The Whine Line

The Whine Line

“You can’t say you believe in ‘open and transparent government’ and yet insist on secrecy.” I’m so proud I live in District 7 and can vote for Sonny Pittman to be my Augusta Commissioner.

Participants and readers of online forums, discussion groups, and facebook pages too lazy to open a link to supporting proof of their opponent’s position, or to provide their own, aren’t there for serious debate and aren’t worth our time.

Re: Accountability Court, Feature. As a sober alcoholic, when I had run ins with the law, it was all about money. They hit you with extra charges to increase their profit. Justice is for people that can afford it in Georgia. If you have money, you will walk in a second unless you kill someone.

Special District rezoning for churches is unlawful. Ever read the supreme court cases? These people deserve refunds for the rezoning fees at the very least. Shame on CC and it’s incompetent law department.

In the article on Cornel West, it stated he was an expert on race relations. By comparison then, Atilla the Hun was an expert on negociation, Stalin was an expert on prison reform. Hitler was an expert on personal relations. When are we going to stop giving credence to people like this. Yes, they make good print, but a raciest is a raciest. Color does not matter.

I can trust Sonny Pittman to represent my views on the Augusta Commission. I don’t know the man that Grady Smith put in District 7’s seat or why he did it. But, I know and trust Mr. Pittman. I’m going to send Smith a message on March 17th. And I’m calling by friends to ask that they vote for Sonny.

May we ask the Augusta National to please consider having a booth near the road again which can sell at least a few items Masters items? Like a few years ago? Instead of letting certain people profit up to 20 folds of the original value gouging other folks, you would have even more grateful customers even if they can’t get in the gates at all. You still have those green little “huts” around across the street from the people gates, at least on the Berckman Road side. How about it, folks? Some golf balls again? Postcards? Note cards? Key chains? Please?

The new reporters in Augusta don’t know the difference between Summerville and Forest Hills. The TV and radio readers are no better.

Yes – apparently “screwing people + being on the cover of the Metro Spirit DOES = changing you name”. If “Scamming Cam ” now taking the alias of Campbell Justin doesn’t prove the intent to deceive I do not know what does.

The problem for the Democratic Party is that there are still too many of us out there who recognize BS when we see and hear it.

The brothers down at the lodge hall can afford trees for Broad ST? They cant even afford to cut the grass. Should have sent trees to South Augusta. More tax money downtown.

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