The Whine Line

The Whine Line

If the answer is either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush, it was a really dumb question.

Why is the “best” hospital whining about losing out to a “good” hospital. Use that money you were going to spend on building and give your employees a raise. Most have not had one in years. You won’t be the “best” long without employees.

The Greeneway in North Augusta has had a section closed for about a year now if not longer. I was told that a section was damaged after the ice storm last year. What could be taking this long to repair?

We are Atheist because believing God sent himself to sacrifice himself to himself to save us from himself is a bit much for any logical person.

Air traffic had to be diverted around the Augusta area because of a giant cranium that reached into the stratosphere. Eyewitness reports that the cranium belongs to Austin Rhodes and expanded beyond it already enormous size after the puff Austin adulation cover article was published in The Spirit.

In the great debate on religion, consider this from Franz Werfel: For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no explanation will suffice. ‘Nuff said?

I keep seeing #blacklivesmatter, what about all lives ? Your kind of making a racist statement by saying that don’t you think. Anyways some people need to check crime statistics and see who kills who by who the most, and who’s killed by law enforcement the most, and the rarity of being killed by cops. #AllLivesMatter

I was on Broad Street Friday night, and saw the most pathetic thing ever. Two lowlifes in a black Chevrolet driving up and down the street, yelling at pedestrians and shooting them the rude (middle) finger. Did you think you were funny or cool? I have to say, in reality, you looked quite ridiculous and desperate for attention. You’re the equivalent of someone who calls customer service to verbally abuse the person answering your call when they did nothing to deserve it. They might still remember you at the end of the day, but only because they’re thinking, “What a loser.”

What’s it gonna take for these Grand Jurors to change this twisted view of Justice? An unarmed white person getting killed by a ‘frightened’ minority police officer? Since when is being too scared to think straight a good reason to shoot to kill? Oh and yeah… I can’t breathe dammit!

It is certainly a beautiful vision: “Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain: And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.” That’s not Martin Luther King’s vision, however. He borrowed those words from God, as recorded by the prophet Isaiah. Indeed, the rest of that verse says “for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.”

Folks, you may want to stay in the left lanes when traveling on Walton Way between 15th street and Hickman Rd. People have recently been taunting motorists by stepping off the curb into the path of oncoming cars. They’re very much aware of what they’re doing because they usually make faces and hand gestures. The police won’t do anything because … well, they’re just too scared to address certain issues these days. Sorry, we’re on our own now. Merry Christmas!!

When God saw that the world was troubled, he send his son Jesus to save the world. We call it Christmas. The birth of Jesus, the savior, for those who would listen to the word of God. My ” keep it real ” question is, why are non-believers all excited about Christmas ? Why get in the spirit of something you are better than, you call, foolish, a fantasy, a trick to keep people enslaved ? Why be part of it ? Why the countdown ? Keep it real this is your world. You got it all figured out.

Are these ‘Glam Jurors Alive?’ If so are they Awake? HEy! We have to live here people!!! The bad decisions you make lead to a world of hate. Now everyone’s at risk. How about this? Police pick better police officers. The rest of us…just stay indoors and order pizza…..

Creationists love to argue about things they don’t understand. I’ve read the Bible cover to cover. I used to be a creationist myself. Meanwhile, natural selection, cosmology, biology, archeology, sociology, etc. are all separate sciences, and not all relative to evolution. That’s why we shake our heads at your supposed arguments. But I digress; put your proof up. Show us evidence of creationism with peer-tested, replicable proof. I’m still waiting for that. It’s the same expectation you have of us.

A department head – responsible for administering millions of dollars in federal and state grants for housing, redevelopment and social services programs – refuses to produce an adequately detailed report of how project funds were spent. So, what do the Augusta Commissioners do? They cut a deal with him that, in essence, rewards his non-compliance with their directive and hand him a check for half of his annual salary of $102,933 in return for his immediate departure. Then they insult taxpayers by telling us it was “best for the government and for him.” No. What would be best for the government and the taxpayers of Richmond County would be for the Augusta Commission to engage a special prosecutor to look into the entire matter.

‘I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character’. – Martin Luther King Jr. One thing that Brown, Garner, and now Rumain Brisbon (and several others) have in common, that no media outlet is willing to talk about, is that their character had come into question, thus leading to a confrontation with police. They were all committing crimes. Though the outlets like NBC will only tell you in their headline that an Unarmed Black Man was killed. When one watches these anti-police protests carefully, and read the signs made by The Communist Party of America, or printed signs by the SEIU, that read ‘People before Profits’ you have to wonder what does that have to do with these deaths? Absolutely nothing! This whole situation is nothing more than a bunch of rich Democrat elite (whom are running low on $$) trying to incite people back to their left-wing ideology. They need the money after getting shellacked in the last November election. The dangerous precedent, however, is now set when we have an AG Eric Holder making the Police look like they are all criminals,NY Mayor De Blasio saying his Police Department needs sensitivity training, and the AG of Missouri trying to tighten deadly force laws. They might as well just take all the weapons from Police Officers and make them wear cameras so they can record their own deaths. Its a sad day in America when we put the Criminals safety before the well being and safety of our Brave Men and Women Police Officers. Today I challenge you, just as we do our Soldiers, when you see a Police Officer, approach them and thank them for all they do, and keeping your community safe!