What will the citizens say about Augusta?

What will the citizens say about Augusta?

Just last week, the city of Augusta launched its “Augusta Citizen Survey” to get the public’s input on the structure and funding priorities of the government.

The survey, which can be found at augustaga.gov, will apparently be reviewed by the Augusta Commission, administrators and elected officials of the Garden City.

It’s the public’s opportunity to tell Augusta officials what they really think about the city services, and there is no limit on the number of four-letter words that can be used in the question/comment section.

Folks will have until August 8 to answer the survey that asks everything from your position on the funding level for the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office to the future of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.

It also asks several questions about the millage rate, including whether citizens support an increase in their overall taxes to maintain the current level of service.

Chance are that question won’t receive overwhelming support.

But those questions come after the city’s finance department recently proposed a 2-mill property tax increase at a commission retreat because the city is faced with a $5.5 million budget shortfall this year.

Also at the retreat, the commission and mayor decided at the last minute to throw in a few questions about mayoral powers.

One question asks: “Do you believe the organizational structure of Augusta’s government should be amended to make the City Administrator and the City Attorney direct reports to the Mayor’s Office in order to create a more centralized for of government?”

The survey also asks, “Do you believe that the Mayor should have more power/authority?”

The sad truth is, those are the most exciting questions on the list.

Now, if The Insider was to create a 10-question survey for the city government it would be more like this:

  1. Does Augusta really need 10 commissioners to represent the entire county? If so, can we at least have 10 commissioners with 10 brains?
  2. Do you support Augusta National always getting its way, no matter what, without question?
  3. How relieved are you that Fred Russell was fired as the city administrator? We really dodged a bullet with that one, eh?
  4. How upset are you that Augusta totally missed the boat in the filming of the upcoming James Brown movie? Can you believe not one scene was filmed here in Augusta?
  5. Who is more qualified to lead Augusta, Commissioner Marion Williams or the Snake Lady?
  6. Would you support a mutiny takeover of Regency Mall?
  7. Do you think the biggest problem downtown is the Richmond Summit? If so, can those folks come live with you?
  8. Are you as upset over Augusta losing the Riverhawks to Macon as the other 300 fans?
  9. Are you going to buy a “Senator Walker is Free” T-shirt? What if we give it to you?
  10. Do you mind trucker in your water?
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