Yu-hoo! Time to Take Down the Signs

Yu-hoo! Time to Take Down the Signs


It’s funny that Eugene Yu found the time to send out a patriotic Fourth of July email to supporters, since he can’t seem to round up the last of his campaign signs, several of which are still scattered throughout the area some seven weeks after the District 12 Republican primary.

The email, which included a quote from Ronald Reagan, gave directions to Augusta-area fireworks displays and issued a generic rally to the troops to “fight with our voice and our vote to bring back the glory.”

Yu is obviously not the only one to still have campaign signs in the field, but his seem to be the most numerous and also the most prominent. There are several large ones along a stretch of Furys Ferry and one conspicuous one in front of the Fuel Express on Belair Road.

Given the political newcomer’s uncoordinated campaign, maybe a lack of tending to the details shouldn’t be so surprising. Yu, of course, is the guy who started out the 2014 election season running for the U.S. Senate. Later, he changed his mind and decided to enter the five-way race for the District 12 Congressional seat.

“Maybe I was kind of naive going into this,” Yu told the Metro Spirit last December in the midst of his Senate run. “I didn’t know how much it was really going to take to run this election.”

Money became an issue for him later in the campaign when he was found to have received $50,000 in prohibited donations from Augusta businessman Wayne Brown. The money was well over the $5,200 limit one person can give a candidate running for federal office.

Toward the end of his Congressional campaign, opponent John Stone filed a complaint against Yu over $700,000 in loans Yu made to his own campaign, which happened to be more than Yu’s personal financial disclosure indicated he possessed.

In spite of the ongoing drama, Yu finished second to Rick Allen, though a distant second. Allen received 54 percent of the vote. Yu received just 16.5 percent. But all that was in the primary. In May. In a little more than a week we’ll know the results of that primary’s runoffs. Judging from the number of signs in the ground, it would seem Yu considers himself a contender.


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