulding, Polk and White counties were included in The Guv’s request but not granted assistance due to not meeting the per capita threshold of $3.50 per person. So suck on that Forsyth County.

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