Whineline May 8


tumblr_lart98zvmQ1qe0eclo1_r1_500FINE WHINE:

Why call it the WHINE LINE if there is no phone number to call? My 4 year old needs to vent!


Sheriff Treetrunk, silly paper awards for just about anything do not make poor pay, poor morale, badly designed new shifts, loss of float days and more just go away. When’s the next election?

Man plans; God laughs.

Let’s say I have 30′ of chain and want to sell it. I ask $30. Somebody comes, looks at it, and says: “Will you take $25 for it?” I say “sure,” and the deal is done. How come I can’t walk into Wal-Mart and ask them if they’ll take $2.25 for their $2.99 bottle of catsup?

The resignation of Dr. Tonia Mason is not a good omen for Augusta Commissioner and mayoral candidate Alvin Mason. First, he appears on the cover of the Jail Report for a suspected domestic violence incident. Now, his ex-wife resigns as Principal of Lucy C. Laney High School while under investigation by the school board. Voters beware! Remember Ed McIntyre.

How can a Board of Education member have the authority to raise property taxes, but yet fail to pay his own. Board member Alex Howard’s LLC Sunset Villas list 5 properties in Richmond County with several delinquent tax bills. He is running again, all elected officials should be required to disclose any unpaid taxes before they can run for office.

On Thursday May 1st, our group visited your location in Evans. We asked to see the manager after 45 minutes with no food. The manager never showed. When the food came, two kids in our party both had hair in their slices of pizza. Upon checking out we met the manager who gave us moms each $20 gift cards. We won’t be using them. Every time it’s the same. We’re done.

I cannot see myself supporting Corey Johnson for State Senate with has 56 people when has not made an impact on the 10 body Augusta Commission.

Did sam Nunns daughter grow up, attend any school or really have much afilliation with The state of Georgia? I assumed she was a beltway baby after viewing those ancient photos with her grandmother that seem a bit pretentious! Funny how she doesn’t mention a marital name or party affiliation …. While I am at it, here we go again while there are 100’s of millions of people in this to choose from we some how get stuck deciding the Country the top office between a Clinton and a Bush. You keep telling yourselves you have. Choice! MARK my words,,,

That was horrifying that the Butlers of the Augusta Mini Theatre would think it was OK to go on unemployment as a way to reduce their debts. That’s insane! A RAVE for Stacey Eidson’s attention to details to present a full story on this. Another aspect I’d like for her to check: See if the Augusta Mini Theatre expenses lists the Georgia Personnel as handling their payroll in any way. Georgia Personnel (or whatever the new name is) is run by The Walker Group of Charles Walker, the big time supporter the Butlers credited. Note from federal papers and records before the 2005 conviction just how many of Walker’s supporters used the Georgia Personnel, besides the forced MCG. I believe the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History also used it and the huge question was that how does a small museum need Georgia Personnel at XXX amount to handle payroll? Especially when Monique Walker was on the board of the museum in some capacity? Go, Stacey, go with the story flow!


my whine: how did the designs for cars, clothing and shoes take this distressing trend toward ugliness? what happened to class, style, charm, good looks? who wants to drive an ugly car that looks like a box or something spawned from a malfunctioning assembly-line nightmare in a steven king movie? who wants shoes that look like sadist-masochism gear or the brainchild of a deranged pervert? where’s the allure in clothing that looks like it was made for an institutionalized psycho-schizophrenic or low-class crack-addicted stripper? i say modern america merchandisers and manufacturers have their heads up their collective asses. unfortunately, it appears many consumers also have their heads up their asses, too, cause a lot of ‘em actually go out and purchase this crap.

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